Chapter 1079: 7th secondary city
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Zhan Long Chapter 1079: 7th secondary city

For Love Lv-177 Starlight Sword Saint

Main City: Nine Heavens City

Guild: Cold Winter

Job: Guild Leader


For Love... For Love! Wasn't this Mocha? Although her looks were changed but from her gaze, I could tell that she was Mocha. The only change was that she was more confident and proud. That arrogance that belonged to a queen was something I saw in Little Demon's videos. Now I had personally witnessed it myself.

"Damn!" I stared at her, "Mocha you are finally willing to appear!"

She giggled, "Boss, you are cursing again!" Zhan Long's Studio rule number 7 is not to curse!"

I was filled with emotions, "Mocha, why did you join Nine Heavens City? Moreover, you are from Portugal, what is going on?"

She looked delighted and smiled, "Boss, I spent so many years overseas, if you think that I have no friends, you must be underestimating me? Hehe, Cold Winter's original guild leader Purple Wind Flute is one of my close friends. Moreover, why did you think Six Palace Pink's Furious Milk was willing to help Fan Shu City? She is mine. Scoff, Boss you are so hot tempered and you have no friends, apart from me, who will help Fan Shu City..."

I was in a mess now and I asked, "What is going on with Waterfront City? Should I call you Xue Rou, Little Demon or Mocha?"

She laughed, "You can call me what you want. Oh, why not just call me Mocha? If it still sounds good. As for Waterfront City, I planned this for a long time and this was the only idea I had. Boss, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple have too many troops so they were hard to take down. We had to have someone reliable to take down Waterfront City. How did I do?"

I was shocked, "Then how did you convince Demon Mountain, Pillager and 7K?"

Mocha was really confident, "7K's San, Link etc are my friends so they were willing to listen to me. Pillager was forced by Demon Mountain and had to join Nine Heavens City activities. As for Demon Mountain he had a bet with me. 10 rounds, if I won over 5 games, I will join Thor's Hammer for 5 years. If he lost all, he will promise me something. I won 10 times so he agreed to take Waterfront City for me."

Mocha said confidently, "Waterfront City has been taken down by Portugal and next I will share the servers with Holland. 50% of Nine Heavens City players will come over. 7K and Cold Winter are mine so this city is ours. With me here, what do you have to worry about?"

I smiled, "Then why are you not willing to return to Zhan Long. Why have you made all of us worried for so long?"

Mocha's face flushed red and she smiled, "This... I did something wrong. If I didn't redeem myself, how would I dare to return back to Zhan Long? This time, if not for you flying above Waterfront City, I didn't know how to contact all of you?"

I was speechless, "Now can you return to Zhan Long?"

"If Boss allows me to, I am willing to serve you..."

"Don't steal the lines of Zhang Liao, follow me!"


I flew above the city and hugged her into my arms. I flew towards Frost Flame City. In the end, the Cold Winter players on the walls were shocked.

Many archers pulled their bows and were ready to fire.

"Don't fire!"

Mocha ordered and then smiled, "This is my boss. Purple Wind Flute, deal with Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple here. I shall follow Boss..."

The Portuguese beauty called Purple Wind Flute smiled, "I wish you happiness!"

I hugged Mocha and flew into the clouds. My Icy Wings could only fetch one person and that was Mocha. I smiled, "Boss, actually this is what I have been dreaming of!"

"Oh, what about this day?"

"Me redeeming myself and then you flying with me..."

I, "..."

"Where are we going now?"

"Wan'er led Zhan Long's brothers to attack Vietnam's Frost Flame City. Since they are attacking Tian Ling City, we will wipe their base out. Let's see if they still date to attack China!"

"En, well done!"

Mocha blinked and then smiled, "Okay boss, I shall help you again. I will order 7K members to intercept people between Waterfront City and Flaming Cloud City. If they dare to retreat and reinforce, we will drag them there and even if we don't kill them, we won't let them leave."



