Chapter 94- Treasure descends
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Zhan Yue Chapter 94- Treasure descends

Sha sha...

Roughly ten minutes later, this part of the map known as Blazing Sun Swamp welcomed another batch of visitors. This time, it was a bunch of aggressive-looking Blood Dynasty teens. There were roughly twenty-plus of them. They were dressed in red attires and their hair was tied up, making them look scholarly. However, their eyes were filled with violence.

Blood Dynasty's Blood Race did all look handsome but that could not change the bloodthirst and violence in their bones.

The names on their heads started with the word ‘Hai' and they were from the Ocean nation, which formed one of the twenty-nine countries in the Blood Dynasty. They used blood energy to fly, stopping beside Feng Cheng and the other two Wind Country members' corpses. Their eyes were filled with shock. One of them said solemnly, "I recognized him; he was Feng Cheng, the prince of Wind Country. Wind Country had high hopes on him.A max Spirit Astral Realm person, how did he... He was actually killed in such a place?"


The other person walked forward. "Feng Cheng was arrogant and never respected anyone else. He even mocked the youngsters of Ocean. Now that he’s dead and even beheaded, he really received karma. Come, let's refine his vital energy; his bloodline... is quite amazing!"

"Okay, come on!"

The group of them opened their arms and greedily absorbed the invisible blood energy covering the ground. Not long after, Feng Cheng and the other two teens' corpses started to shrink. Their blood energy turned into red threads which were absorbed by the bunch of Blood Race teens and refined. The bunch of them were really focused, afraid that they would missout on any. It was as if Feng Cheng's corpse was something really good to them.

"Aren't they just a bunch of vampires?"

I frowned. After totally disagreeing with their cultivation method, I headed forward. How could I miss this great chance? Under the effect of White Cloak, I found a perfect angle and used Soul Star Explosion! I spread my right arm and grabbed streaks of golden energy from the air. Runes rained down and I used White Cloak plus Dragon Will to crush the crowd!


A loud explosion ensued. The teens, who were all focused on refining Feng Cheng's vital energy, were caught off guard. Ten of the weaker ones were instantly killed. I jumped across and used Hunter's Edge to kill three more. I then used White Cloak again to flee and was instantly tens of meters away from them.


"What!"A Blood Race teen panicked. "It is Seven... July Wildfire? The kid who suddenly got a face for being the Wind Cloud Platform's first?"

"It’s him..."Another teen gritted his teeth. "He is an Assassin.Maybe Feng Cheng was killed by him!"

"What should we do? What should we do now?"

The other people stopped refining the blood energy as this was too dangerous to them.

"All of you, calm down!"One of them gritted his teeth. "We are in the light and he is in the dark; we can't stay here, so let's go quickly!"

"What about the corpses?"

"Don't care about them and leave!"


They left the fifteen bodies and disappeared from the swamp.

After a minute, once White Cloak was off cooldown, I walked out. I removed the blood hearts of all the Blood Race teens. These were my spoils of war and I would not waste them.


After another short while, this time, it was not people from Blood Dynasty but rather a Wind Cloud Platform disciple. I walked out from the air and said, "Junior brother, what is the rush?"


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The small skeleton turned and looked at me. His eye sockets were empty before there was a flash of light. "So it is Senior Brother July; why are you here?"

"It is a long story;where are you going?" I asked.

He gritted his teeth, causing his two rows of teeth to creak. "There are problems in Lion Blood Forest; I heard that many Wind Cloud Platform senior and junior brothers are trapped there. The Blood Dynasty is charging over, too. They’re fighting for a treasure that has just appeared."

"Treasure?"I was stunned.

"En.Will you go with me, senior brother?"

"En, you head over first. We shall split up; be careful."

"I know. Senior brother has to be careful, too!"

He held his bone sword and dashed over. I looked at his backand felt pity for him. With his strength and level, he would just be cannon fodder. However, I could not change anything. This was the game settings and there was nothing I could do.

