Chapter 85- Third Elder
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Zhan Yue Chapter 85- Third Elder

Beneath the mountain gate, a bunch of young cultivators were talking and chatting. They were all from the Land of Reincarnation and looked really arrogant, holding no one else in their regard at all. They were in charge of guarding Two Balls. Not far away were a few Purgatory Lion teens, whose faces were filled with worry and rage, but they were all injured and bleeding. Although the Purgatory Lion pride was hanging in the air, and people were drinking beneath their mountain gate, they did not dare to say a word.


The Purgatory Lion race had fallen to such a stage!

I frowned and brought the Wind Cloud Platform over.

"Who are you?You actually dared to come to Beast Peak? Don't you know that this place already belongs to the Land of Reincarnation?"

A Land of Reincarnation teen stood up with a flushed face. He was already drunk and could not walk straight anymore. He held the wine gourd and laughed coldly. "Whoever you are, scram!"

Rage burned in me as I opened my right hand. Shura energy swirled around it and I slapped him with its powerful strength.


In the crowd, aNPC teen by the name of Xia Wuding tossed the wine gourd to the side and shouted, "July Wildfire,what is the meaning of this?Do you want to be enemies with the Xia family openly?"

"Who cares about yourXia family?!"

I stepped forwardand waved my dagger. I activated Gouge and stunned him on the spot. At the same time, a notification appeared at the corner of the battle interface—


[Battle notification: Are you going to activate an Extinction-level attack?]


I frowned and laughed. So I could wipe out some NPCs, too. I confirmed it and my daggers gave off a storm as I used Hunter's Edge. Xia Yuanding was not a Boss and was just an Elite, so after suffering a wave of my attacks, his chest was ripped open by my dagger and he fell to the ground, turning into a corpse.

He was wiped out just like that!


Behind Xia Yuanding, a bunch of Land of Reincarnation disciples felt stunned. Some of them shouted, "July Wildfire, you wait; we will teach you a lesson soon!"

After they said that, a few of them flew up the mountain, probably to inform someone.

"Senior brother, should we give chase?" a Wind Cloud Platform disciple asked.

"No need."I shook my head and looked at Two Balls, who was hanging high above. "Let him down first."


A few Wind Cloud Platform disciples charged up. In terms of flying, they were much stronger than me. One of them sliced the rope, while another caught Two Balls and placed him down gently.

"Two Balls are you okay?"

I waved my dagger and sliced the rope tying him up. At this point, he heaved a sigh and looked at me. He said in a weak voice, "July... thank you..."

I frowned. "Stop talking and rest."

On the side, Dong Yuanbai shook his head. "That's great!He actually still has breath;it's really great!"

"Little Scum, you are here, too..." Two Balls laughed weakly.

"Scoff! Two Balls, fortunately, you’re still alive! Hahaha~"

At this moment, his face was really solemn and he sucked in a deep breath. He then sat up and said, "Thank you all for coming. Actually, I have a name; I’m the only one on Beast Peak who awakened my bloodline, the sole heir of Ancestor Jin.My name is Lodan!"

I was shocked. "Lodan? Lo-Two Balls... I am really good at naming things!"

"Your sister..."He rolled his eyes at me. "Go quickly. My race has fallen and this Beast Peak is filled with their cronies."

"Impossible!If we leave today, we still have to hide from them in the future."

I frowned.

At that moment, a bunch of people charged down the mountain and the one at the lead was Xia Buhui, the Xia family's pride and Land of Reincarnation Zhuang Huai Shui's personal disciple.

"July Wildfire, you nosy scum!"

Xia Buhui frowned and held his skeleton staff. His eyes spat out flames. "You actually dared to kill my cousin, Xia Yuanding. It seems like you are asking to die. Bring it on!This is a battle between us; no one else joins in!"

"As you wish!"I got up and waved my palm.My daggers then appeared in my hands. The white robe behind me flashed and I was in White Cloak state. I moved aside so that Xia Buhui could not lock onto me. As expected, he waved his staff and death energy charged towhere I was previously at, but he was ultimately unable to lock onto me.

"Senior brother, be careful; you are restricted by the realm!This isn't the Wind Cloud Platform," a Wind Cloud Platform disciple shouted.

"I understand,"I said seriously. "This is our battle, so no one butts in!"


