Chapter 83- Enemies forever
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Zhan Yue Chapter 83- Enemies forever

"Can you make it?"

I laughed coldly and stepped forward. In an instant, I appeared behind Breaking Dawn Ash, who was stunned by Separated by Water, and easily wiped out his last bit of health.


The moment he knelt on the ground, he dropped a pair of bracers and dark blue armor. They should be high quality items, so I picked them up and left without thinking. I charged back while avoiding the Mage attacks.

"Ah Fei, they are here!"I said solemnly. "Are you done?!"

"A few strokes! It’salmost finished!"He gritted his teeth. "Ah Li, you hafta hold on; I’ll be done soon!"

I said, "En, I will try my best!"


I turned around. In the darkness, the forest in front of me seemed a little twisted. It was an Assassin. Assassins were always the enemies of Mages and Priests. Were they trying to use Assassins to kill Ah Fei?


I activated White Cloak once more and charged out after avoiding the dense amount of Fireball. I used Blood Drawing Blade and then followed it up with Annihilation. My dagger pierced the chest of a Breaking Dawn Assassin under Stealth, who did not even notice when I attacked. His eyes opened wide and his pupils constricted. A giant wound appeared on his chest and his body started to burn.


Critical Strike, he was killed without a doubt!

At the same time, my body continued suffering from arrows and Fireball. Peng peng peng! I felt a burning sensation. Although I reduced the pain system to only 5% when I entered the game, the pain was still obvious and my health dropped to below 3000!

Hunter's Edge!

I flicked my dagger and golden words appeared around me. Hunter's Edge's three attacks landed on the few Assassins in front of me and killed them. As it killed and reduced their health, it brought me to full health. I was about to face a hell-like battle. Dragon Will, White Cloak, Hunter's Edge, Blood Drawing Blade, Annihilation, et cetera were all on cooldown and I had no skills left to use!


I stepped to the side of a low health Assassin and swung Snow Moon to kill him. I also charged out and appeared behind another Assassin to use a basic attack plus Backstab to kill him. At the same time, however, a hellhound appeared by my side and attacked me thrice before launching an irontooth strike!

I had to dodge it!

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At that moment, danger filled my soul as I retreated. I rolled on the ground and there was a large pengin the air as the irontooth strike missed!

"Attack!Kill August End!"

Breaking Dawn's furious roars spread in the wind.

All of a sudden, dozens of people charged into the forest. Under their dense attacks, I was hit by dozens of arrows. I was at my limit and retreated to Ah Fei's side. My body was covered in blood. My chest, shoulder, legs, et cetera were all stuck full with arrows which had not refreshed. My armor was about to melt from the burns and I was left with lower than 500 Health. I could die at any moment!

"Ah Li.."

He looked at me and was so furious that he was about to tear up. He waved the seal brush and shouted in anger, "Last stroke! F**k you, Breaking Dawn!The two of us won't forget what you did today. I will be enemies with all of you for life!"

As he said that, he waved the brush and drew the final stroke of the complete diagram. That golden paper seemed like it had come alive and a golden light surged into the sky. The entire sky was pierced through by the light and it seemed like some power in heaven and earth was being awakened by this inscription!

"Success?!" Ah Fei was delighted.

I was surprised, too.

At the same time, my body shook and I entered White Cloak once more. I had barely lasted for sixty seconds and finally White Cloak was off cooldown. I prepared to use Blood Drawing Blade and kill a bunch of them. Even if I died, I must ensure that Ah Fei returned to the city safely!

"D*mn!" a Breaking Dawn Assassin shouted in rage. "Stop looking and charge forward to kill August End;he has to fail the quest!"


At least forty-over Breaking Dawn players charged at us.

Right at that moment, the power that Ah Fei's inscription summoned reverberated. A formation then activated before the stone pieces, and shortly after, a body bathed in golden light appeared. It was Linchen County's Inscriber Association PresidentShen Feng!


