Chapter 1081: Answerable to the heavens and to the earth
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Zhan Long Chapter 1081: Answerable to the heavens and to the earth

The sun set on Fish City and the remnants of the sunlight shone on the city walls.

 I reached out towards the west and there was a dense group of people on the plains. Fish City natives were gathering strength and they would launch their attacks soon.

 I looked at the players in the city and there were less than 100 thousand people here. Even with Lin Qiong's Heaven Barrier Army, there weren't over 100 thousand people. Heaven Barrier Army had suffered heavy losses when defending Fan Shu City and only 60 thousand remained. Among them included injured troops so only a small number would be able to battle.


 "How do we fight this war?" Li Mu held his sword and licked his lips. His bloodthirsty nature was on full display.

 Lin Wan Er said, "Defend the city since we have dozens of Dragon Crystal Cannons here."

 I nodded, "En, defend the city and reduce losses. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Thousand Sun etc haven't died much. Relying on the height of the walls, we will definitely be able to defend for 3 hours. If they don't get it then we would have won!"

 Mocha held her sword and looked into the distance, "En, we just have to defend for three hours, there is no need to head down and fight them. There are too few of us, we will be at a disadvantage! But, if you want to get more points then go ahead. Anyways I won't stop you."

 I glanced at her, "What kind of elder are you even."

 "Hehe, I am not back yet. Once I am back then I will do my job. Let me enjoy a few more days as a roamer..."

 "You look like you are enjoying it."

 "No, once the country war ends, within three days I will return to Zhan Long and change nationalities!"



 I was delighted as I thought about how the war goddess of the China Region was recruited by me. But at that moment, a message came from Fang Ge Que, "Xiao Yao, if needed.... Bring some over to Tian Ling City. We are under too much pressure... Sky Rose is mad, she has killed Ah Jing and Xuan Yuan Feng..."

 I was stunned. Fang Ge Que was a proud person, he actually sent a message for me to bring people to assist!

 But... Tian Ling City was surrounded. Not to mention that I couldn't bring much back, Furnace God Cavalry couldn't fly in to help too? Did my brothers have to die here and then return to Tian Ling City? I couldn't do that. To protect the gate to the west, Zhan Long players had lost too many levels!

 At that moment, war drums spread from the distance as the Filipinos started to attack. Players and NPC troops were mixed together, pushing chariots and cloud ladders over to attack Fish City. Fish City's walls weren't high so they were a huge threat.

 What should we do?

 My mind was in a mess and I could only reply, "I can't abandon my brothers to head to Tian Ling City. Fang Ge, Tian Ling City can only rely on you. For China, I owe my brothers too much. I can't be a heartless person, thank you..."

 Fang Ge Que replied a few seconds later, "En, I know your troubles too. Forget it, I will defend Tian Ling City even if we pay a huge price..."

 We cut the call but less than a minute later, I got another message from Prague leader Yan Zhao Warrior, "Xiao Yao, how is Zhan Long's situation? If you have extra numbers, assist Tian Ling City! We are about to get wiped out,

Prague's brothers pretty much died 3 or more times but we are reviving to defend. Most of the people lost half of their equipment but they are still fighting. If we don't do this, China Region will really be finished!"

 I felt drowned and replied, "Uncle Yan Zhao, my situation isn't good too... We need to face enemies ten times more than us and we are surrounded. I can't abandon my brothers and leave. give me some time, an hour later I will try to bring people over. You must hold on..."

 Yan Zhao Warrior replied, "En, I know. I will try my best!"


 As drums were hit, they started to attack. I glanced towards Tian Ling City and could only pray that Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword etc could defend it. Apart from their strength, what else could we rely on? The strategy during this country war failed time after time such that we were all split apart. Who could we blame? If not for Mocha splitting the Nine Heavens City players, it would be tough to imagine how bad the second country war would become.


 I pulled Butterfly out of the sheath and dove down. I launched skills into the crowd. All I could do was to kill more people and stabilise the situation before thinking about how to assist Tian Ling City.

 Under the city, many siege chariots got close. Cannons continued to fire on the walls and Fish City was in danger.

 After an hour of attacks, the Filipinos noticed the strength of the defending players and their attacks weakened. Not long later, an army came from the northwest and charged into the city. It was the Heaven Barrier Army led by Lin Qiong!


 Looking at the time, there were 1.5 hours left.

 Tian Ling City's battle situation spread into the guild channel and the entire city was about to end up in ruins. Legend members were fighting back and corpses were stacked up dozens of meters high. Iron Skull City, Swirling Abyss City, Japanese and Korean players were all attacking. They stepped on the corpses and pounced towards the China players.

