Chapter 86- King's request
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Zhan Yue Chapter 86- King's request

"Heaven Grade Artifact?"

The third elder was delighted instead of being angry and he smiled. "That's great! I didn't expect a kid like you to have such a treasure. Come here; now, it belongs to me!"

His punch landed from above anew as he hollered, "Disappear!Who gave you the right to own such a treasure?"


Another extremely strong fist attack that caused the space around to quake. His fist energy covered the area and surged towardme!

"D*mn!"Dong Yuanbai moved forwardand shouted; his palms were filled with the strength from Wind Cloud Fist. "Brothers from the Wind Cloud Platform, gather all of our strength to fight him; we can't let our senior brother get attacked by him!"

"Right, go all out!"

Behind me, a bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples gathered energy and then streaks of death energy surged into the sky!


Right at that moment, a loud voice echoed about!


Shortly after, the space around twisted and a blood light appeared. A huge palm swept across, and the third elder's fist attack was negated. Not only that, the huge palm smacked right onto the third elder's body!


The third elder cried in pain and his body-protecting energy was reduced into dust. Shortly after, his body started to disintegrate under this palm attack. His skin broke down inch by inch and his flesh and blood started burning up. Even his white bones started shattering. In the end, he totally disappeared under the palm strike with not even a strand of hair left!


All of us were stunned.What kind of strength was that?It was too strong!

"It’s... the... City Lord!"

The bunch of Xia family’s old men were scared into kneeling on the ground. Their voices trembled as they said, "Greetings... City Lord!"

In the air, the Blood Cloud did not move at all. A confident and certain voice echoed. "Xia Tianlan broke the Black Castle’s laws when he tried to kill a genius of the young generation.Therefore, he’s been executed! Beast Peak belongs to the Purgatory Lion species, one of the founding races of Black Castle. All the Xia family disciples back out and return Beast Peak to the Purgatory Lion race. If you dare to try this coup d'etat again, your whole family will be exterminated!"

All of a sudden, everyone from the Xia family trembled and they nodded. They then left from our side and headed down the mountain.


"Great... That is great!"

The bunch of injured Purgatory Lions all cheered. Shortly after, they knelt to the Wind Cloud Platform disciples and me.

I could not accept that, so I brought the Wind Cloud Platform disciples away. As I was leaving, I told Two Balls to have a good rest.

Wind Cloud Platform.

The disciples all scattered until only I was left. Master Ding Heng stood proudly above and smiled. "Not bad. Fortunately, you had an artifact.If not... this would probably be a tribulation for the Wind Cloud Platform’s young generation."

I frowned. "Master, if we got killed, what would you do?"

He replied calmly, "The Land of Reincarnation is deep-rooted in Black Castle and the Wind Cloud Platform isn't able to fully go against them. I can't fight Zhuang Huai Shui to the death because of the few of you, but... I will definitely take revenge and wipe out the Xia family!"

I felt warm inside. "Thank you, master!"

"You don't have to thank me."

Right at that moment, a weird sound spread on the mountain path—

Keng keng~

Keng keng~

Keng keng~

It sounded like a stone being hit.

"What happened?"

I jumped off the Wind Cloud Platform.

Ding Heng stood proudly above and squinted his eyes. "There is a guest."

On the mountain path, golden light covered a person's body. His neck was chained and he was wrapped up in chains, too. The chains were getting dragged when he walked and they would hit the pieces of stone on the side each time. So that was where the sounds were coming from.

He stopped after every step as if he were dragging the entire earth. His hair was dishevelled and his sweat and blood mixed together and scattered on the ground. However, beneath his matted hair was a determined gaze; he did look like a king.

I knew this person. It was the chief of the Purgatory Lion race, the person guarding the corner of the Ancient Battlefield!

"Luo Tianxing!"

In the air, Ding Heng spoke calmly as he smiled. "Why did you spend so much of your cultivation just to form a spiritual clone and come over to the Wind Cloud Platform?"

So this chief, the king of the Purgatory Lion Race, was called Luo Tianxing. As expected, it sounded more powerful than Two Balls' name.

Luo Tianxing looked at Ding Heng and then at me.He replied bitterly, "Although my Purgatory Lion race committed sins... our loyalty toward Black Castle hasn't changed. Now that another member has made a mistake, we have little hope left."

"Any prosperous thing will eventually fall. The Purgatory Lion race is one of the rare races in Black Castle; you should just accept fate," Ding Heng said.

