Chapter 1100- World Tree Flower
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Zhan Long Chapter 1100- World Tree Flower

Along the way, we had Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest clearing the path so there were no problems. The only problem was that fortress that spanned two mountain ranges. Lin Zhao was already killed by us and when we walked in, it was total chaos. Numerous Demon Hall Cavalry were panicking and heading towards the city lord manor.

 My dressing wasn't suitable to scout for news so I glanced at the side.

 Lin Wan Er turned into Lin Zhao and walked forwards, "Hi, that Demon Hall Cavalry, come over. What is going on in the city? Why are you all holding water buckets?"

 That Demon Hall Cavalry's face was grey as ash and he didn't even look at Lin Wan Er, "The city lord manor is in flames and Sir Lin Zhao might be dead. Everyone is busy putting out flames and you are asking me why?"

 He looked and his mouth was agape, "Lin... Sir Lin Zhao, you are fine?"

 Lin Wan Er smiled and said, "Of course I am fine, what are you fools doing here?"

 Wan Er looked at that cavalry's rank, four golden skulls, this quasi Boss Demon Hall Cavalry was actually a Lieutenant!

 I said in the party channel, "Wan Er, let this Demon Hall Cavalry send us out of the city."

 She smiled, "I had that idea."

 She said towards that cavalry, "Go, call a few helpers to send the few of us out."

 "Sir, you are heading out of the city?"

 "Is there a problem?" Her face turned cold, no it was the cold handsome guy whose face turned cold. 

 "No... No problem!"

 This Demon Hall Cavalry was terrified and immediately called dozens of Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen and Demon Hall Cavalry to guard us. One of them walked close towards me with his saw-like teeth. He sniffed Lanais, "Such a nice scent, kid you are carrying a woman right?"

 I smiled, "Why, what do you want to do?"

 "I want to touch, can I?" He smiled.

 Lin Wan Er turned around and said coldly, "If you don't want to die then behave yourself. How can you touch my friend?"

 That Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman trembled respectfully, "Yes... Yes Lord! I had no eyes, please forgive me!"

 Lin Wan Er didn't want to cause any tro

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