Chapter 90- Best leveling location
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Zhan Yue Chapter 90- Best leveling location

After refining the vital energy of the Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple, the aura of the Blood Dynasty teen got much stronger. Below his head was his name and an introduction of him—

Lei Shuang (Initial Spirit Astral Realm)

Level: 45

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Lei Shuang, a Blood Dynasty teen who is really talented and has deep attainments to blood cultivation.


I frowned. The system did not show his grade as Rare or Super Rare anymore; instead, it directly showed his cultivation realm. Although it seemed out of place, it became even more real. It also made me feel like I was in a real world’s trial, and if I was not careful, I would be wiped out!


Snow Moon pierced the air with a threatening cold glow. It smashed into Lei Shuang's leather armor with Annihilation's skill effect. Instantly, his health dropped by 40%. I twisted my dagger and followed it up with another basic attack plus Backstab.


Lei Shuang, who was badly hit, instantly spat out fresh blood. His fingers were wrapped in thick blood color as he formed a blade, which sliced down at his back. He shouted, "Jerk, you actually dared to sneak attack me?You’re asking to die!"


I blocked his slash with my dagger. Lei Shuang's palm pressed down like a mountain and forced me back. Along with my weapons, I stumbled back.

"Prepare to die!"

He jumped at me with his body covered in blood energy. He had an ugly looking face. "An ant dares to fight against the Blood Dynasty; you are asking to be humiliated!"

Right when he flew past, I activated White Cloak and entered my second forced stealth state. A white cloak flashed and I disappeared into the wind. I took three steps left and Lei Shuang's palm brushed past my nose. Just the wind alone caused my health to drop by 2000!

However, he was finished!

White Cloak plus Annihilation!

The strongest single target combo exploded once more. This time, there was a Critical Strike and Snow Moon gave out a cold glow, which sliced his body apart. His bones started to shatter and blood splattered all around. Blood patterns started to appear beneath his skin like that of an iron net and protective shell, but they were sliced apart by Snow Moon and completely destroyed!


He scoffed and his eyes turned empty as he knelt onthe ground. He said, "You... aren't normal. Black Castle, they... don't have such a strong Body Refining Realm disciple..."

After he said that, he fell down and was officially killed. This type of killing was permanent and such a person would not respawn ever again.


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Lei Shuang (Initial Spirit Astral Realm)! Obtained +80000 experience; contribution points +4000!


Looking at these rewards, I instantly felt my pores spread. This felt so great. After killing one Blood Race teen, I actually got so many rewards? D*mn, this place was the best for leveling and gaining contribution points!

Unfortunately, they did not drop any equipment.

I stepped forwardand opened his chest to dig out his heart with my dagger. This heart was completely red and many threads covered it. It looked like a sort of magical fruit. I did not think much and just tossed it into my bag. This was my spoil of war and the number of contribution points I got when I returned depended on this.

I heaved a sigh and my body shook as I entered Stealth once more. The moment White Cloak’s cooldown was up, I entered stealth. Maintaining my White Cloak attack state was something I did instinctively now.

Sha sha...

I walked slowly in the forest. Apart from the sound of leaves being stepped on, no one in the outside world could notice me. The forest was really dark and was located between two mountains. Right ahead, one could sense a giant beast standing between heaven and earth which shouted in rage. It seemed like it could shatter mountains and rivers and tearapart skies, but upon a closer look, it was just a mountain,the legendary Qilin Mountain where thick vengeful energy spread.

"Qilin Mountain..."

I frowned and looked at the mountain range in the distance. It was best if I did not head there in the short future. That place would be dangerous. I just had to roam around and kill people from the Blood Dynasty. After all, my goal was not to get treasure but to gain contribution points and exchange for Spiritual Ink ingredients for the needs of Ah Fei, that monstrous money making machine!

A few minutes later, there were sounds from the sky as two Blood Race teens passed by me. They stopped on the branches above me. Their blood energy was really thick and was filled with evil and violence. Although they looked handsome, they did not seem like nice people at all.