Luo Tianxing nodded. "Thank you for this little friend, July Wildfire.Only then did City Lord get alerted and did the Purgatory Lion race get spared. Elder Ding, I have a request."


"Lodan, my nephew, the person with talent. He awakened his bloodline when he was young and has hopes of being something big in the future. I hope that you can take him as your disciple and allow him to cultivate in the Wind Cloud Platform. Not only will he grow quickly, it will be a protection for him, too."

"This..." Ding Heng hesitated.

Luo Tianxing knelt on one knee and said, "Elder, please agree!"

I turned around and looked at Ding Heng. "Master..."

"Okay, then!"Ding Heng waved. "Since my disciple is speaking for you, okay. Still, I will only accept him to become a disciple in the Wind Cloud Platform. I won't take him as my direct disciple; let the two elders here teach him."

"That's good; that's good, too."Luo Tianxing nodded his head and cupped his fists. "Thank you, elder! Thank you... little friend!"

Ding Heng and I nodded, too.

Luo Tianxing stood on the spot and slowly disappeared. He turned into streaks of golden dust, which disappeared into the wind.


"Why is he imprisoned, master?" I walked back to the Wind Cloud Platform and asked.

Ding Heng heaved a sigh and explained seriously, "The Purgatory Lion species is a cursed race. Although they have an unbelievably strong bloodline, it is easy for them to succumb to madness. Before that, their race dealt a lot of damage to Black Castle and nearly destroyed it. As such, anyone from that race who awakens thebloodline will be imprisoned at a corner of the Ancient Battlefield."

"Then, why will they be imprisoned there? Why choose that place?" I was shocked.

"Because..."—Ding Heng smiled—"if they are imprisoned there, even if they break through from restrictions, they can't leave as there is another person there."

"Senior Uncle Zhang Xiaoshan?" I was shocked.

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"Right. You just cultivate properly on your own."

Ding Heng smiled and disappeared into the wind.

I stood on the spot and thought back to what Zhang Xiaoshan looked like. He looked like an old man on his last breath; who knew that he was strong? As long as he was there, even experts like Luo Tianxing would get killed?

This Black Castle really had deep waters!

I took a deep breath. It seemed like I needed to cultivate well. The more I understood about Black Castle, the weaker I felt I was. I was the same as Lin Buyi, whom I met when I just arrived. Maybe calamity from the sky would shatter me and break me into pieces.


"Time to eat; time to eat!"Ah Fei's voice came from outside.

I nodded my head. "I know; I am coming!"

I looked at the mail from the auction house. Since yesterday morning, the items I auctioned off had been getting sold. So far, I gained over 7000+. As the game progressed, more and more Rare and Super Rare blue equipment was dropped. With the items no longer being unique on the market, the prices would drop, too. Level 35 Super Rare equipment went from 5000 at the start to only 1000 now.

Still, it was still a huge amount. I passed half to Ah Fei and then went offline.

I took off my helmet and looked at the time. It was already 11:30. I was shocked. "D*mn!Time passes so fast; it is already noon!"

"En, it really is quick."He smiled while placing his helmet down. "Did you get anything in the morning?"

"No, I was doing a storyline quest."

"The entire morning? You should’ve gotten a lot of experience, right?"

"None at all."I pouted. "Solely storyline."

"D*mn, your job is so weird..."

"Haha! I will get used to it. What would we eat for lunch?"

"Big plated chicken?"

"Let's go!"


At a certain stall, the big plated chicken along with a bowl of noodles was placed in the middle. Just by smelling it, I was really tempted. When I ate the dish, it felt much better. A morning of work did make me really hungry. After eating my fill, I touched my stomach and asked, "What about you? What did you do in the morning? Did you level?"

"Nope."He shook his head. "How would I even have time? My Master was staring at me to study inscriptions."

"Oh, oh.Did you comprehend anything?"

"It’s too hard," he said solemnly. "This job is just sick.A really complicated inscription was placed in front of me to copy. What’s worse is that my master told me to comprehend the power within. How should I comprehend it? I’m just a mortal; I couldn't comprehend anything at all."

I recalled what had happened in Black Castle and smiled. "Shen Feng is right; maybe you will gain something."


"En, just persist."

"Okay, then I shall not train these few days!"

"En, I will be the fighter; you can just analyze matters related to the Inscriber job."

"Okay, I understand!"

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