Chapter 88- Proper deal
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Zhan Yue Chapter 88- Proper deal

I stopped cultivating and headed tothe teleportation formation.

Along with a flash of bright light, I appeared atthe abandoned teleportation array outside Linchen County and entered Stealth. I switched to my human account when I arrived at the gate; thus, a little Mage wearing a robe carried a wooden sword and walked into the city. I waltzed in with my hair fluttering in the air!

"Come here!"

Within the Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei reached out and waved.

I walked over quickly, and in the end, the two of us sat in chairs at the corner of Great Sage Hall.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Hand me your strongest equipment; I will help you write inscriptions. If not, what? Should I write them on your face? Hehehe~" He laughed out loud.

I was speechless and hastily took off the equipment on the Shura account one by one to take a look. The priority was to upgrade the Super Rare equipment, so I passed Snow Moon to him and said, "This is my best weapon; don't mess it up!"

"Don't worry!"

He placed Snow Moon in his hands, and in the next moment, there was a weng.His eyes shone gold. He waved his brush and started writing things on the dagger. Moreover, it was as if he had entered a certain realm as he became extremely focused! The last time I saw Ah Fei so focused was when he saw the skirts of girls from behind being swept up by the wind.

Three minutes later, a streak of light flashed on Snow Moon.

"D*mn! I failed..."He was momentarily speechless.

I frowned. "Is it finished after one failure?"

"No, let me try again."


He raised his hand and wiped to and fro the dagger. His fingertips shone a dim light and he actually wiped away the inscriptions on the blade. He then waved his seal brush and dipped it into a golden ink bottle. Ah Fei then continued waving his brush about in an extremely focused manner.

Another three minutes passed.

"D*mn, failed again..." He was covered in sweat.

I crossed my arms and rested lazily in the chair. "Calm down and do it slowly. Anyway, we aren't rushing for time. Go slowly; don't hurry."

"En." Three more minutes passed.


A streak of light flashed from Snow Moon and the light pierced through the roof. It was really shocking, but it quickly disappeared. No one knew what had happened here.

"Success!Take a look."

He passed Snow Moon, and the moment I grabbed it, I was stunned—

Snow Moon (Super Rare)

Attack: 60-82

Agility: +45

Strength: +42

Special effect: 1.5% closecombat lifesteal

Inscription special effect: Attack +80

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 6%.

Required level: 35

Required job: Assassin


"D*mn!It increased by so much?"I was stunned. "This is too vicious; it added 80 to Attack right away. D*mn, it is a permanent increase. The Inscriber job is just too OP!"

"Of course!"Ah Fei slapped his chest and laughed out loud. "If not, I spent my twenty-four hours of hard work for nothing! Do you have any other equipment? I have large amounts of spiritual ink and can do two or three more.Bring me your strongest equipment!"

"Spiritual ink?"

"En."He reached out and pointed at the golden box on the side. "The ink that Inscribers use is quite expensive and made of all sorts of rare materials. Master gave me these to try, and after I finish this one, then I will have to settle it myself. Master said that spiritual ink is too expensive and normal people can't afford it, so he can't provide me with unlimited supplies of it."

"Understood.We can get more in the future."

"En."After saying that, I passed the Blood Grievance Necklace and Boots of Agility to him. These two were Super Rare grade equipment.

It was more worth it to make this inscription equipment and they could be used for a longer time.

Ah Fei failed repeatedly and then succeeded.

Not long after, he passed me the Blood Grievance Necklace. "This succeeded."

I opened it and was filled with shock and delight—

Blood Grievance Necklace (Super Rare)

Strength: +45

Agility: +43

Special Effect: Critical Strike +0.3%

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Inscription effect: Critical Strike +0.5%

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 6%.

Required Level: 34


These inscriptions actually added Critical Strike!

My mind buzzedand I nearly fainted from bliss. A 0.5% Critical Strikemade Blood Grievance Necklace the best necklace in-game right away.

A while after, Boots of Agility succeeded, too, and Ah Fei tossed it to me.

Boots of Agility (Super Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 70

Agility: +55

Stamina: +42

Bonus: Windwalking;increase movement speed by +15%.

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Inscription effect: Health +500

Bonus: Raise Defence by 5%

Required level: 36



This time, my mind went blank.These stats were the most overpowered. Assassins did have low Health and this actually added Health, which was so amazing!

"D*mn... That’s just too amazing..." I held the Boots of Agility and muttered. "This is so overpowered..."

