Chapter 86- King's request
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Zhan Yue Chapter 86- King's request

"Heaven Grade Artifact?"

The third elder was delighted instead of being angry and he smiled. "That's great! I didn't expect a kid like you to have such a treasure. Come here; now, it belongs to me!"

His punch landed from above anew as he hollered, "Disappear!Who gave you the right to own such a treasure?"


Another extremely strong fist attack that caused the space around to quake. His fist energy covered the area and surged towardme!

"D*mn!"Dong Yuanbai moved forwardand shouted; his palms were filled with the strength from Wind Cloud Fist. "Brothers from the Wind Cloud Platform, gather all of our strength to fight him; we can't let our senior brother get attacked by him!"

"Right, go all out!"

Behind me, a bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples gathered energy and then streaks of death energy surged into the sky!


Right at that moment, a loud voice echoed about!


Shortly after, the space around twisted and a blood light appeared. A huge palm swept across, and the third elder's fist attack was negated. Not only that, the huge palm smacked right onto the third elder's body!


The third elder cried in pain and his body-protecting energy was reduced into dust. Shortly after, his body started to disintegrate under this palm attack. His skin broke down inch by inch and his flesh and blood started burning up. Even his white bones started shattering. In the end, he totally disappeared under the palm strike with not even a strand of hair left!


All of us were stunned.What kind of strength was that?It was too strong!

"It’s... the... City Lord!"

The bunch of Xia family’s old men were scared into kneeling on the ground. Their voices trembled as they said, "Greetings... City Lord!"

In the air, the Blood Cloud did not move at all. A confident and certain voice echoed. "Xia Tianlan broke the Black Castle’s laws when he tried to kill a genius of the young generation.Therefore, he’s been executed! Beast Peak belongs to the Purgatory Lion species, one of the founding races of Black Castle. All the Xia

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