Chapter 95- Golden Lion Feather
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Zhan Yue Chapter 95- Golden Lion Feather

Dong dong~

My helmet was tapped and Ah Fei's voice reached my ears. "Ah Li, you haven't made a single sound this afternoon; what is going on? Are things going smoothly?"

"Still okay."I smiled. "I entered a trial; I am trying to snatch a treasure!"

"Snatch a treasure?"

He laughed out loud. "D*mn.Your storyline is so interesting, unlike mine where I just study inscriptions every day; it is just so dry."

"The difference is that mine is like China's football and yours is a research organization. You should feel proud."

"That makes sense.Hahaha! I shall go pee and then let’s eat dinner."

"Let's talk about it later; I am still busy."




In-game, there was a furious roar from above. It was as if the golden lion gave out a shockwave; it surged into the crowd and caused the people to sway left and right.

"There is our chance!"Jin Gang shouted in rage as he clenched his fists. Balls of blood energy spun about and charged at the Wind Cloud Platform crowd. He shouted in anger, "Kill them all first. All Blood Dynasty people, our time to kill is here!"


Two Wind Cloud Platform disciples charged forward. Jin Gang punched them one after another and their bodies exploded. His attack strength was just too terrifying!

"Stop him!" Lodan shouted in anger. Purgatory Lionbloodline energy surged in his body. He was like an ancient lion as hesent a slap to Jin Gang.

"You?"Jin Gang's soft voice rang up and his lips curled up. He then summoned a blood-colored whirlpool which interrupted Lodanbloodline power. Fresh blood splattered.This palm was just too strong!

"Wind Cloud Palm!"Little Scum sent out a slap, too.

"Just the same.You, too, will lose!"

Wind Cloud Palm broke as their palms clashed.Their strengths were just not on the same level.

Right at that moment, I appeared in front of Dong Yuanbai. After using Soul Star Explosion, I slashed and used Annihilation on Jin Gang's palm. Snow Moon slashed the blood energy shield on his chest and left a bone-deep wound. This strike took away 19% of his Health. This person was even stronger than Feng Cheng!


Jin Gang was startled by my sudden appearance. He had a vicious smile on his face. "July Wildfire, youfinally appeared, so die as well!"

A blazing aura shot at me. If I took this slap head on, I would lose at least half of my health!

However, could I take it? No, I was not stupid. Gouge!

My dagger shook and the palm strength he was gathering disappeared. It was interrupted by Gouge's stun effect.

"July!"In the crowd, the injured Purgatory Lion Lodan laughed out loud. "You’re finally here!"

Dong Yuanbai was happy, too. "Senior brother!"

The Wind Cloud Platform saw their saving grace. "Senior Brother July!"

I nodded and looked at Jin Gang. Next was going to be a fight to the death, right?


However, at that moment, the roar of a giant beast came from the sky. It felt like the sky was collapsing as a giant lion descended from above. Steaks of flames surged in the crowd, causing the Blood Dynasty and Black Castle people to be blown away!

In the crowd, only those with higher levels of cultivation remained. Among them were Jin Gang, Ghost Axe, Lodan, and me.

Hong hong hong~

It stood in front of us,a ten-meter-tall golden lion, whose body was wrapped up in flames. It resonated with the dao and a really threatening aura rippled outward.

It repelled everything and even forced us to shake. We could not stand still at all.

"Ah ah ah..."

Lodan used the power in his body to step forward. He shouted, "Hold on; the treasure has already appeared!"


A golden storm swept forth. It was not easy to stand still, but the four of us all held on and slowly walked to the center of the storm.

An intense pain spread from all around. My daggers hung low and I used the power in my body to fight against the outside world. I could not even imagine what was going on. I was ingame, but my body's natural reaction was to use my qi to fight against the outside world. All of a sudden, it felt like my body was a furnace. I stepped closer and closer to the golden lion. That place was an eye-catching golden light and nothing could be seen. However, there was definitely a huge treasure; if not, there would not be such a huge commotion.