Ah Fei layin the chair and said, "My inscription level is only level 2; once I level up and learn higher-level formations, I will be able to inscribe a new special effect. You will be able to fight one against ten then!"

"Hahaha!Sure sure~"

I looked at him. "Do you still have spiritual ink?"

"No."He looked exasperated. "It is used up by me too quickly. Since I am not well-trained; the failure rate is quite high."

"En, train slowly."

I thought about it and said, "Then pass the materials that the ink needs to me. I am often at the Precious Treasure Pavilion in Black Castle and I can use contribution points to buy them. This way, you can get materials for free. Once your success rate is high enough, then we can start doing business."

"Start doing business?"

"Of course, to draw inscriptions openly for others and make our brand. We will be so rich. Who cares about the Wind Cloud Platform then?Just inscriptions alone will make us both rich!"

"Ahahahah~"He saw a perfect future and his eyes shone with money. "Great, Ah Li, you fellow.... Tsk tsk!So not only are you nerdy, you are business-minded, too!"

"Hahaha! I shall leave first; continue to work hard."

"En en!"


Not long after, I returned to Black Castle. A few minutes later, Ah Fei send news and also a screenshot, which listed all the ingredients needed for the spiritual ink—

Mountain Spirit Ink Lv-1: Mountain Spirit Wood, Purple Sandalwood, Spirit Gathering Grass

Golden Spirit Ink (Lv-2): Spirit Rhino, Green Frostwood, Golden Crow Blood, Stone Demon Shell

Fallen Spirit Ink (Lv-3): Moon Spirit Dust, Nine Fallen Bird Bone, Golden Leaf Sandalwood, Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass


Ah Fei could only get these three recipes at the current level, but they all seemed like really rare items. The main thing was a level 2 Golden Spirit Ink as large amounts of these ingredients were needed to train Ah Fei's skill familiarity. The earlier he reached level 3, the earlier he could draw stronger inscriptions.

Thus, I dashed toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion.

"July Wildfire, you are here again!"A beautiful attendant hugged my arm and smiled. "You are our esteemed guest, so if you have anything you want, just tell me. Our deacon said that he will try his best to satisfy all your requests!"

I lowered my head and looked at her twin peaks which were pressed against my arm and my lips twitched. I withdrew my arm and said, "Beauty, I wantto ask:Do you sell spiritual ink ingredients for Inscribers here?"

"Spiritual ink ingredients?"She was stunned and bit her lower red lip. "I haven’t heard about those before. Why don’t you say the names, then I can search for you."

"Okay,"I said seriously, "Spirit Rhino, Green Frostwood, Golden Crow Blood, and Stone Demon Shell. Do you have these four ingredients?"

"That’s..."She frowned and data flashed across her eyes. It seemed like she was a data mine herself. A few seconds later, she smiled. "We have the first three, but we don't have the last one. Apart from being used for spiritual ink, it has no use at all, so the hunters won't head out to kill Stone Demons."


In the next second, the shopping interface jumped out; they had the first three types of ingredients—

Spirit Rhino: 100 contribution points needed.

Green Frostwood: 200 Contribution points needed.

Golden Crow Blood: 500 Contribution points needed.


Golden Crow Blood was a bit expensive!

I frowned. I only had 10000 points, so I could not buy too many. Thus, I sent news to inform Ah Fei about the prices here. In the end, it was a mess; one Golden Crow Blood was actually 100 gold. Based on the current gold sales price, it was 720 RMB!

That was too dark. If one bought ingredients at Linchen County to make inscriptions, one would lose so much that they would lose their pants!

In comparison, the Precious Treasure Pavilion was much fairer!

Thus, I looked at my contribution points. I then gritted my teeth and exchanged for as many as I could!

Not long after, 10 Golden Crow Blood, 20 Green Frostwood, and 33 Spirit Rhino appeared in my bag. I had spent all my contribution points and was left with only 38 points; what a blessed number.

I headed towardLinchen County once more and passed them to Ah Fei before returning to the Wind Cloud Platform.


Wu wu wu~

In the distance, a horn could be heard. It was as if an army was gathering to prepare to attack.

"The army has started to gather!"

Purgatory Lion Lodan charged out. His body gave off a thick aura; it was as if he had greatly improved in the Wind Cloud Platform. We looked into the distance and he said solemnly, "Qilin Mountain’strial is about to begin; our trial is about to start!"

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