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ZL - Chapter 1080: 3 women

Frost Flame City, a city built on the edge of a volcano. It was also located in a freezing region so flame and snow wrapped around it. Although it was a secondary city but it had many players. Its scale wasn't much smaller than the smallest primary city Waterfront City. The production and resource maintenance was almost equal to Waterfront City.

The Vietnamese players definitely wouldn't expect Frost Flame City to get occupied so quickly. They also wouldn't expect that they would get intercepted by Nine Heavens City. Due to Mocha's appearance, Tian Ling City and Nine Heavens City had formed an Alliance. At least it was the case between the Portuguese and Holland servers.


On the city walls of Frost Flame City, a few NPCs were cleaning off the blood on the walls. The core Zhan Long players were resting here. Everyone was already very tired and even in game, one needed some time to rest.

I sat on the wall and on the side, Lin Wan Er rested on my leg. She rubbed Little White's head. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K etc sat around and Mocha held her sword. She smiled and looked at everyone. She didn't say anything and just looked at them.

Song Han couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Sister Mocha, where have you been?"

Mocha smiled, "I didn't go anywhere? Last time, I helped prepare a gift for your birthday then boss found me when I was in Jiaxin. After which, I went overseas with Feifei once to Portugal and I went to Portugal's division of Destiny to get the Portuguese player nationality. After that, I headed to Holland to meet 7K and then to Greece and Switzerland to meet the stronger players from those servers. If not, how do you think I could command so many people?"

Song Han rubbed the back of his head and smiled, "Sister Mocha is so amazing and has been to so many places. To be honest, I have not even been to Hong Kong and Macau..."

I was impressed, "How did Mocha get so many passports, based on what I know it isn't so easy to get a Visa right?"

Mocha laughed, "That is simple. I headed to Beijing to meet Ouyang Nuo Yan. She gave me a special certification due to my CBN 3rd ranking so I could head to anywhere in the world. If Boss wants that, as the 4th on CBN battlenet it would be easy for you."

I laughed, "We can talk about this in the future. If Wan Er wants to go on holiday with me, maybe I can consider it."

Li Mu raised his head and looked at Mocha, "Mocha, no, I should call you Little Demon. You killed Wang Jian and I once at Dragon’s Den, how are you going to compensate us?"

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Mocha was stunned and she looked apologetic, "Tell me what you want, as long as I can do it, I won't object."

Wang Jian smiled, "I have nothing to say. Sister Little Demon was able to take Waterfront City down and helped China region so much, that is enough."

Li Mu nodded, "En, haha, I was just joking."

One Second Hero raised Zhangba Snake Spear and smiled, "I thought you wanted to make her kiss you as compensation. What a waste. Why didn't Little Demon kill me?"

Mocha giggled and held her sword, "8 levels in exchange for a kiss? If that is the case then I can kill you now,

as long as boss nods his head."

One Second Hero looked really happy like he wanted to try it out.

I pouted, "Mocha, maybe this guy wants to use tongue, are you sure?"

Mocha's body shook, "Forget it, I am still so pure..."


I stood up and my cape rustled in the wind. I looked towards the north and saw that the mountain range in the distance was covered in torches. From Tian Ling City to Frost Flame City covered thousands of miles and it was all covered in torches. Vietnamese players had started to appear in the forest and they were the ones that broke free from Waterfront City's chains. Some were ones that were killed on the main battlefield. They revived randomly around Frost Flame City and were gathering up. Without thinking, they would launch an attack on Frost Flame City.

Frost Flame City and Fish City were secondary cities to the south of the map and they had a huge amount of resources. It was such a waste for them to be in the hands of small servers. If we occupied it, it would help us a lot. Moreover, since we had already taken them down, we weren't planning to return the cities to them. A city meant a large amount of troops. With my control of the NPC army system, this Frost Flame City alone could provide me with 200 thousand troops. We had to defend it!

Li Mu's sensitivity towards war was similar to me. He stood up and pulled out his Flame Scorching Sword and smiled, "Are we preparing to fight?"

I nodded, "Gather the Furnace God Cavalry and prepare to strike. Kill them before they gather. But this time don't let brothers die for nothing. Only those above level 170 can head out, those lower will just defend Frost Flame City."

"Ok, I think so too!"


It was the last of the country war and no one from Zhan Long wanted to sleep. All of us were ready for battle and we selected 22000 from the 30000 cavalries to strike. This made me really happy. Although the country war was very intense but only a few Zhan Long members dropped below level 170. Most players only lost 2-3 levels. Not many were like Death God's Elegy that had died 5 times. But, Death God's Elegy still wanted to fight. I couldn't convince him so I could only allow him to.

The cavalry players gathered. I found a Furnace God War Horse crystal and gave it to Mocha. Actually, her original horse was a level 177 Demon Harvest Tier mount with decent stats. But she still happily accepted it and became a part of the Furnace God Cavalry. The only thing was that her country's flag was the Portuguese one and I could only set her as a guest. Her name was in the color of a friend and she won't be attacked by Zhan Long players.

22 thousand were split into 10 thousand led by Li Mu and Wang Jian to attack those above 10 thousand. The other 12000 were split into 12 teams led by Li Meng Yao, Lin Wan Er, Mocha, Old K, Yue Yao Yan and I to roam the forest and kill those scattered Vietnamese players.

At such a time, we couldn't consider friendships. Since the Vietnamese server went to attack Tian Ling City, so there was nothing to say. We had a reason to wipe them out. Moreover, after many wars, I understood that sometimes one had to be extreme. Servers like Japan, Korea, Philippines etc, if we allowed them to live, they will only cause more trouble for us. The best way would be to take their main city and clear them out. From today onwards, they could just roam about or join other cities. But I would definitely not allow them to live on the map.

For a whole night, we killed them until 7am of the next day and there were only 5 hours left until the end of the country war. Zhan Long's heavy cavalry didn't suffer many losses but we killed numerous Vietnamese players. In the early hours, Mocha even led a thousand towards Waterfront City to kill many enemies.

Mocha didn't hide her skill anymore. Be it PK or commanding ability, she had become a deputy guild leader level general. I felt really happy about this. Li Mu, Wang Jian etc had guarded Fan Shu City throughout the year, Lin Wan Er was at Flaming Cloud City. Now with Mocha defending Waterfront City and the door to the east, one could say that Zhan Long's south and east gates were guarded by the two beauties Mocha and Lin Wan Er.

This history would be one of legend. The battle between Waterfront City, Flaming Cloud City and Nine Heavens City was actually caused by three women. Lin Wan Er, Mocha, Clear Black Eyes, the battle of wits caused the situation to change. As compared to them, Drunk Maple and Demon Mountain were just generals controlled to fight and not people who controlled the situation.

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Once this country war ended, I could finally have a good sleep?

Demon Mountain was in charge of Nine Heavens City, Waterfront City was under Mocha. Tian Ling City had many troops and as long as Tian Ling City was defended, Clear Black Eyes and her Indian players would be in a tough situation. They had only one choice which was to retreat towards the west and become the biggest roamers on the map. If not they would lose their ability to upgrade and level up in game.

The primary city was foundations and they had lost their roots.


At 9am, news spread that Fish City was being attacked by 1.2 million players.

Zhan Long gathered strength. I also moved Heaven Barrier Army from Fan Shu City. We had to defend it or the previous battle would be for nothing.

As for Tian Ling City, based on how intense the situation was, the city was still surrounded. Dozens of servers were attacking Tian Ling City and whether or not we could defend it depended on Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior etc.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.