Chapter 1102- Dragon Totem
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Zhan Long Chapter 1102- Dragon Totem

Next morning, we all woke up.

Online, Tian Ling City east square.

Bright sunlight shone on each corner of the city and the golden glow covered the faces of the players that passed.

I waited on the east bridge and the time agreed upon was about to arrive. At 9:25, Drunken Spear finally came. Drunken Spear rode a black horse and held a spear. He jumped off his horse when he arrived on the bridge and he looked really tired. He looked at me and said, "Why do you need so many Celestial Brew for?"

"Upgrade equipment." I didn't hide anything and said honestly, "Dragon City has a God tier weaponsmith and one hammer can upgrade equipment. I have a really strong Divine Tier ring but it is so expensive to upgrade it. I thought of another method and used Celestial Brew to bribe the drunkard."

"Ha, so that is the case." Drunken Spear nodded, "Open the trade interface. It was tough to prepare these 100. Do you know where to get Celestial Brew?"

"What place?"

"God Demon's Well, it is where Blood Abyss Azure is hiding at." He frowned. "So to get the fruit, I was risking my life."

I was really grateful, "I remember Brother Drunken Spear's kindness. I can't let you work for nothing. How much are these, I will purchase them."

"Forget it." He smiled, "I am the only one with it so this thing has no market. But since you badly need it, as a friend I can't say anything. I shall just gift it to you."

I was shocked, "How can I accept that, after all, you were busy for a night."

He smiled, "I was just helping a friend, if you treat me as one then stop saying all these. Trade, as long as you can help me in the future then it is okay."

I nodded, "I will definitely try my best to help!"


I accepted Drunken Spear's 100 Celestial Brew and returned to Dragon City. Time to upgrade it, let's see what changes would occur when Ring of the King upgrade to five star.


Snow danced above Dragon City and when I arrived, I noticed that a bunch of people was training in the snow. It was a bunch of bow holding warriors. moreover, some of them were dragonriders. It

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