Chapter 84- Willing to follow Senior Brother
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Zhan Yue Chapter 84- Willing to follow Senior Brother

Lobster shop, downstairs.

I suggested that we sit near the window on the second floor as it was not so out in the open in case Wine and Poems paid for people to find trouble with us once more. Although I was not afraid of them, it was indeed quite annoying to botherabout such things.


"D*mn!"Ah Fei peeled the lobster while gritting his teeth in rage. "Breaking Dawn is such a shameless guild. Look at Elements; I rejected them but they didn't come. Look at Breaking Dawn; none of them are good!"

"That’s not true; Breaking Dawn Fate didn't join in," I said.

"Hey!" He gave me a weird smile. "Eh~Are you interested in her? That is only normal. She is a top beauty. She has the body, the face, and a decent vibe. If you want to chase her, I will support you and also help out. Let's con her in the wild! Let's block her at the city gate! Let's spam her with messages!"

I was too lazy to look at him. "Stop your nonsense; I am not interested in her. Plus, with your shameless tricks, if you don't want any face, I do want some!"

"Hahaha~"Ah Fei laughed. "Today did feel good, though, especially when you killed Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash.Hehe! Their bunch was all stunned! Also, when my master came and smacked them all to the side, it really felt great!"


Right at that moment, the two teens eating lobster behind us laughed. One of them peeled the lobster while smiling. "Listen carefully; those two idiots are bragging and saying that they killed Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash. Hahaha!What a joke. Why don’t they just brag that they’re Feng Canghai and say that Lin Xi is their girlfriend?"

"Hahaha!Don't care about such people; lower your voice!"

Another person drank beer and smiled. "There are many such people. They’re the same as those who show off their car keys on WeChat. Anyway, our country is getting more prosperous and their character and economical standards don't match, so they become really arrogant. There are many such people. Let's drink; don't care about them."

"En en."

"D*mn..."Ah Fei was helpless. "Did you hear that?"

"I did."I felt exasperated. "Although we have the strength to prove it, there is no need. Drink, drink. There is no need to think too much. Let's plan for the future."

"En."He lowered his voice and smiled. "You are our core.Tell me:What are your plans?"

I thought about it and lowered my voice. "Same old thing. I shall continue with Black Castle's quest and get stronger. As for you, study the inscriptions and become a true grandmaster. Then we will get rich by inscribing equipment. I will get the equipment and you add inscriptions for us to sell at multiple times the price. When the time comes... we’ll definitely earn money!"

"D*mn..."His eyes were filled with little stars. "We are going to get rich!"

"Right, we aren't far from a good life!"

"Good good good!"He nodded his head and laughed. "Come, let's cheers for the future!"


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After we had our fill, we went back home to rest.


The next day, I slept until nine in the morning before heading online after a bath and breakfast.


I appeared in the Black Castle teleportation formation and walked out. I fixed my equipment at the roadside blacksmith before heading to Precious Treasure Pavilion to replenish my potions. I also went to see if there were any new treasures. After all, one Inscriber Job Change Certificate changed Ah Fei's trajectory in game, so maybe there were other opportunities.

However,a few seconds after I stepped in, a familiar person charged out from within. He grabbed my shoulder and said, "July Wildfire, you are finally back!"

"Yes?"I looked at the person.It was Dong Yuanbai. I smiled. "What happened to you, Little Scum?"

"Not me," said Dong Yuanbai solemnly. "It is Two Balls!"

"What happened?" I frowned.

He lowered his voice. "The few days when you weren't here, something happened to the Purgatory Lion race; something occured at their mountain peak."


"Beast Peak was invaded!"

"What?!" I panicked. "What happened?"

Dong Yuanbai gritted his teeth. "Three days ago, news spread from the left camp that, because of a mistake by one of the generals, the left camp suffered heavy losses in the battle against the Blood Dynasty. I heard that a thousand elites had died. The City Lord was furious and that general was sent to jail. Coincidentally, that general is a Purgatory Lion, and because of his mistake, his entire race was affected."

