Chapter 93- Artifact upgrade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 93- Artifact upgrade


An extremely beautiful drawing opened up. Four Oceans Eight Wastelands, everything appeared in front of our eyes. The drawing was like an entire world and the energy within looked like it could take in all things. The scroll spun and wrapped around me to absorb all damage. Feng Cheng's Wind Soul Pearlalso ended up in the scroll, like a dirt cow entering the ocean. There was neither the sound nor the expected explosion at all.


Feng Cheng stopped in mid air and his mouth twitched. His face turned more and more ugly. "How is that possible? What artifact is it that can actually absorb the power of the Wind Soul Pearl? Kid, you must die today. A Body Refining Realm dares to challenge me? I have anincorruptible body, I am one of the rare geniuses in the Blood Dynasty, so I can see through heaven and earth. I am not somebody you can rival.You—"

My lips curled up into a smile. "No matter how much you brag, I will still kill you today!"


I stepped heavily on the ground and flew in the air. My daggers spun like sharp blades and pierced his neck, chest, stomach, and other vital areas. Many wounds appeared on his body and his blood splattered. A series of lethal damages took away his last bit of health!


He moaned and spat out a mouthful of blood. His body started to shrink and his hands started to scratch randomly like claws. "No, I can't accept this... I am the young master of Wind Country; how can I be defeated by you?"


A loud explosion as the energy in his body exploded, sending his corpse into many pieces. A giant red heart landed in front of me which was burning brightly. It looked really amazing; the heart of a max Spirit Astral Realm was really different!


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Cheng (max Spirit Astral Realm)!Obtained experience +240000; contribution points +12000!]


A bell rang in my ears and I felt great. I picked up the heart and tossed it into my bag. This was a huge win; my kills were definitely the most in Black Castle. I also killed someone at max Spirit Astral Realm; this was a huge win!

"Senior Brother July Wildfire!"

On the side, the few remaining Heaven and Earth Pavilion disciples surrounded me. One of them cupped his fists. "Thank youfor helping; without you, we would all definitely die!"

"No worries; it is what I should do."I smiled. "Leave quickly; this person has an amazing background. Now that he has died, the Blood Dynasty will pay close attention to this and it will be dangerous."

"I understand."He nodded. "Senior brother, you must be careful, too. We heard that the Blood Dynasty had sent many experts.They are at least four to five times our number. We were conned by the Blood Dynasty; they didn't follow the set number."

"No wonder..."

I frowned. "All of you, leave; this place isn’t safe. I am used to being alone, so I won't follow you."

"Okay!"The undead nodded their heads respectfully and their attitudes towardme had changed greatly. Probably after this battle, my reputation in the Heaven and Earth Pavilion would soar.

After sending them away and as I was collecting the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, I noticed a buzzing sound. Moreover, a golden light shone and started to ripple on the scroll like it was dispelling something. I opened it and three green pearls fell out of the scroll.

"W-Wind...Soul Pearl?"

I was tongue-tied. Wasthis not the treasure that Feng Cheng had just used? It was not swallowed by the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map but rather eaten? Now, it spat it out? D*mn, there was such a good thing?

I picked it up and the stats instantly appeared in my eyes, which sped my heartbeat up—

Wind Soul Pearl (Precious Treasure grade): Hidden weapon.Uses wind elementsto deal high damage.Remaining use: 1.


The three pearls were the same, purple grade hidden weapons that could only be used once. It seemed like Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map had swallowed Feng Cheng's attack and it was even able to swallow it before Wind Soul Pearl could explode. This Feng Cheng really died a terrible death. In truth, without the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, I would definitely die.

I sucked in a deep breath and placed the Wind Soul Pearl at the most accessible slot in my bag. From now on, these three pearls became my killing weapon!


White Cloak flashed as I used it. I disappeared into the swamp and retreated several meters. I just looked at Feng Cheng's shattered corpse. Right, I was guarding the body. Others were afraid of the Blood Dynasty, but I was not.

As expected, five minutes later, two streaks of light flashed across. Two teens wearing blood-colored capes appeared in the swamp. They sensed Feng Cheng's aura and came to the scene of the crime. They were both at late Spirit Astral Realm and really young.

"Oh, my god..."

One of them bent down and picked up a broken arm. His face turned ashen white. "The arm has the Wind Spirit's legacy mark; it is the prince..."

"What?!"The other person shuddered. "The prince is... actually killed? Who?"

"A thick death energy is left here; it is definitely someone from Black Castle."

"D*mn, Black Castle's dogs, they actually dared to harm my Wind Country's prince!D*mn... so annoying; I will kill all the undead in Qilin Mountain so that all of them will truly die!"

"Let's pack the prince's bones first..." The other person picked up the remaining body parts while saying this with a sharp gaze. "There are a bunch of cultivators in the east. We shall charge there and not show mercy. We will shatter all their bodies!"


Right at that moment, I launched my attack. Without using Soul Star Explosion, I used White Cloak, Attack, and Backstab on one of them while using White Cloak plus Dragon Will to cover the two. Under Dragon Will's attacks, the first person was brought to low health.

"Animal, so it was you!"

He turned around but it was too late. I sidestepped and waved my daggers on his face. When the other person tried to slap me, I used my combo.

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Separated by Water!

A golden energy current surged forwardand interrupted his slap. The dense attackinsta-killed the first person. I then pounced on and used Gouge to stun the other. By following it up with Quickness, I fled.

"Animal, stand still and die!"

Behind me, I could hear the sound of wind. That person was wrapped in thick blood energy. A late Spirit Astral Realm NPC was indeed strong. The pressure from such a person made me feel like a 140-pound me was fighting a 200-pound person. I was crushed by the weight.

However, that did not matter; in terms of mechanics and skills, I had the advantage!

While I moved quickly, I waited for my energy to fill up before I turned around to fight. I activated White Cloak and entered a stealth state to avoid his strong palm wind with the two seconds of undamageable state. My dagger was filled with the effects of Annihilation as I slashed his throat. I then leaped up and launched a basic-attack-Backstab-basic-attack combo from behind him to reduce his health.

To him, this was a life-and-death battle, but to me, with my Boss stats, this was just training. As long as I moved adequately, there were not any dangers facing such an opponent.


When I used Gouge once more, Snow Moon turned into a cold light, which sliced his throat. Fresh blood splattered and his last bit of health was taken away. He choked and fell to the ground.


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Ke (late Spirit Astral Realm)!Obtained experience +180000; contribution points +9000!]


[System notification: Congratulations!Your treasure, Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, has reached level 3!]


Level 3 treasure?

I was surprised.It had eaten so much of my experience and finally leveled? I looked closely, and as expected, it had really turned into a level 3 treasure. It could now help me absorb two attacks. Tsk tsk.That was amazing. In a battle of experts, to block one skill could give one an advantage, but it was hard to turn around the gap between one and a true expert. However, with two times, one could choose to block two of the expert's ultimates. This meant that there would be no fight at all.

I was delighted. The Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was becoming stronger and stronger!

Stop thinking and pack up.

Very quickly, two shining late Spirit Astral Realm Blood Dynasty hearts appeared in my hands, one in each. Carrying these two evil demon fruits, I was filled with joy at the harvest. Iinstantly felt like I was a lot humbler and kinder as I stood beneath the setting sun.

Pa ta!

I tossed the heart into my bag and entered Stealth once more. I continued to guard. There should be more people coming.

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