Chapter 1102- Dragon Totem
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Zhan Long Chapter 1102- Dragon Totem

Next morning, we all woke up.

Online, Tian Ling City east square.

Bright sunlight shone on each corner of the city and the golden glow covered the faces of the players that passed.

I waited on the east bridge and the time agreed upon was about to arrive. At 9:25, Drunken Spear finally came. Drunken Spear rode a black horse and held a spear. He jumped off his horse when he arrived on the bridge and he looked really tired. He looked at me and said, "Why do you need so many Celestial Brew for?"

"Upgrade equipment." I didn't hide anything and said honestly, "Dragon City has a God tier weaponsmith and one hammer can upgrade equipment. I have a really strong Divine Tier ring but it is so expensive to upgrade it. I thought of another method and used Celestial Brew to bribe the drunkard."

"Ha, so that is the case." Drunken Spear nodded, "Open the trade interface. It was tough to prepare these 100. Do you know where to get Celestial Brew?"

"What place?"

"God Demon's Well, it is where Blood Abyss Azure is hiding at." He frowned. "So to get the fruit, I was risking my life."

I was really grateful, "I remember Brother Drunken Spear's kindness. I can't let you work for nothing. How much are these, I will purchase them."

"Forget it." He smiled, "I am the only one with it so this thing has no market. But since you badly need it, as a friend I can't say anything. I shall just gift it to you."

I was shocked, "How can I accept that, after all, you were busy for a night."

He smiled, "I was just helping a friend, if you treat me as one then stop saying all these. Trade, as long as you can help me in the future then it is okay."

I nodded, "I will definitely try my best to help!"


I accepted Drunken Spear's 100 Celestial Brew and returned to Dragon City. Time to upgrade it, let's see what changes would occur when Ring of the King upgrade to five star.


Snow danced above Dragon City and when I arrived, I noticed that a bunch of people was training in the snow. It was a bunch of bow holding warriors. moreover, some of them were dragonriders. It seemed like dragonriders needed archery training. In front of these 100+ people was Lanais in her newly crafted armor. She held her bow and carefully taught them shooting skills.


Lanais looked at me before smiling and greeting me. I nodded my head before flying towards Old K's workshop. Not long later I was beside the iron furnace. Old K was half naked and his strong body was revealed. His thick hands held the God Refining Hammer and he was hitting a piece of iron that was smoking green.

"I am here!"

I stopped in front of Old K and smiled, "Now you can upgrade Ring of the King for me!"

Old K reached out and said, "1 million gold and 100 Celestial Brew if not no."

I laughed and took out a jug from my bag.

I passed it to him, "Taste it first?"


Old K grabbed the jug and pealed the seal off on the surface. He sniffed it and his eyes opened wide. He laughed out loud, "It really is good wine!"

He hugged the jug eagerly and started to gulp down. Streams of delicious wine dripped onto his beard but he didn't notice. he really was a drunkard, instantly finishing one jug of Celestial Brew. he shouted, "This is Celestial Brew! Fantastic! Fantastic! I have never enjoyed it so much!"

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He tossed the empty jug, "Dragon Rider is there more?"

I took out Celestial Brew and placed it in the corner of the workshop. Then I took out a million gold and placed Ring of the King in front of him.

Old K opened a jug and gulped down a huge mouth before starting to smash his God Refining Hammer on the Ring of the King. My heart jumped and I couldn't help but say, "Don't drink when you are upgrading it. You use so much strength, you might end up smashing the ring!"

"What do you know!"

He glanced at me and smiled, "The thicker the wine taste, the stronger my crafting skills. This is crafting's highest level!"

I kept silent and just looked at him upgrade the Ring of the King at the side. Ring of the King was hit by the hammer time after time but it didn't spoil, instead, it turned transparent. Its shape also started to change. It turned into an intersecting diagram of a sword and axe and lightning glow wrapped around it. A seven colored glow appeared and the appearance of a five star god artifact started to show itself.

I waited for a minute and finally Old K was done. He hugged a jug of wine and started to gulp down. He waved his hands to express that I could take the thing away.

His interest in Celestial Brew was far above his interest in me so I just picked up Ring of the King and I nearly turned into stone. Was this the strength of a five star god ring?

Ring of the King (5 star God Artifact)

Strength: +575

Stamina: +570

Agility: +550

Magic Attack: +540

Bonus: Raise user's attack by 100% and Attack speed by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 50000 and defence by 4000

Bonus: Raise user's magical resistance by 145%

Effect: Lifesteal, turn 30% of damage dealt into your own health, effects cannot be stacked

Skill: King Domain, use power of the king to gather king domain within 1000 yards. Raise attack, defence and resistance of all allies by 150%. Obtain 10% heal each second lasting 10 minutes. Consume 150 rage value, 4 hour cooldown.

Introduction: The earth gave birth to spirits and after humans appeared, the spirits didn't leave and slept in the ground. His soul spread to various parts of the world and one part of it was obtained nad melted into a crystal. It was refined together with metal and formed the Ring of the King. This ring followed many emperors through battle and legend has it that whoever owns it is the true king of the land.

Bound: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Required charm: 1200


Five star Ring of the King, its stats were so much higher than the Divine Tier one. Lifesteal went from 20% to 30% and this meant that my battle survivability increased.

Many battles had let us understand that against top killers like me, the only thing that could suppress me was heavy fire and to force out my invincibility skills. Then they would continue to control me and kill me before I could lifesteal. Unfortunately, I couldn't be stunned and now with 30% lifesteal, I did feel invincible.

Moreover, the skill of the five star artifact was the strongest war skill right? Increase attack and defence stats of party members within 1000 yards for 10 minutes and heal 10% health each second. This bunch would be unkillable. Anyone who faced players in the King's Domain would probably be forced to run?

I equipped it, ok, my stats were much stronger now--

Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider)

Level: 196

Attack: 45192-60060

Defence: 35495

Health: 434255

Magic: 43780

Charm: 1988

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 4

Title: Suiding Duke


Just these stats alone could allow me to rule the world. Moreover, I had the hidden stats of my equipment and a bunch of strong skills. In terms of one versus one, not many people could match me... Next would be to defeat those that could and make the entire server bow to China. I needed such stats to do so.

Just when I was delighted, Lin Wan Er sent me a message, "Honey, Mocha returned to Tian Ling City. she has crossed servers to join Zhan Long. I will make her one of the four elders. Moreover, she said that she has a gift for you, come to the east square."


What gift would Mocha give me? I was excited.

I returned to city quickly and came to Tian Ling City. Not far away, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Mocha and Yue Qing Qian were all here. Out of these four girls, there were some with developed bodies while there were teens that were still growing. I walked forwards and smiled, "Mocha, what gift did you bring me?"

She giggled and reached her hand into her bag. She searched for some time before taking out a soft leather leggings, "Boss this is it, level 115 gold Artifact, Forest Searcher's Legging..."

I nearly spat out blood, "Such a noob item, why are you giving it to me... Ah, you might think that I need more God's Army Cards right?"

Mocha was annoyed, "Stupid boss, look at the stats first!"

She shook it and the stats appeared in front of all of us--

Forest Searcher's Leggings (4 star gold artifact)

Type: Cloth

Defence: 780

Magic Attack: +112

Stamina: +88

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 17%

Bonus: Reduce spell cast by 5%

Skill: Dragon totem, summon the god dragon to attack enemies within a 40x40 yard area lasting for 7 seconds, damage is related to user's Attack. Consume 100 rage, cooldown of 120 minutes

Required level: 115

Required charm: 10


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