"And then?"

"Then the Xia family found trouble, saying that the Purgatory Lion race wasn't worthy of the Beast Mountain, and Xia Buhui led the young generation to charge up and wipe out the Purgatory Lion race."

"What about Two Balls?"

My heart sank. Although Two Balls was dumb, I sincerely treated him as a brother. He was the one who stole the token to enter the Ancient Battlefield. Now that Beast Peak was in trouble, I could not ignore it.

"Two Balls was badly injured, but he swore not to join Xia family, so he is hung on one of the trees." Dong Yuanbai frowned. "I wanted to save him, but my master stopped me and said that the Precious Treasure Pavilion shouldn't join in their battle. July Wildfire, I can only rely on you. The Xia family is so arrogant because the Land of Reincarnation is behind them. They are strong in the five outer locations and only the Wind Cloud Platform can challenge them."

"Understood!"I nodded. "You also follow my master to learn the Wind Cloud Palm and you are half a Wind Cloud Platform disciple; are you willing to go with me?"

He cupped his fists. "If I am using that identity, then naturally I will follow you!"

"Okay, follow me to the Wind Cloud Platform to meet my master!"



Not long after, we arrived at the Wind Cloud Platform.

"Master, are you there?" I asked.

The clouds gathered to form Ding Heng's celestial body as he brushed his mustache. "Little fellow, after returning from your trial, you seem much stronger, but... you look anxious; did something happen?"

"Does my master know about Beast Peak?"

"I’ve heard about it."

"The younger generation pride of the Purgatory Lion is called Two Balls and he is my brother, but he is being hung on Beast Peak. Master, I can't stand aside but am also unable to change things alone. I hope that my master can support me."

He sucked in a deep breath and his eyes were filled with gentleness. "My disciple should have such a personality. If you are not bold at all, then you can forget about learning from the heavens. Since that is the case, I shall support you, but as it is a battle of youth, I can't send the elders, so I shall summon the young generation disciples and see what they think."


In the next moment, Ding Heng's loud voice echoed through the back mountains. "Younger generation disciples, come to the Wind Cloud Platform!"

All of a sudden, many shadows flew out from the back mountain, and in a blink of an eye, hundreds of young cultivators appeared. Their faces were filled with arrogance.

Ding Heng floated in the air and said, "Beast Peak has been attacked by the Xia family and the heir to the peak is your senior brother’s good friend. He wants to ask for an answer; are you willing to follow him?"

All of a sudden, all the Wind Cloud Platform’s young disciples looked at me and their orderly voice rang out in the sky-

"Since our senior brother has such strong loyalty, we are willing to follow him!"


At this moment, I was actually touched. My junior brothers and sisters looked torn and tattered, and some were not even in human form, but they trusted me so much. That touched me!

"Done,"Ding Heng said solemnly. "This represents the Wind Cloud Platform's power; we can't lose face. Head there and ask for an answer for your friend as well as Beast Peak!"

"Okay!"I cupped my fists and nodded. "Thank you, master; I won't disappoint you!"

After I said that, I brought Dong Yuanbai and my juniors out. The group of us charged towardwhere Beast Peak was on the map.


Black Castle branch, a peak stabbed into the clouds like that of a sharp knife. Numerous clouds wrapped around it, and it was filled with thick spiritual energy. The system notification rang. Beast Peak, one of the cultivation prime spots of Black Castle, because the Purgatory Lion's ancestor did so much for Black Castle, the City Lord gave it to them, but after so many years, the race weakened and their chief became a sinner, who was forced to guard a corner of Ancient Battlefield. Another important person failed in battle, and now the Purgatory Lion race's position in Black Castle was in danger.

I followed a sharp mountain path up, and right outside the gate, an old statue stood proud at mid-waist. It was a Purgatory Lion in armor. It should be that old ancestor; he looked really proud and held a battle axe as he stood high up above. Now, beneath the axe hung another person.

That person was covered in blood which continued to flow onto the ground from the tip of his legs.

It was him.That teen who helped me steal a token!

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