We flew for 20 minutes and a city wrapped in cold wind and flames of war appeared on the plains. This was Frost Flame City. Smoke bellowed and dragon crystal cannons fired into the people sieging the city. The players sieging were all from Zhan Long but that was enough for those on the city.

I circled the sky and confirmed where Lin Wan Er, Li Mu etc were. They were outside the west gate. I dove down. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K were attacking the city. Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Yue Wei Liang etc were preparing to support. I smiled, "Mocha, let's give them a surprise?"

"Ah? What surprise?"

"Look, there is a level 182 Archer there with good equipment. One arrow can remove 30% of Old K's health. Old K is about to die. I shall send you down and then you kill that archer. Then jump off the walls, how does that sound?"

"Ah?" Mocha opened her mouth wide, "There are at least 20 Archers there, boss are you trying to kill me. Boss listen to me, actually, I love all of you. Don't be so cruel, I am a weak girl that hasn't gone through the 7th advancement..."

While she said that, I had already tossed her out!



The beautiful Warrior broke through the wind and she accepted it. She raised her blade and slashed. Starflame Strike!

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A fatal attack that instantly killed the level 182 Archer. Mocha avoided the other Archers and slashed once more. Star Domain skill exploded in the crowd. The 7 consecutive attacks insta killed a level 178 cavalry. At the same time, she summoned Cosmic Pillar to block before jumping off the walls!


Her boots slid down along the stone walls before she added strength to fire herself outwards. Mocha glided along the ground and stood in front of the Zhan Long core players. She smiled and stood there.


Song Han was stunned, "This... Isn't this..."

He didn't know what to say.

Old K was shocked too, "Mocha... When did Mocha become Portuguese..."

Song Han pounced over and hugged Mocha. He smiled, "Sister Mocha, you are finally back!"

Mocha was a little awkward and tapped his back, "No choice, boss captured me and I couldn't leave even if I wanted to..."

Lin Wan Er smiled, "You have done well to take down Waterfront City!"

I instantly understood. Mocha definitely contacted Lin Wan Er first which was why she willingly handed Waterfront City over. If not with her personality, even if she was beaten to death she wouldn't be willing.


Li Mu laughed, "It is great that Mocha is back, Zhan Long is now the top guild in China right? !"

Everyone said in unison, "Yes!"

Mocha's face flushed red, "This... Wait for me to settle Waterfront City matters. I need to calm down the factions there before returning. I won't let all of you wait for long."

I nodded, "That is great, be quick, Zhan Long Hall is waiting for you to enter! You are the ninth player, how does it sound, are you satisfied with it?"

Mocha giggled, "As long as boss is willing to accept me, I am fine even being the last. Moreover, 9th is not bad already."

"En, that is great. Prepare to siege!"


The Zhan Long members were pumped up. Mocha's return gave us confidence. Our destructiveness towards the city walls was already +40%. Those defending players shivered and they were just looking to surrender.


Death God's Elegy held his shield to block arrows and spells for me. Unfortunately, his health started to drop. He had lost too many levels and his resistance was not high enough. Luckily Meng Yao came too. She used Nuwa Stone's skill and everyone felt invincible. In the middle of the Furnace God Cavalry, I raised my hand and God's Army Cards wrapped around me. I summoned a Violet Thunder Tank!

Lightning surged and the city gate trembled. The Flagbearer on the walls was shocked, "What is that?"

Mocha slashed the walls. I used Wind Carrying Slash and sword energy seeped through the gates to kill a bunch of defending troops on the other side. All of the sudden, the defending Frost Flame City troops started to lose confidence.


IN just three minutes, the gate collapsed. Zhan Long's cavalry galloped in. Above, Lin Wan Er rode Little White and glided across. We headed right in and the NPCs weren't able to stop us. Along with the fact that their reinforcements were being intercepted at Forest of Stars and Three Blade Mountain, there was nothing they could do.

In less than half an hour, China obtained the 7th secondary city. After Green Rock City and Fish City, the Frost Flame City was now ours!

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