Chapter 96- Stone Demon Armor
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Zhan Yue Chapter 96- Stone Demon Armor

I bent down and picked it up. I waved it and its stats appeared before my eyes—

Golden Lion Feather (unknown item)


A very simple introduction, but the words Golden Lion Feather was in orange; this meant that it was at least Unique grade. Based on the depth of the color, it might even be Legendary grade. It was much rarer than blue and purple equipment, and it could be considered a treasure at such a stage.

However, it did not seem useful at all. I tried using it, but the notification I got was that I could not do so.

Maybe this thing was a material?

I frowned, and the moment I was about to toss the Golden Lion Feather in my bag, I felt a strong suction force, and shortly after, the Golden Lion Feather left my hand. In the blink of an eye, it was sucked in by the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. There was a slight ripple and the Golden Lion Feather turned into a golden feather which landed into the wide space within before totally disappearing.


I looked at my empty palm and wanted to curse. I risked my life to get that thing and it was just eaten by Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map? What was wrong with this treasure?It even ate something by itself!

I felt helpless. Luckily, I managed to stay calm, and then a few seconds later, I acted as if it was totally fine. It was okay that it was gone; anyway, I did not know its use, so I just treated it as training.


"July Wildfire!"

At this moment, Lodan, Dong Yuanbai, and the other Wind Cloud Platform disciples walked over. They looked at the land which was crushed by the pressure of the Golden Lion Feather and their faces were filled with shock. Dong Yuanbai walked forwardand lowered his voice. "July, Blood Dynasty's Jin Gang and Land of Reincarnation's Ghost Axe both failed; did the treasure land in your hands in the end?"

I smiled helplessly. "You might not believe it. Although it did fall into my hands, it flew away on its own."

"It flew away on its own?"

Their jaws were about to drop.

"Yes."I nodded my head. "En, I didn't get anything in the end."

"Forget it.Life is filled with gains and losses. Don't think too much about it." Two Balls tapped my shoulder and said.

I looked at him with a weird look; this fellow seemed like he had seen through life. He was just a coward, so for him to act like this, I was really not used to it.

Dong Yuanbai said, "Senior brother, Blood Dynasty is heading over.Prepare to fight!"


I turned around and saw Jin Fang leading a bunch of Blood Dynasty people over. They were all looking fierce and the Wind Cloud Platform disciples behind me pulled out their weapons from their sheaths, their eyes filled with fighting intent. Both sides were probably going to suffer heavy losses this time.

"July Wildfire."

Jin Gang, who was infuriated, glared at me. "As expected from the top of the Wind Cloud Platform, but... you are still too weak. I can order people to wipe all of you out here, but it is pointless, so all of you can just stay here. If anyone dares to head to Qilin Valley to fight for the secret skill of the Saint Beast, I will kill them! Don't blame me for making things clear. Everyone from Blood Dynasty, follow me!"

He turned around and left. He just left a threat before going.

I was in deep thought. "What secret technique?"

Lodan's eyes lit up. "That is the real goal of the Qilin Mountain’strial. This time each year, the Qilin Soul will appear and a huge opportunity will descend. It may be a part of the Qilin technique or some Saint Beast skill, but that is enough to help any cultivator. Whoever gets the technique will be the winner of this trial."

"So that is the case..."I nodded.

"Senior brother, let's head there, too.The time... it is nearly there!" a Wind Cloud Platform disciple said.


I nodded, but right at that moment, my bracelet started to ripple. A power was summoning me from a distance and it was straight up north. However, it was not Qilin Valley and that shocked me!

Last time the bracelet felt this way was when it activated the ancient power in the Soul Refining Furnace and let me comprehend the invincible Dragon Will technique. Now that there was this resonation, what could it be? Nonetheless, no matter what it was, I would not miss it. I said to Lodan, "Two Balls, bring everyone to Qilin Valley, but remember to be lowkey and not to offend the Blood Dynasty or the Land of Reincarnation. Before I return, don't clash with them."

"Okay, understood.Let's go!"