I sucked in a deep breath and entered White Cloak state once more. I opened the map, and at the east of Qilin Mountain Battlefield was a place known as Lion Blood Forest. It looked totally red; I dashed over. Who knew?Maybe Two Balls and Little Scum were there, too. I could not let those two be in trouble; I was their big brother.


Lion Blood Forest.

Many twisted old treeslooked really weird here. The trees, be they Maple or Pine, were all blood red. The entire map looked like a roaring lion; this was probably how it got its name.

While in Stealth, I observed everything in Lion Blood Forest.

I could hear the footsteps on the path and many Blood Dynasty teens flew across; others were disciples from the five locations who had all charged to the center of Lion Blood Forest. Above that area, a flame surged into the sky and turned into that of a male lion. Was that the sign of a treasure?

Who knew whether it was good or not? I should just head over to take a look!

Five minutes later, I ventured deep into Lion Blood Forest.

Above the forest, Blood Dynasty people were present. In the middle were close to a hundred Black Castle disciples. The ratio was 4:1 and we were at a disadvantage.

In the crowd, I heard a lion roar and a familiar person jumped up to rip the chest of a Blood Race teen. It was the Purgatory Lion's heir, Lodan! Beside Lodan, the inscription sword holding Dong Yuanbai stabbed another Blood Race teen's throat. He slapped forwardand a powerful palm forced three more of them back.

Wind Cloud Palm, Master Ding Heng's special skill. However, it seemed like Little Scum was far from being well-trained in it.

On the other side, a Black Castle teen was wrapped up in blood energy as death laws circled his war axe. He charged out and sliced the air. With a giant explosion, he sliced three Blood Race teens into pieces. He laughed out loud. "The Blood Dynasty's young generation is so weak. Are there any stronger ones?"

Ghost Axe, the Land of Reincarnation's strongest disciple, max Spirit Astral Realm. He did have some skill, for his aura was far above mine.


Ghost Axe turned around and his eyes were filled with cold intent. "Bring your Wind Cloud Platform disciples to the south. I am only protecting my Land of Reincarnation disciples; what does your Wind Cloud Platform have to do with me?"

"Ghost Axe, you..." Dong Yuanbai was furious.

Lodan gritted his teeth. "I am fighting, too; what nonsense are you saying?"

"Scoff.Your battle, can you change the situation? Trash?" Ghost Axe provoked.

"Do you want to fight with me?"

Two Balls was an emotional person and hated this. Once he got furious, he would fight to the death.

"All of you, calm down."

In the frontline, Lei Ling, whose hand was wrapped up in sizzling lighting, said calmly, "In front of an enemy, we shouldn't be fighting with one another. Many Black Castle disciples died and the treasure is about to descend. If we defend it, it will belong to Black Castle!"

At that moment, a weird voice rang out—

"Just you, and you want to obtain the Lion Blood Forest's treasure?"

That person walked out slowly. It was a teen covered in a golden cape and looked really handsome. He had long hair, which reached past his shoulder, and was smiling sinisterly. "There were two hundred of you before, but fewer than a hundred now. To me, why don’t you all surrender? Be our slaves and maybe you will have a way out!"

I turned around and looked at this person's stats—

Jin Gang (Max Spirit Astral Realm)

Level: 45

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Jin Gang, one of the top geniuses of Blood Dynasty’s Jin Country.Extremely talented, he is among that country’s younger generation’s top experts. He is a vicious person, and if one meets him, one has to avoid him.


Another genius?

I frowned.This was interesting.

Behind Jin Gang followed another Jin surnamed teen. I checked the details. Jin Country, Wind Country, and Ocean Countrywere three of the few stronger ones out of the twenty-nine countries. As such, they were so eye-catching. This was not a problemto me, though, for they were just experience and contribution points.


At that moment, behind them, a golden light surged into the sky and resonated with the lion in the air. The ground was shaking and anyone could see that the treasure was about to descend!

"The treasure is about to appear?"

Ghost Axe said, "All Land of Reincarnation disciples, stop the battle and prepare to fight for the treasure! As long as we get it, it doesn't matter how many people we lose!"

"Yes, Senior Brother Ghost Axe!"

Everyone was tempted and ready to go.

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