Chapter 92- Young Chief, so amazing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 92- Young Chief, so amazing

"D*mn you, jerk!"

Behind me, three Blood Dynasty teens charged over. They used a sword, a spear, and a dagger and all came from three different directions.

However, I, who had five times my stats, did not fear anything!


My left dagger blocked a teen's sword, and at the same time, I charged to shoulder-tackle the stomach of the spear-wielding teen. This tackle took away 18% of his health. At this point, one could imagine how terrifying my attack was. Right when the third teen stabbed his knife at my back, I sidestepped and arrived behind him at unimaginable speeds. I raised both daggers up and used a basic attack, Backstab, and basic attack on him!

Pu pu pu~

Blood splattered. It was as if I was not using Snow Moon and Blade of the Beastrider but was using the Dragonslayer Blade and the Heaven Sword, instead. That was so vicious. Three strikes and half of his health was gone. I used Hunter's Edge and he was insta-killed. All that was left were two ashen white faced teens.

"Not good!We can't fight this person; let's go!"

They turned around and left, but how could I let themdo so? I killed them both with a few hits. All of a sudden, my experience bar filled up and so did my contribution points. This battle felt great. As long as I could return to the camp alone, I would probably be the one who did the most. What Ghost Axe, what Lei Ling?They were scum in my eyes!


I collected my kills’ hearts one by one. To prevent players from finding it cruel, when I confirmed that I were to dig them out, the progress bar would fill up and then a red, evil magic fruit would appear in my hands. One must say that the heart of the late Spirit Astral Realm teen was bigger than the others; it was so round like a beachball.

I placed all of them into my bag.

I activated White Cloak and disappeared into the wind once more.

Sha sha...

The forest was silent and only a cold breeze blew across. The rustling sound of leaves made one feel at peace. Right as I passed this forest, a swamp greeted my sight. Not far away, many corpses lay on the ground. They were all of Black Castle disciples, and two of them were from the Wind Cloud Platform. Their heads were sliced off and blood steadily flowed into the swamp.

"Who is so vicious?"

I slowly walked in the swamp. There were twenty-one corpses here. Just this alone meant that Black Castle had suffered heavy losses this time. Only a few hundred of us entered Qilin Mountain Battlefield yet we already lost twenty-one here. That was too intense!

There were no traces of battles here; this person crushed all of them?

I continued onward as I tried finding tracks of the person while still keeping my Stealth mode.

Not long after, a bunch of people appeared in front of me. They were from Heaven and Earth Pavilion; there were a total of five of them carefully scouting the area. One held an inscribed sword and gritted his teeth. "Three Heaven and Earth Pavilion disciples were killed in the east. D*mn! That Blood Dynasty person comes and goes like a shadow.D*mn him!"

"Be careful."

Another undead teen frowned. "A Blood Dynasty expert is hidden here. I heard that he is at max Spirit Astral Realm and he comes without a trace. The cruel sight on the battlefield was his handiwork."

"I understand."

Right at that moment, my heart trembled. A ripple spread from the Spiritual Ruins in my body as I suddenly felt some danger. That person was nearby.

Moreover, this person was also an Assassin.

I had to hide myself!

I moved forwardslowly and immersed my body in the swamp water. I hid in the water but was still invisible. If one did not observe carefully, they would not find me. At the same time, I looked in front. Fortunately, I was in-game.Otherwise, this would be too difficult in real life.



Suddenly, I felt a cold breeze in my heart. The shadow appeared behind the few Heaven and Earth Pavilion disciples and with a puchi, the chest of one disciple was pierced through. The weapon was a blood red crescent blade which looked like a dagger. One Heaven and Earth Pavilion was killed just like that!


The other disciples turned around and charged while waving their weapons.

I saw him clearly. The attacker was a really handsome Blood Dynasty teen. He wore a really noble red war shirt and his demeanour was one of viciousness. He licked the blood off his lips and laughed coldl. "A bunch of ants, what can you do?!"

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At this moment, I squinted my eyes and read his stats—

Feng Cheng (Max Spirit Astral Realm)

Level: 45

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Feng Cheng, this Blood Dynasty’s Wind Country Chief's son is extremely talented and among the top experts in the younger generation of that country. This person is extremely cruel and one must avoid him.


