Chapter 89- Getting worse and worse
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Zhan Yue Chapter 89- Getting worse and worse

"Wind Cloud Platform disciples, gather!"

In the air, a golden cloud formed into Master Ding Heng. He stood with his arms behind his back as he looked at everyone gathering below. "Qilin Mountain’strial is an annual test for the five outer locations. You will welcome the young generation experts from Blood Dynasty and may even clash with their army. Anyway, don't bring shame to the Wind Cloud Platform! Apart from that, Elder Feng and Elder Yun will follow you to the battlefield!"

Beneath the platform, the two elders waved, "Senior Brother then we shall be leaving."

"Go, bring these kids back alive."



The Wind Cloud Platform disciples followed the two elders to gather in front of the castle. Not long after, the others from the four other locations gathered. The Land of Reincarnation had the most people. They had at least two hundred disciples, while Wind Cloud Platform had fewer than a hundred.

"July Wildfire, you came to join in on the Qilin Mountain Battlefield, too?"

Xia Buhui waved his staff and his body became effused with a dark aura as he laughed coldly. "I heard that those Blood Dynasty soldiers are violent and cruel. Someone like you with a mysterious bloodline should worry about being sucked dry. When the time comes, you may end up as a joke."

"Don't worry." I looked at him calmly.

"Scoff..."Lei Ling held a blade and he looked with a sharp gaze. "I heard that City Lord will reward the first in the trial. Once someone gets first, apart from honor, there will be a huge opportunity."

"Extra reward?!"

The young disciples were stunned, but their eyes started to heat up with passion. They were really passionate about the City Lord and started to rub their palms.

"Stop having wishful thoughts."Lei Ling laughed coldly. "You might’ve had a chance in the past, but this time... the Land of Reincarnation's Senior Brother Demon Axe just had come out from secluded meditation as a cultivator under Spirit Astral Realm. He is just a step away from Heaven Realm. You think all of you are enough? Including July Wildfire, all of you aren’t worth a mention!"

Inthe Land of Reincarnation crowd, a tall teen held a blood-colored axe. He looked really calm and did not release any aura like the rest. The feeling he gave me was like a deep calm pond. However, once he moved, he would definitely cause huge waves. Such a person was most terrifying.

"Lei Ling, your Land of Reincarnation is just too arrogant," a disciple from the Heaven and Earth Pavilion remarked in anger.

The Wind Cloud Platform disciples gritted their teeth but did not do anything else. At this moment, along with a loud thud, the Black Castle gates opened—

Weng weng weng~

The black city gate opened and the World Ender rose up. In the next moment, rows of black-armored, blood-colored, spear-wielding cavalry walked out from within. Their faces were all hidden beneath their helmets and their eyes gave out a threatening glow. Death energy swirled around them. They were the strong Death Cavalry. The one in front held a giant battle flag, which rustled in the wind, showing the White Bone Dragon image clearly.

"Oh, my god!"Dong Yuanbai, who was a little excited, smiled. "It is the left camp army led by the strong Lin Mu. I heard that the left camp had forced back the Blood Dynasty's troops over forty times.As expected from one of the two pillars of Black Castle!"

Left camp, one of the three divisions of Black Castle along with the right camp and Blood Pond. They were the true signs of Black Castle’s power. As for the five locations, we were just outside help.

"If one day I could enter the left camp, too..."Lodan clenched his fists, his eyesfilled with passion as he added, "I would follow the ancestor to kill the enemies and spread the name of Black Castle!"

I smiled, too.

"July what are you smiling at?" He stared at me.

I continued smiling. "Two Balls, you are thinking too much; you should prepare for this Qilin Mountain’strial first."

"En, you are right!" He laughed.

Dong Yuanbai held his sword and said, "Once we enter the battlefield, we should try to stick together and support one another."

"En, we should try our best!"


"Head out!"

