Chapter 91- Successive kills
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Zhan Yue Chapter 91- Successive kills


Streaks of blood energy wrapped around the sword and formed a whirlpool which surged forward. It formed into the shape of a golden dragon, which gave off thick killing intent. This Blood Race teen, who was pumped up, shouted in rage, "Look at my Blood Dragon Sword, die!"

This skill looked really strong.

I took a step back, opening up a distance before using my combo right away!


Separated by Water's three huge golden words exploded around me, and under the golden energy current from the combo, his sword skill was interrupted. This was why a combo was so strong. The instant I used it, I could interrupt a skill. Otherwise, players would not be so fervent in creating combos.

One could say that whether one had a combo or not was a differentiator between players. People with combos were higher than first-rates.

Peng peng peng~

My daggers continued to sweep and sliced away his last bit of health. After Separated by Water's five-hit combo was finished, his health reached the bottom!


His eyes shone reluctantly as he knelt on the ground with a face full of regret, "Take... revenge for me!"


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Yang (mid Spirit Astral Realm)!Obtained +1200000 experience; contribution points +6000!]



Before I could feel happy, the other Blood Race teen stabbed my chest with his sword knife. It instantly caused 6000+ damage. He also shouted in rage, "D*mn you!How is your life worth his?"

My eyes turned cold and I used my dagger to lock his knife. I said with an icy-cold gaze, "Why not? I know that before life, everyone is equal!"

I attacked while that person was looking stunned. I used Gouge plus Backstab and also activated Blood Drawing Blade to clashwith him head on.

Pu pu pu~

Chest, arm, and stomach were all hit by his short knife, and many terrifying wounds were left. What was worse was the blood energy left in the wounds, which reduced my health potion effects by 50%. The lifesteal effect of Blood Drawing Blade was also greatly reduced. Right, Blood Dynasty was really hard to handle!

However, the moment White Cloak was off cooldown, the battle ended, too. I used White Cloak plus Annihilation to end the battle!


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Di (mid Spirit Astral Realm)!Obtained +120000 experience and +6000 contribution points!



A streak of golden light descended from above and I rose to level 42. However, streaks of blood energy wrapped around my body and my health did not return to full. I only reached 50% health.

"July Wildfire..."

The Land of Reincarnation teen looked at me from behind a tree as I ended the battle. Only then did he walk out. He looked at the corpses on the ground and asked, "These two corpses, should we... split them?"

"Why should we?"

I frowned and knelt beside a corpse and started to dig his heart out. The evil magic fruit I got this time looked different; it was larger and filled with much thicker blood energy. At this moment, the Land of Reincarnation disciple said fiercely, "Isn't it bad good for you to swallow it all yourself?"

I laughed. "I don't know whether it’s good or not, but I like it. So what if I swallow it all myself? I finished these two alone; did you help or not. If it were not for me, your head would be hanging on his waist. To think you’re talking to me about swallowing it all for myself?"

I said with a deep smile, "Do you think that because I am injured, you have a chance to kill me and take away their hearts? Let me tell you something:Don't be naive.

"Not to mention how this is a small injury, even if I was badly injured you aren't my match."


He gritted his teeth. "Since that is the case, take care of yourself!"

He turned around while I collected the third evil magic fruit. Now my bag started to feel a little heavy, this was the feeling of a harvest!


I entered Stealth once more and continued to toss potions into my mouth. As time passed, my healthbar reached full and I was safe once again!

I did not use Soul Star Explosion during the two battles. It was not because I did not want to use it, but there was no need to. When there were too few enemies, it was best to just fight in my normal form. That could train my fighting skills. At this point, my attitude towardIllusionary Moon had totally changed. I could sense that one could not look at this game like a normal game. There was a huge secret within for people to discover.


I held my dagger and ventured into the endless forest. This forest was too deep and there were tall trees reaching to the skies everywhere. A thick layer of leaves could be found on the ground and bushes on the sides. Who knew what was up with Lodan and Dong Yuanbai? I also did not know how my Wind Cloud Platform junior brothers and sisters were faring. This map was huge and it was hard to meet someone.