"Chief's son?! Prince?"

I really wanted to charge out to help the Heaven and Earth Pavilion disciples; after all, the deacon, Senior Uncle Lin Fengnian, had treated me quite well. However, I suppressed myself. This Feng Cheng was not something that those noobs before could compare to. I must hold it in and wait for the real chance.


The second Heaven and Earth Pavilion disciple was beheaded. Very quickly, a disciple was kicked into the water. In the next second, Feng Cheng's body which was wrapped in a red energy current dove into the water with his daggers to kill the disciple who fell in!

At that moment, I finally attacked!

Soul Star Explosion!

White Cloak plus Annihilation!


Snow Moon turned into a cold light, stabbing right into his heart.Instantly, Annihilation's effect wrapped around it and corroded his wound!


Feng Cheng was shocked. Blood energy surged. He was actually resisting Annihilation's effect;he really was amazing!


I didn't say a word and the left dagger swept across. I tried to use Gouge to stun Feng Cheng.

I turned around and used a basic attack plus Backstab. After I finished this combo, I retreated right away.

"You are asking for death!"

This prince was enraged. Blood energy surged into the sky and he turned around to attack me. With a series of keng, he broke through my block.Although I had five times my stats, I was still being suppressed.My chest and stomach was hit twice by him!



He was just too strong? Fortunately, I had five times stats.Otherwise, this attack alone would have killed me.


His third attack came. His dagger, which was covered in blood energy, was like a poisonous viper as it headed for me.

I could not wait anymore!

I gritted my teeth and used White Cloak plus Annihilation once more!


That word appeared as I successfully dodged his strike with White Cloak. Annihilation pierced through his chest and took away another large chunk of his health, but he still had over 50% health. This fellow was not only cruel, he was tanky, too!

"Senior Brother July Wildfire!" the remaining Heaven and Earth Pavilion teen shouted. "Let us help you!"

"Retreat!Don't come over and die!"I shouted and activated Blood Drawing Blade. I used Hunter's Edge on Feng Cheng to reduce the health deficit. His attacks became even stronger; he opened his palm and laughed coldly. "Taste the Blood Storm!"


This palm caused a storm which was filled with endless blood energy!

I turned around and the dagger in my right hand disappeared. I opened my palm and an explosion sounded in the air. Golden runes appeared around me and I used Dragon Will to face him once more!


The two palm strikes smacked one another and we both retreated!

I had less than 40$ health left, and so did he. Once could say that this Feng Cheng was just too sick; he could actually fight me with five times stats to an equal level? He was an overpowered monster in those xuanhuan novels!

"You... the legendary July Wildfire!"

Blood seeped from the corner of his lips as he smiled viciously. "You can sweep the young generation of Black Castle, but when you meet me, you will only end up dead! Bring it on; let me show you true power!"

As he said that, he tossed his daggers into the air and spread his arms. Blood energy controlled the daggers like chains and instantly they turned into two sharp blades. He roared, "Look at myTwin Dragons out of the Ocean!"

I looked carefully.There was nothing to hesitate now; I had to go all out!

"Senior Brother July Wildfire, be careful!"

The other Heaven and Earth Pavilion teens had their hearts up to their throats.


I activated Quickness and charged in front of Feng Cheng to use my combo!


The energy current from Separated by Water shattered the attack which was forming in mid-air. The combo exploded and knocked him up into the air. I charged ahead and did a combined dagger attack, forcing him back and stunning him. I then pounced on and used Annihilation once more, which had just come off cooldown!


Feng Cheng's chest armor was split open and one could see his white bones. This was a heavy injury!


He gritted his teeth and punched my shoulder. Blood energy smacked me like a hammer and took away 30% of my health. I was actually left with 10% while Feng Cheng was left with a bit!

"Tsk tsk tsk... You will still die in the end!"

Feng Cheng laughed out loud in despair and charged into the air. A few green balls appeared in his hands as he tossed them down. He laughed arrogantly. "Turn into dust, you d*mn fellow! Taste my race's Wind Soul Pearl!"


"Wind Soul Pearl?"

I panicked and had no time to consider at all. I opened my hand and summoned my treasure to block—

Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!

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