I was at a huge disadvantage, which was that my stats did not receive the three-timeincrease. Otherwise, I could beat him easily. I just needed to be more careful. With my understanding of him, he did not have much skill and just used his magic to suppress everything. Therefore, I had room to outplay him!

On the side, the battle interface entered Extinction mode. It was really simple: Xia Buhui wanted to kill me and I wanted to kill him, too!


My dagger flashed a cold light as White Cloak plus Annihilation was released on his back!


What a strong defense! My stats were a bit weak and Xia Buhui had around 60000 Health. White Cloak plus Annihilation was unable to crush him.

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"Trash, this isn't your domain anymore!" Xia Buhui turned around and gave me a vicious smile. "Without the power of the Wind Cloud Platform, you aren't the proud July Wildfire. On the contrary, you are just some powerless trash! Come on; eat my skill, Soul Grasp!"


Beneath my feet, a blood-colored formation appeared and many red claws emerged; it looked like he really wanted to crush me!

I laughed and, instead of retreating, moved forward. I then used Gouge on his face!


Stun success, skill broken! I did not hesitate to creep up to his back and use a basic attack-Backstab-Hunter's-Edge combo!

Peng peng pengsoundedas I hit him several times. Although Xia Buhui could suppress me, his magic could not touch me at all. The moment Hunter's Edge was completed, he turned around and shouted in anger. He formed a Death Bone Prison as well as a whitebone-shaped shield.

I turned around and entered White Cloak once more.

"Come out! July Wildfire, you coward!" Xia Buhui shouted in anger.

I laughed and let him make noise. Xia Buhui waved his staff and cast spells on the surrounding land. The mana bar on his head declined until he was only left with less than 30%. His face was covered in sweat. This chap was using his ultimate spells on nothing; he really had no brains!

Not long later, Death Bone Prison disappeared and my chance arrived!

I used White Cloak plus Annihilation again. The moment I appeared, my dagger slashed past his chest and the inscription on his robe broke. His robe split into two and he bled. After suffering from Annihilation’s heavy blow, he shouted in anger, "I want you to die!"

Weng weng weng~

The air around was being squeezed as a really strong death law power exploded from his body. He raised his skeleton staff and was about to use a soul attack!

At that moment, I shouted without thinking and activated my combo, "Separated by Water!"


A golden energy current surged around me as I scattered his skill. At the same time, my five-hit combo landed on his body and sent him flying. I rushed over and did a combined dagger attack. I was fortunate that my strike crit. I then opened my right hand; golden light wrapped around my fingers and twisted the surrounding air. This power suppressed the laws and summoned a dragon with a thunderous roar. My slap headed towardXia Buhui, who had been stunned by Separated by Water!


True Dragon Energy surged forward. The more I leveled up, Dragon Will's aura became more and more terrifying!

"Little thing, you are too arrogant!"

Right when Dragon Will was about to destroy Xia Buhui, a figure descended from above, and with a powerful palm attack, he scattered my Dragon Will. A tall body dressed in a long robe landed. It was an old man who looked at me with a dark gaze. "July Wildfire, you are disrespecting the Xia family; you actually want to kill my young master?"

"Third elder!"Xia Buhui took a few steps back and his face was filled with elation. He laughed aloud. "Thank youfor saving me, third elder! July Wildfire, you are dead this time!"

"Little thing, prepare to die!"

The Xia family's third elder flew into the sky and death energy enveloped his fist, turning the sky dark. His robe fluttered in the wind and he laughed coldly. "You wanted to kill my Xia family's heir.Since you gave me a reason to kill you, then don't blame me! Die!"

A fist descended from above!

So strong!

Peng peng peng...

Before the fist energy even reached, the ground started to crack. The dirt and stone around started to fly about. This fist was just too strong!

"Old dog!"Two Balls stood up and held the wounds on his body. He shouted in rage, "Shameless!You actually interfered in the younger generation fight.YoubrokeBlack Castle's rules; you’ll definitely die a terrible death!"

"You’re the ones who’ll die!"shouted the old man in rage as he punched down.

This fist was too strong and it covered a huge area. Not only me, even the disciples behind me would be killed. I gritted my teeth and moved forward.Activating my treasure, I shouted, "Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, it’s up to you!"


A golden scroll flew out from my bag which started expanding as if it could swallow everything in the world. It hovered above our heads, and in the end, that guy's confident fist sank into the scroll and only caused some ripples. It was totally blocked!

This treasure was too strong!

My heart trembled.

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