Chapter 87- Reborn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 87- Reborn

Afternoon, Wind Cloud Platform.

"Wind Cloud Platform disciples, listen up!"

A powerful voice rang out from above and it came from Elder Feng, whose position was only lower than that of Ding Heng. "Disciples, train well in these few days; prepare to enter Qilin Mountain Battlefield!"

"Qilin Mountain Battlefield?" I was shocked.

On the side, Lodan rubbed his palms. "It’s finally here!"

Little Scum held his sword tightly and smiled. "I heard that after the trial on Qilin Mountain, the top disciples will obtain a great opportunity. Wait and see.We definitely can't let people from the Land of Reincarnation look down on us."

"What is going on with the Qilin Mountain’s trial?" I was confused.

"Senior brother, there is something that you don't know,"Dong Yuanbai said. "Qilin Mountain is located at the border between Undying Mountain Range and Blood Dynasty. That place often witnesses war between Black Castle and Blood Dynasty. As such, each year, we will send the young elites to have a trial on Qilin Mountain and decide the strongest of the young generation."

Two Balls said, "Right, our biggest threat comes from the Blood Dynasty, which is the legendary Blood Race oftwenty-nine countries."

"Blood Dynasty?How is it like?" I continued to ask.

Dong Yuanbai thought about it and replied, "That is a really chaotic region and is made up of twenty-nine tribes and nations. They have a specialty, which is that they are all blood cultivators. They use the blood and flesh of people to cultivate and obtain the power of living beings. Blood Dynasty is really cruel.Not only does the human race of Xuanyuan Empire hate them, Black Castle hates them, too. Each year, many of our cultivators are being snatched from the border."

"I understand."I sucked in a deep breath. "It seems like this Qilin Mountain trial is really important?"

"It happens once a year and decides the resource rankings, so naturally it is important," Lodan said seriously, "but you have to be careful.They aren't good to offend. Each year, many of our elites die in the trial."

"I understand."I nodded. "Okay, let's all head back to cultivate."



My private residence, within the cave, clouds wrapped around and there were groups of birds.

I sat cross-legged and entered a cultivation state once more. I could not enter the Ancient Battlefield and the cleaning job at the Land of Reincarnation had not begun, so I could only cultivate on my own.

I just sat there and breathed in and out. When I started to use my strength, my body was like a giant abyss which sucked in the spiritual energy around me. All of a sudden, one could see streaks of energy being absorbed into my body and flowing all around to refine me and make me stronger. After it spun one round, it became much smaller. However, the power within me was way purer and much richer. It finally entered a golden ocean in my dantian’s energy ocean.

I could easily look into my body now.

Just like that, while I was cultivating, many hours had passed unknowingly. My breathing became even longer and the energy I spat out became stronger. At the same time, I had a sudden thought. My inner world started to shake, and at that moment, it felt as if I had touched upon something, which caused me to tremble.

Deep in my body, it was as if some sort of power was being awakened!


In that instant, streaks of flames came out of my body and wrapped around me. It was as if I were in flames. The scorching feeling was really intense and my will started to break down. It was as if I was about to faint.

"Protect your soul!"At that moment, Master Ding Heng's voice spread from the air. "Continue to cultivate; use your energy to reduce the pain from breaking the seal. Stay awake!This moment is really important to you!"

"Master, what is going on with me?"

I controlled the energy and frowned as I asked.

"If I am not wrong, some power in your body is awakening. Don't rush.Cultivate step by step; let your body accept and contain it."

"I understand."

I stopped talking and closed my eyes to rotate the energy and spiritual energy in my body. Huge waves appeared in my energy ocean. Who knew how long time passed, but that rash feeling slowly disappeared. On the other hand, ten soul stars hung high in my internal world. Not only that, new stars were being lit up, and in the blink of an eye, another ten lit up!

In contrast with it, the center of the energy ocean started splitting apart. Mountains and land masses appeared on the ocean surface and gave off a really noble feeling. Many old trees grew on the mountains as they exuded an ancient aura. The mountains and plains were connected to one another and each tree and grass thrived with life force. This was like a shrine.