Shen Feng looked at the players and shouted in rage. He opened his palm and a golden inscription appeared. With a buzz, it gave off a sharp pressure and flung the Breaking Dawn players away. They fell to the ground. Although they did not lose a bit of health, Shen Feng forced them out.

"From today onward, this kid is my disciple; who dares to touch him?!"

He stood with his arms behind his back, looking really handsome and proud. He said calmly, "If you want to touch him, then try. All of you, scram! Since you are all adventurers from the other world, I won't kill you!"

At that moment, I had already charged up, and with Blood Drawing Blade, I used White Cloak plus Annihilation to rip the body of a Breaking Dawn Mage. Not only was he killed, my healthbar was filled.

"You!"An Archer retreated and looked at me in anger. "This Shen Feng said that we would be let off and you still attacked?"

"Him letting you go didn't mean that I would, too!"I shouted and used Hunter's Edge in the crowd. It really felt like I was relying on Shen Feng and using his might, but I had to vent out this rage which had accumulated in my heart. I really wanted to kill all these Breaking Dawn players!

In the end, after I killed dozens of them, Breaking Dawn fled and left.

I turned around and picked up all the equipment on the ground. We could not waste them. Their worst equipment was at least a level 30 Excellent grade and could be sold for some money.


"Thank you, master!"

Ah Fei looked at Shen Feng with joy. This future master was just too handsome.

Shen Feng laughed aloud and looked at me. "Kid, your friend is interesting. Okay, follow me back to the Inscriber Association. You have just entered and have many things to learn."

"Okay.Thank you, master!"

"Let's go!"

A magic formation descended from above and brought Ah Fei and Shen Feng back to Linchen County. I entered Stealth once more, and when I was at the Linchen County entrance, I turned into my human character and walked in. On the east city bridge, I saw many Breaking Dawn players discussing privately—

"D*mn, we really took a loss today. Not only did we fail to stop August End from his job change, even our few leaders died."

"Right, that system Boss is too vicious; even with the stats reduced, he was still too strong."

"Scoff!That August End is famous in Linchen County. He has the system Boss protecting him, and now he is the Inscriber Association president's disciple. D*mn!How is he so lucky?"

"It’s okay; let's wait and see. August End is just an Inscriber. I don't believe that he won't head out to level. Once he heads out, can't Breaking Dawn just kill him?"

"Right, the future is long. Let's wait and see!"


I passed by these people and looked at them coldly. I did not say a word and they naturally did not recognize me, either. No one would connect this harmless human noob to that Shura Assassin in the Insect Waking Forest.

After entering, I looked at the equipment in my bag. Only some cotton armor was useful for me because I did not change jobs. I was too lazy to waste time on this human race account, so I chose a level 30 robe and boots to wear. As for weapons, I could only use a wooden sword before my job change and that looked weird. Still, it was much better than wearing just a cloth shirt before.

I came to Linchen County's Auction House and sold all the items from Breaking Dawn Dust, Breaking Dawn Destruction, et cetera. Moreover, I auctioned everything off.The auction would end ten hours later, with the stuff going to the highest bidder.

After completing this, I took a deep breath and went deep into Great Sage Hall. I shattered Black Castle's City Return Scroll and returned.

I looked at the time; it was twelve already.


"Ah Fei, what is up on your side?" I smiled.

"Everything is smooth. Master gave me two new formations to practice on. After that will be my studying time."

"That's good. After changing jobs, did your original job get wiped out?"

"No."He laughed out loud. "I kept a portion of the Mage skills. Master said that Inscribers are a branch of Mages and are all cultivators who comprehend the mysteries of the elements, so I can keep at least 70% of the combat skills of Mages and also have Inscriber abilities. From here onward, not only can I fight, I can also create equipment inscriptions. Ah Li, don't be anxious; once I learn, I will make inscriptions on all your equipment. From today onward, you are in charge of fighting while I will be in charge of supporting you!"

"Haha!That's good. Are we eating supper?"

"Of course, I’ve been starving since earlier. Let's go offline to eat and then sleep. I need to wake up early and begin my Inscriber cultivation journey."

"Okay, let's have supper!"

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