Not far from me, Ghost Axe held his war axe as death energy swirled around him. Streaks of purple light flashed in his eyes and he rotated the power of laws to stabilize himself. This pride of the Land of Reincarnation was actually quite strong.

On the other side was Jin Gang. His aura was the strongest. Blood energy wrapped around him to form a pillar, which sent him the furthest ahead. Maybe he had the highest chance of getting the treasure.


Suddenly, there was a loud shout. Ghost Axe attacked Lodan and slashed his shoulder. Blood splattered and Lodan was injured. He flew out and was tossed by the golden storm. This strike was enough to cause heavy injuries to him!

"Two Balls!"

I turned to look and confirmed that Dong Yuanbai had saved him. I then stared at Ghost Axe. "D*mn you; what is the meaning of that?"

Ghost Axe frowned. "Scoff!Weak blood beast, he is worse than a dog.How could he stand by my side? July Wildfire, you’d better be careful as you are next!"

"Is that so?"I laughed coldly and focused. I used all my energy to deal with the suppression. The Spiritual Ruins in my body started to buzz and an unimaginable power swept my body. Instantly, I felt much more relaxed and I charged up, getting really close to Ghost Axe.

"You..."His eyes were filled with shock. "A Body Refining Realm can actually reach this stage; what a surprise! Still... you have no chance, so scram!"

His war axe shone purple as streaks of spirits wrapped around the sharp blade. He hacked at my head.

Such a situation was expected.

Combo, activate!

Separated by Water!

A golden energy current surged and pushed Ghost Axe away. At the same time, I attacked with my daggers and knocked him up. At that moment, I gave up on the fifth attack. I just let him hang in the air, for the golden storm to toss his body out!

"July Wildfire, you’re despicable!"

Ghost Axe's howl spread in the wind.

I said calmly, "Who is the despicable one?You really are shameless..."

I stabilized myself and continued walking forward.

At this moment, Jin Gang was just five steps away from the golden lion while I was at least ten steps away. He laughed coldly. "Give up.You are much weaker. You don't have the rights to this treasure.Hahaha~"

"Is that so?"

I did not believe him and used all the power in my body to face the storm. At that moment, my body felt warm as if every cell of mine was pumped up. The Spiritual Ruins in my body, including the twenty stars, seemed to be resonating with the changes in my body.


There was an explosion, and something in my body seemed to breaklike an eggshell!


[System notification: Congratulations!You have stepped into the initial Spirit Astral Realm, obtaining passive effect <Spirit Astral Power>!]


A Spirit Astral Power diagram appeared on my passive skill list. I saw it and was delighted.Was this not just too much?

Spirit Astral Power (S): Passive. By using Spirit Astral Power, all skills' power will go up by +10%, resistance and defense +20%, damage to NPC 50%, and defense against NPCs 50%!


This... I was invincible!

At this moment, having just stepped into the Spirit Astral Realm, I felt like I had opened the door to a new world. I felt like my body was filled with power and was much stronger than before. The true qi in my body was turning into streaks of astral energy, which made me seem like I was wearing invisible armor.

All of a sudden, the outside resistance became much smaller.

I stepped forward; this time, no one could stop me!

I stepped quickly and chased up Jin Gang.


His eyes were about to pop out as his face became filled with disbelief. "Impossible... This is impossible..."

After he said that, he shouted in rage and blood energy evaporated. He placed his arms together and then a blood-colored palm slapped at my face.

Could I take it? No!

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A simple Gouge, this B-tier skill directly broke his S-tier skill and stunned him. His strength was removed and he was sent flying by the golden storm.

"July Wildfire, I hate you!" His voice came from a distance.


I stepped forward. Instantly, the golden lion shrank and turned into a lion of my size. His body was covered in feathers and it looked like it was about to fly up. The golden light was really eye-catching.It started to speak human words. "Since you and I are fated, then this Golden Lion Feather is yours!"


Its body suddenly disappeared and what replaced it was a golden feather, which landed in the bushes.

I was stunned!

The treasure that everyone had fought for until this moment was actually just a feather?!

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