A General-rank Cavalry held a blade and appeared in front of the Death Cavalry. The blood-colored cape behind him fluttered, but he was not the legendary left camp commander Lin Mu; instead, he was a Precious-grade Boss. I could not tell what his level was, but hisshould be much higher than mine. All the disciples followed him, and not long after, a gigantic teleportation formation appeared ahead. Everyone was going to step through this. If not, who knew how long it would take to get to Qilin Mountain?

After stepping inside, my body was separated into many streaks of light and, in the blink of an eye, reformed in another world.


A white light flashed and my vision started to clear up. What I saw was not the deathly scenes of Black Castle but rather a lush forest. It was also day time. Many Black Castle people walked out from the teleportation formation and before us was a giant camp with left camp troops guarding. A loud horn sounded in the distance.


Lodan looked into the distance and his gaze turned cold. "Let's follow!"


On a giant piece of land, a Boss-grade Black Castle general held a spear and rode a Flame Bone Horse. His entire body seemed to be in flames as he gave off a palpable aura. He was like a furnace which could explode at any moment and he looked at us with his bloodshot eyes. "Kids, you are all the elites of Black Castle; the forest is prohibited land which we call Qilin Mountain Battlefield. Soon, you will all enter it!"

The young disciples all looked at him with solemn gazes.

The general continued. "Just like us, the Blood Dynasty has sent their strongest youths over. Next will be your battle with them. Remember:Although most of us are undead, we are just humans who have cultivated the law of death. We have never forgotten the kindness that we have as humans and never fought with humans. We are just undead whom the Dimension Legion abandoned and that humans hate. We are exiled from this world, but we are strong and we will never back down!"

His words made everyone's blood boil!

The disciples all raised their weapons and shouted in rage.

The general nodded his head and added, "Blood Dynasty is a bunch of evil blood cultivators and every living being with life is seen as food by them. You must be careful and try to survive. Apart from that, after killing one of them, take their heartback as that is your spoil of war. The more hearts you collect, the higher your rank will be. Okay, go!The general will bring you into the battlefield. The moment the time limit is up, those who are alive must return quickly. For this battle, Black Castle is by your side!"

"Yes, sir!"Everyone shouted in unison and charged towardthe teleportation array in the empty land ahead. We turned into shadows, which were teleported into the Qilin Mountain Battlefield.

"July Wildfire!"

Elder Feng saw that I did not go, so he walked forwardand said with care, "You are the Wind Cloud Platform's strongest even in the five outer locations. The Blood Dynasty knows about you, so apart from killing them, you need to protect yourself. The deacon said that, even if all the Wind Cloud Platform dies, you must return alive!"

I was stunned and nodded. "Thank you for your reminder, Elder Feng; I will be careful."



I turned around and stepped into the teleportation formation. With a xiu, my body was wrapped up in light and I flew through the World Ender and fell into some place on the Qilin Mountain Battlefield.


I landed on the ground and the system notified me that my stats had increased by three times. It was the same as during the Wind Cloud Platform's trial.

I could not help but suck in a deep breath. At this moment, I was quite confident. With three times stats, my stats advantage would greatly increase.


I bent down and disappeared into the wind. As an Assassin, I had to use my advantage. If I could sneak attack, then I definitely would not fight a person head on!

A few seconds later, I sank into the darkness as a shadow flew past me. It was a disciple from the Precious Treasure Pavilion, and on his chest was a mark of it. He held a war hammer,and behind him, the leaves rustled. A dark voice echoed. "Hehe! You are too lucky. Prepare to die!"


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A person landed from above. It was a vicious-looking teen, who resembled a human. The only difference was that he was wrapped in blood. He sent out a slap. A blood-colored ball then pierced the chest of the Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple and swallowed his body. He evaporated and turned into streaks of energy, which headed towardthe teen's nose.


He sucked it all in comfortably, absorbing and refining that Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple's vital energy. The originally strong body started to shrink until it became a skeleton wrapped in skin.


The Blood Dynasty's teen slashed the head and tossed it into his storage bag. He laughed coldly. "The trial this year seems easy; the Black Castle disciples are getting weaker and weaker."


"So arrogant? Are you asking to die?"

I flew through the darkness with a smile at the corner of my face.

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