"It has appeared..."Ding Heng's voice rang in my ears. "Spiritual Ruins... Disciple, you have awakened Spiritual Ruins.Oh, my god.The heavens are on your side. Plus, these Spiritual Ruins seemto be high grade..."

"Spiritual Ruins?"I was stunned. "What are Spiritual Ruins. Master, please enlighten me."

Ding Heng replied, "It seems like it is time for me to give you a lesson. In this world that we are in, be it death or other law cultivators, they obtain spiritual energy from heaven and earth which they turn into their own power. The realms are split intoEnergy Condensing and Body Refining, which you have both reached. Next is Spirit Astral Realm; when one reaches this realm, they can change spiritual energy into astral energy and control large strength. Next is Heaven Realm; if an expert reaches that realm, they’ll be able to control the power of heaven and earth as they wish."

As he said that, he paused and said, "After Heaven Realm is Spiritual Ruins Realm. There aren't many experts who can reach it. They can fly and also form Spiritual Ruins in their energy ocean. This is a place to raise the soul, and the stronger the ruins, the mightier the soul, and naturally the power it contains will be higher. One can say that this realm is a cut-off point, and if humans step into it, one can stand on the shoulders of gods."

I was stunned. "Master, doesn't this mean that I have obtained Spiritual Ruins power in advance?"

"Yes and no."He smiled. "Although you formed Spiritual Ruins, they came from your bloodline, not from your cultivation. You can only use a small portion of the power and are only at the tip of an iceberg of a true Spiritual Ruins Realm expert. When you faceHeaven and Spirit Astral experts, you won't be able to fight back."

I was speechless, "So is my Spiritual Ruins Realm useless?"

"That may not be the case."He smiled. "At least, with Spiritual Ruins, you are invincible in the same realm. Train well.A while later, the Qilin Mountain’s trial will commence. Don't disappoint me then!"


Ding Heng's voice disappeared and I sensed that his aura had retreated out of my cave. One must say that my master treated me really well and he put in a lot of effort on me.


A few minutes later, these saint-like ruins floated out of the water like an island and stood within my energy ocean. Right at that moment, the system bell rang!


[System notification: Congratulations for awakening Shura Spiritual Ruins’ first stage strength! Soul Star +10. Successfully awakened a skillof the first stage, the Soul Star Explosion!]


Soul Star Explosion?!

I was stunned, but at the top of my skillbar, I saw a golden skill diagram. In it were many golden stars hanging in the sky, which looked exactly like the constellation above my Spiritual Ruins. I took a look and was delighted—

Soul Star Explosion: Using the power of the Shura bloodline, obtain five times stats, lasting 120 seconds.Cooldown: 5 minutes.

It actually... gave me five times stats?

Did this mean not thatI would be invincible for two minutes?

At that moment, I realized that after obtaining the hidden Shura race, I had gotten a true killing hand. Powers like the Soul Star Explosion were the true advantages of the Shura bloodline.

This advantage was enough to break the balance of the game!

Since the start of the game, I had understood that Illusionary Moon's strategy was to give balance to the normal players. Once people got hidden jobs, et cetera, this balance would cease to exist. They would be far stronger than one imagined! I had such a feeling that balance and everything else was in the bin and that I was now the strongest!


I calmed myself down and observed the ruins. This was just a tip of the iceberg and only the mountain peak was out of the water, so only the first stage power was awakened. In the future, along with me cultivating, I would awaken the second, third, and even more Shura power. Then I would really be invincible!

All of a sudden, I was pumped up.

At that moment, Ah Fei's voice came from outside. "Ah Li, did you gain something?"

"Yes!"I smiled. "I awakened something amazing; this will be the basis of me being invincible in the future."

"So amazing?"He laughed. "Then let me help build more foundations to you being invincible. Come to Linchen County; I have something to give you!"

"Hahaha~"I was delighted. "Hearing what you said,have you finally become a true Inscriber?"

"Yes, I can refine equipmentnow!"

"D*mn!I'm coming; I'm coming!"

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"Come over. I'm going to give you your rebirth!"

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