Chapter 97- Uneven battle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 97- Uneven battle

Another Extinction-level opponent.Was this another life and death battle?

I felt really bitter. Was I going to die just because of these 200+ Stone Demon Shells? Feng Jing's aura was too strong and it exceeded Feng Cheng and Jin Gang, but I definitely would not give up. Although I was weaker than him, I did have a chance.

"Stop hiding."Feng Jing laughed coldly. "Do you think that your shallow hiding skills can keep you concealed from me?"

After he asked that, he shouted and pointed forward. Instantly, a blood-colored streak of energy shot through the air and pierced the trees. That energy had white wind spiralling along with it as it brushed past my shoulder and smashed into the stone forest behind me. Instantly, shrapnels flew all about!

That was too strong!

My eyes opened wide and I used Soul Star Explosion right away. I charged to his side and Soul Star Explosion broke through the air. With a ci la sound, the air was ripped open and I used White Cloak plus Annihilation right onto his neck. Blood splattered and I could see the Annihilation effect. However, this effect did not spread and it was suppressed by the blood-red color runes under his skin!


My eyes opened even wider; this White Cloak plus Annihilation combo had crit and it did ten times the true damage! However, it only did such pitiful damage. This also meant that my basic attacks would only deal less than 2000 damage; this was even with the five times stats of Soul Star Explosion!

I felt a cold breeze in my heart; this opponent was too problematic!

"Hehehe..."Feng Jing laughed out loud. His knee was covered in blood-colored energy waves as he sent a kick to me. I could only use my daggers to block it.



Close to 30000 damage made me feel a sense of despair. This was already a third of my health, and this was just a simple knee strike.

"Die!" Following his shout, he opened his hand and flames wrapped around it. He then slapped me with it.

I faced the danger head on!

Combo, activate!

Separated by Water!

My SS-grade combo exploded and a golden storm burst with me at the center. My daggers attacked at lightning speed and sent Feng Jing flying. I followed it with a twin dagger strike which forced him back and stunned him temporarily.

I quickly retreated while I recovered energy by drinking potions.

"A secret technique?"He frowned. "You actually have such terrifying comprehension at a young age; no wonder you could kill Feng Cheng.It seems that, no matter what, I can't let you live. If you escape, you’ll be a huge threat to Blood Dynasty! Kid, today it seems like you must die!"

I frowned and stared right at him; it was as if I was looking at a mountain. This Feng Jing was just too strong. His attacks were unstoppable... Was it the so-called use of the power of heaven and earth?

"Come again!"

He raised his fingers and blood energy gathered on his fingertips. With a pu, the palm attack shot through the air. This move again.Was he just doing the same thing? This time, I was prepared and activated Quickness. I stepped on the ground and sidestepped. Instantly, a huge hole appeared on my cape, but I was not damaged. I moved in a Z-pattern to get close. If he continued to attack, I had no chance of winning, so I had to get close to damage him.

"You want to get close?"He laughed out loud. "That is what I want!"

After he hollered,his entire aura changed. Steaks of golden energy rose from the ground and entered his body, making his aura even thicker. This... He was using the power of heaven and earth to strengthen his defense?

I felt despair but could not care so much anymore.


Feng Jing's fist, which was filled with the golden energy current, shot through the air at a quick speed! I tilted my head to avoid the hit. while I slashed my dagger and used Gouge onto his chest. I was lucky and it succeeded. I slid behind him and used a basic-attack-Backstab-basic-attack combo. The moment Feng Jing turned around, I raised my right hand and dragon energy shot through the air!

Dragon Will!


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In the air, a dragon roar shook the space around. An unstoppable fist power just pierced through Feng Jing's chest and did damage that even I could not believe.


No Critical Strike.This was not White Cloak plus Dragon Will; this was not right!

I was shocked and thought about it. Was it because Dragon Will had a hidden effect on NPCs? Who knew? I was in a scenario battle, so who knew whether or not this followed the attack and defense system of Illusionary Moon.

"Little fellow, you are asking for death!"

He was starting to feel furious from embarrassment and he punched me with both hands. The energy waves made it hard for me to breathe. How terrifying were his attacks?


Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!

My palm slid across and a huge scroll appeared between us. The mountains and rivers were life like and his fists punched right into it. The energy was like a dirt cow entering an ocean; it disappeared without a trace and did not cause me any damage at all.

"What?!"He was stunned. "How is that possible?You actually have such an artifact?"

As he said that, greed appeared in his eyes and he smiled. "It seems like I didn't come here for nothing this time!"

He opened his palm and another strong slash descended from above.


Second strike was also absorbed by the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, but this was already the limit of the level 3 Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. After it absorbed his strike, I kept it back into my storage space. I appeared behind Feng Jing and used Backstab along with Hunter's Edge!

Pi pi pa pa~

Along with the chaotic sounds, Feng Jing's back was sliced open and he became covered in wounds. His flesh below was in tatters. Under my constant attacks, he suffered some injuries and his health dropped to 67%. It seemed like he had around 500000 health; that was so high!

"I want you to die!"Feng Jing shouted in rage and slapped my chest!


"Pu—"I spat out fresh blood and I felt like my organs had shifted. I was also sent flying. I was down to less than 40% health. The gap in our strengths was just too big.

Right when Feng Jing's body was dashing through the wind, I reached into my bag and tossed a small bead at him. With a xiu, Feng Jing thought that it was just a hidden weapon and laughed. "You are using hidden artifacts on me?"

He actually slapped it!

However, the moment it broke the outer shell of the Wind Soul Pearl, that pearl gave out an eye-catching light. It sped up and it smashed into his chest like it had a mind of its own. With a loud peng, there was a large explosion of ten meters. The wind elemental powers surged all about; it was as if a top expert was waving his sharp blades at an enemy.


I could even see bits of flesh falling from above.

After the Wind Soul Pearl swept him, Feng Jing appeared not far away, riddled in many holes. His chest, stomach, and back were covered in wounds and he was in a mess. The talismans under his body were destroyed. He looked at me with a fierce gaze and the healthbar above his head was left with 40%. One Wind Soul Pearl took away 27% of his health; that was just too strong!

At this moment, I started to thank Feng Cheng. Thanks to his three Wind Soul Pearls; if not, I had no chance of winning today.

"D*mn... animal..."

He stumbled over and his body started to shine red. He suppressed the terrifying wounds on his body and smiled viciously. "Don't think that you can win just like that. Even though the Wind Soul Pearl injured me, I still have the ability to kill you. After all, an injured lion can still kill a mountain goat."

I smiled. "I am not a mountain goat and you are not a lion. If you have balls, then come!"

"You are asking for death!"He shouted and dashed right at me at high speeds. It was hard to imagine how an injured person would have such speeds. At the same time, his palm was filled with thick blood energy. One hit of his fist and he could basically kill me. He should be able to see my health, so it was probably what he was relying on, right?


A majestic palm struck!

While flying, I picked up something from the ground and tossed it at him!


Feng Jing was shocked and he retreated like a bird to sound. His arms retracted and he formed a thick blood-colored whirlpool to block the ‘hidden weapon’ that I threw. However, when he looked at it closely, he realized that it was not a hidden weapon but a pile of black dry things. He shouted in rage, "This isn't a hidden weapon... It’s the dry shit of the Stone Demon! You jerk, I am going to kill you today!"

I wiped my hands on my pants while my body healed. I then grabbed from the ground again while turning around and tossed this hidden weapon at Feng Jing!


He stopped once more and used the power of heaven and earth to block these ‘hidden weapons’, but this time it was just a piece of stone.

"Jerk, you dare to play me like this?!"

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