Chapter 95- Golden Lion Feather
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Zhan Yue Chapter 95- Golden Lion Feather

Dong dong~

My helmet was tapped and Ah Fei's voice reached my ears. "Ah Li, you haven't made a single sound this afternoon; what is going on? Are things going smoothly?"

"Still okay."I smiled. "I entered a trial; I am trying to snatch a treasure!"

"Snatch a treasure?"

He laughed out loud. "D*mn.Your storyline is so interesting, unlike mine where I just study inscriptions every day; it is just so dry."

"The difference is that mine is like China's football and yours is a research organization. You should feel proud."

"That makes sense.Hahaha! I shall go pee and then let’s eat dinner."

"Let's talk about it later; I am still busy."




In-game, there was a furious roar from above. It was as if the golden lion gave out a shockwave; it surged into the crowd and caused the people to sway left and right.

"There is our chance!"Jin Gang shouted in rage as he clenched his fists. Balls of blood energy spun about and charged at the Wind Cloud Platform crowd. He shouted in anger, "Kill them all first. All Blood Dynasty people, our time to kill is here!"


Two Wind Cloud Platform disciples charged forward. Jin Gang punched them one after another and their bodies exploded. His attack strength was just too terrifying!

"Stop him!" Lodan shouted in anger. Purgatory Lionbloodline energy surged in his body. He was like an ancient lion as hesent a slap to Jin Gang.

"You?"Jin Gang's soft voice rang up and his lips curled up. He then summoned a blood-colored whirlpool which interrupted Lodanbloodline power. Fresh blood splattered.This palm was just too strong!

"Wind Cloud Palm!"Little Scum sent out a slap, too.

"Just the same.You, too, will lose!"

Wind Cloud Palm broke as their palms clashed.Their strengths were just not on the same level.

Right at that moment, I appeared in front of Dong Yuanbai. After using Soul Star Explosion, I slashed and used Annihilation on Jin Gang's palm. Snow Moon slashed the blood energy shield on his chest and left a bone-deep wound. This strike took away 19% of his Health. This person was

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