One of the Blood Dynasty teens had two heads on his waist. They were both of Black Castle disciples. He scoffed, and when he spoke, his voice was filled with disdain. "I thought that the disciples sent by Black Castle would be strong.. So they’re just so-so. They weren’t even able to do anything before they got killed. It’s so boring."

The other teen smiled. "Based on the intel that I got, Black Castle has a disciple called Ghost Axe who stepped into peak Spirit Astral Realm. As for the others, there is one known as Lei Ling who has some ability."

"Right, I heard that the top of the Wind Cloud Platform is a young expert known as July Wildfire. We need to be careful about that person, too."

"Scoff! I heard that he’s just someone at the Body Refining Realm. The reason why he continuously won is that Ghost Axe didn’t participate at all. Otherwise, he would’ve been defeated long ago."

"Since that’s the case, it doesn't matter." The Blood Race teen raised his hand and streaks of blood energy formed into a blood ball. He smiled. "Don't let me meet him;otherwise, his head would become our spoils of war, Hahaha~"


Right at that moment, footsteps came from the distance. The two Blood Dynasty teens stopped talking and retreated. They retracted their aura and talisman powers started to surge. The talismans formed a layer of yellow on their skin like that of tree bark which made them disappear.

What a strong disguise!

My eyes were about to open wide. At the same time, I looked at where the footsteps had come from. It was a Land of Reincarnation disciple who had entered this region. There were many Land of Reincarnation disciples, so I did not know this one. It was an undead teen who had just entered the Body Refining Realm and whose physical body had just grown. Death energy wrapped around him as he looked at the trees on the side. He muttered, "I heard screams from here; why did they disappear?"

He sniffed. "But.. the blood is so thick; is it a trap?"

As he said that, he raised his head and saw leaves descending from above. The moment it got close, blood spread around the leaf and a Blood Dynasty teen popped out. He held a short blade and he laughed out loud. "Some prey is here; that’s great! Hand your blood to me and let's merge into one!"


The Land of Reincarnation disciple was furious and he raised his sword to block. With a keng, he was forced back and his body smashed onto an ancient tree, but before he reacted, there was the sound of wind being broken and another Blood Dynasty teen started attacking. A sword pierced through the sky and stabbed towardhis head with a thick blood energy wrapped around it.

Was he trying to pierce through the Land of Reincarnation teen's head?

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I sucked in a deep breath and charged across. The words ‘Mid Spirit Astral Realm’ appeared behind their names. They were stronger than the person whom I had just killed, but the rewards would definitely be much higher!

Moreover, the reason why I did not attack was my job. In such a chaotic battle scene, Assassins would attack late. If we attacked right away, we would be asking for death!


The Land of Reincarnation teen was shocked; he stood stunned on the spot and did not move at all.

I was furious and jumped, smashing into the Blood Race teen before landing from above. After I hit him, I used White Cloak plus Annihilation on his stomach. A wound appeared on his stomach and blood flowed out. Even his intestines flowed out. After a groan, he stumbled right after landing.


I sidestepped behind him and my White Cloak flashed as I entered White Cloak state once more.

"July Wildfire!"

The other Blood Dynasty teen switched his targets and charged at me. He hollered, "You are mine; don't think about escaping!"

After I glanced at the two, I opened my right arm. Along with the air around being squeezed, the space around started to twist and golden runes appeared around me. There were also dragon roars in the air as I used Dragon Will. With a loud peng, I struck the two Blood Race teens at once. This was with the added effect of White Cloak plus Dragon Will. All of a sudden, a huge chunk of their health had dropped!

"You are so preposterous!"

The Blood Race teen closest to me ate both Annihilation and Dragon Will and was left with less than 40%. His stomach wounds were really serious and Dragon Will left him with many holes, but he still flew at me with his blade. Blood energy surged around him and he shouted with a vicious expression on his face, "Sacrifice your life to my blade!"

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