Lodan roared and brought the bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples tothe southwest.


I looked on as they left and sucked in a deep breath. I entered White Cloak state and dashed towardwhere the ancient bracelet was leading me to. Occasionally, I would see one or two Blood Dynasty people, but we just brushed past. It was pointless to waste time on them.

Just like that, I passed a forest and I stepped into a valley. When I raised my head, I noticed that someone was moving on the walls. It moved but then disappeared.

"What is that?"

I held my dagger and got close. After observing for some time, my heart felt cold. That stone wall was not just some camouflaged! Above the stone wall was a monster which looked exactly the same as the wall. It had two wings and a long tail like that of a quasi-dragon. Its body was quite small and all of it was covered in thick armor!

I took a close look and its stats appeared—

Stone Demon (Super Rare monster)

Level: 48

Attack: 800-1040

Defense: 1100

Health: 12000

Skill: Stone Wall Armor, Petrify

Introduction: Stone Demon, one of the earth law living beings; they are really smart and have been evolving. These Stone Demons have wings to fly and grow thick armor. They also release toxins which can petrify humans, so one must be really careful in dealing with them. Otherwise, they may turn into stone.


"Stone Demon?"

I frowned. The ancient bracelet was leading me here; was it telling me about this Stone Demon monster?

Forget it.Kill it first!

My daggers shone and I used a set of skills to kill it. After all, I was in Boss state and three times Attack was really strong. Stone Demon was just a normal monster. Right when the first Stone Demon fell, it dropped something. What it dropped was an armor piece the size of a fingernail!


I bent and picked it up. The moment its stats appeared, my eyes lit up—

Stone Demon Shell (level 2 ingredient): Required to makelevel 2 Spirit Ink.


It could actually drop Stone Demon Shell?

I was shocked not because it could drop the material but because the ancient bracelet was so smart. How did it know that I needed this? Could it be that... after I collected the three other materials, it knew I needed the fourth? If that was the case, did this bracelet not have its intellect? It was not low, either!


I sucked in a deep breath and rubbed it. Although I could not see through it, it was helping me. Last time when I was trapped in the Stone Demon Shell, I comprehended Dragon Will and opened the furnace. Now, it helped me find the Stone Demon Shell which seemed so far away. Without a doubt, it helped me a lot.

Since that was the case, I did not care much. Let us search for more ingredients. These Stone Demon Shells were worth a few hundred RMB for one in Linchen County. However, I just needed to kill some here to get them.

Kill kill kill!


I started to sweep and wipe out everything in the valley. Stone Demon Shell did not drop much, but it was not rare, either. Roughly every three to four would drop one. Fortunately, I was quick.Drawing a bunch over and using White Cloak plus Dragon Will on them, in an hour, I managed to killall and gained 242 Stone Demon Shells.

I looked around and the corpses of the Stone Demons refreshed. No new Stone Demons appeared, so this was it.


I sucked in a deep breath, and right when I was about to go, I felt a strong wind pressing down on me.

Not good!

White Cloak!

I entered White Cloak state just as a blood-colored finger descended from above and hit me. However, the two seconds of White Cloak allowed me to dodge it. I pulled my daggers out and looked at him fiercely. This was a strong young man who wore a blood-red robe. His mouth had a vicious smile on it.

Feng Jing (Mid Heaven Realm)

Level: 48

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Feng Jing, one of the elders of Blood Dynasty’s Wind Country, has really strong Blood Cultivation.


I looked at his grade and I felt cold. Master said that above Body Refining Realm was Spirit Astral Realm, which could use Spirit Astral Power. Above that was Heaven Realm, which could use the power of heaven and earth. This middle-aged man was a mid Heaven Realm expert?

Moreover, he was here most probably to take revenge for Feng Cheng.


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"Hey, I finally found you!"

Feng Jing's eyes turned cold. "Your body still has Prince Feng Cheng's aura. Little kid, you actually dared to kill my prince; today, I will shatter your bones to vent my anger!"

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