However, when I moved forward, I noticed a bunch of people in a standstill in the land ahead.

They were people from the Blood Dynasty; eight of them had bodies wrapped in blood energy. They were around mid to initial Spirit Astral Realm. Body Refining Realm noobs like me were not worth comparing to them at all.

The Blood Race teens were surrounding disciples from the Land of Reincarnation. There were four of them, with one being familiar; it was the person I had saved who wanted to kill me.

This time, I definitely would not help!

I rested on a tree and looked at the empty land lazily. After all, these Land of Reincarnation disciples were just NPCs. Land of Reincarnation had wanted to kill me for so many days, so there was no need for me to benice to them.

Why not let them die and I would clean up after?


"Are you planning on pitting against a few with your numbers?" a Land of Reincarnation said coldly.

"So what?"

An arrogant Blood Dynasty teen smiled. "Since you have the balls to enter Qilin Mountain Battlefield, then you should be prepared to get killed, but you are too unlucky, for you don't know who you are facing!"


The Land of Reincarnation's disciple gritted his teeth. "If Senior Brother Ghost Axe or Lei Ling were here, how would all of you dare to be arrogant?"

"Ghost Axe, Lei Ling?"A Blood Race teen laughed out loud. "So what if they are here? I will still destroy them. Allow me to be direct; Black Castle is different from before. You should just be nice and become our territory, for that’s what all of you will end up becoming one day."

"Scoff!Stop the nonsense. Attack and end the battle quickly!"Another Blood Dynasty teen hollered and attacked. Blood energy wrapped around his claws and he descended from above like an eagle trying to capture a rabbit. He attacked one of the weaker guys.

The other Blood Race teens attacked, too. They were fighting two against one. Blood Cultivator's evil aura spread in the forest and caused many storms. In the blink of an eye, four Land of Reincarnation teens fell to the ground. Before they even died totally, their opponents started absorbing and refining their life force. Streaks of energy were sucked into their noses while the Land of Reincarnation teens started to tremble.

If such scenes were recorded and played, no one would believe that this was Illusionary Moon. One would think that this was a movie, instead.


I sucked in a deep breath. A teen who was absorbing and refining energy trembled and a mark between his brows started to spin. Power exploded from his body and an invisible force lifted him inthe air. He laughed out loud. "Great, I have broken through!"

"Hahaha!Congratulations,cousin; you are late Spirit Astral Realm now!"

"Yes, that is great; I feel filled with energy, I really enjoy this feeling!"

While they were enjoying things, I appeared behind them. I sought an angle for Dragon Will to cover most of them. I sucked in a deep breath and activated Spiritual Ruins skill, Soul Star Explosion!


In an instant, a saintly aura exploded from the Spiritual Ruins and turned into rumbling strength, which filled my body, increasing all my stats by five times for 120 seconds!

‘Dragon Will!’

I slapped into the air and the god dragon roar broke out in space. Golden runes fell like raindrops and this palm turned into the shape of the dragon, sweeping everyone ahead with terrifying damage numbers!






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200% true damage along with 300% Dragon Will damage and also my five times stats. This palm looked like it could destroy heaven and earth.

In an instant, four people were insta-killed. Under the attacks of Dragon Will, their bodies were shattered and only the late Spirit Astral Realm disciple had a bit of health left. He was tanky but so what?Death for him was just a matter of time.

A series of bells rang in my ears, but I had no time to care as I pounced forward!

Time for the massacre!

"Oh, my god..."A Blood Dynasty teen, who escaped Dragon Will, was shocked. "I-It... is July Wildfire, Wind Cloud Platform's number one! This kid is just in the Body Refining Realm; how does he have such terrifying strength?"

"Who cares? Just kill him!"


A bunch of teens pounced on me, but I already activated Quickness. Five times of stats was just too strong and I flashed past them like lightning. I used Gouge plus Annihilation and killed the teen who had just reached the late Spirit Astral Realm—


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Jin Hai (late Spirit Astral Realm)!You have obtained 180000 experience and +9000 Contribution points!]


That felt too good!

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