 I saw Yan Zhao Warrior's body covered in blood and he was left with 20% health. He raised his sword and slashed towards the enemy but in the distance, a bunch of archers aimed at him. After this strike, Yan Zhao Warrior was definitely dead. I saw Q-Sword preparing the Hundred Smelted Blades skill to defend Simple who had low health. Jian Feng Han's body had a hole in it, a spear pinned him to a wall. He was slowly recovering but to force the Guild Leader of Vanguard to such a stage was never seen before.

The players on the city walls were all bathed in blood. Ye Lai and Mu Xuan were here too but they were in a dangerous situation. The entire Tian Ling City was in an intense battle.


 I looked at the videos and my breathing got more and more rushed. I punched the bricks on the walls and said, "gather troops, those above 170 follow me. We shall charge from the north gate to assist Tian Ling City. With Furnace God Cavalry's speed, we will arrive in 40 minutes. Immediately!"

 Li Mu was shocked but he didn't object, "Yes sir!"

 There wasn't much gathering needed. I led Meng Yao, Mocha, Old K etc from the north and all the Furnace God Cavalry surged out like fishes. We charged all the way and weren't blocked. There were only a few groups of Filipino players that we killed easily.

 We arrived at War God River within half an hour and crossed the bridge.

 The area around was in ruins. Those familiar villages and farmland were burnt to ashes. When we were 2 kilometers away, there was a dense group right in front. Damn, there were over 20 million players here!

 12000 Furnace God Cavalry was behind me and we had both the strength and courage to fight. I pulled out Butterfly and shouted, "Charge with me from the south gate!"

Behind me, Mocha, Li Mu, Yue Yao Yan etc pulled out their weapons. After which was fresh blood and killing. 10 thousand Furnace God Cavalry were like a boat on a huge ocean but we were able to slice through the waves and proceed forwards. With Mocha and I slashing, we pushed forwards. One had to say that Mocha really killed people quickly. Although she hadn't gone through her seventh advancement but her speed was really quick. She attacked the weakspots. Li Mu, Wang Jian etc used their skills to kill the enemy. Mocha's attacks were simple, once she raised her hand, people would just die like that.

While slashing through many opponents, the Furnace God Cavalry behind us reduced. In the sky, Lin Wan Er rode Little White to cover us, using dragon breath into the crowd. 

 Just like that, when we were near Tian Ling City, only 50% of the Furnace God Cavalry remained. We wasted too long and the Iron Skull City was using Dragon Crystal Cannons to fire at us. Who could block that?

 When we were at the south gate, my robe was covered in blood, there was even a giant hole from the Dragon Crystal Cannons. There were also numerous holes formed from spears, arrows and swords. Behind me, Mocha and Meng Yao weren't much better. The best one was Wan Er who was riding Little White. But Little White was shot at with cannons and Wan Er's red cape was burnt too.


 10 minutes to the end!

 After entering the city, people from Swirling Abyss City, Iron Skull City, Japanese and Koreans were all around. Were we late?

 "Continue to charge!"

 I braved the arrows and spells. Furnace God Cavalry continued forwards to the second wall. The gate was blown open and that caused my heart to sink. Was Tian Ling City lost?


 Butterfly killed a player holding a spear and his head flew far. I brought Mocha and Wang Jian into the city. There were still NPC Guards Army troops facing the enemy. Ahead on a low wall, things looked like we were in hell--

 Corpses were being piled up 20 meters high and on the shoulders was Tian Ling City's mark. The bodies were covered in arrows. Fresh blood flowed into the river and gave off a nose piercing smell. At the highest was a tired person with less than 10% health. He held Tian Ling City's war flag and his robe was covered in arrows. He pierced his sword into the stomach of an Iron Skull City Assassin. His handsome face was covered in blood, it was Q-Sword!

 How did the perfect person end up like this?

 Behind him was Fang Ge Que who was covered in wounds and his robe was pierced by arrows. He was definitely hit by Dragon Crystal Cannons before he activated his shield. The Mage god didn't cower at all, he was like a berserked beast, roaring and waving his Streaming Cloud Fan. He shouted, "Bring it on, those that want to die come!"

 His chest was hit once more and he retreated. Q-Sword and him defended back against back. They were the same, they were like struggling beasts.


 I looked towards the two of them and my nose felt sour, I nearly cried.

 This time, every one of us could answer to the China region, we were answerable to the heavens and to the earth!

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