Chapter 98- Blood Curse Talisman
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Zhan Yue Chapter 98- Blood Curse Talisman

He was furious this time. His body was like lightning as he raised his palms above his head to gather a thick blood storm. The veins on his face could be seen. Along with his wounds, he looked really terrifying. From this attack, it really looked like he was going all out. However, the time was right for me, too!

I bent down once more but I did not pick up any stone. I reached into my bag to take out another Wind Soul Pearl. When facing such a strong opponent, I did not bother about saving Wind Soul Pearls. Just use everything!

I turned around and tossed it!


The Wind Soul Pearl turned into a green light, which shot through the sky as it headed towardFeng Jing.

"Same trick again? You only have one!"

He did not dodge it and just prepared to smash that blood storm onto me. One could tell how powerful that storm was. Like the energy bullets that Sun Wukong condensed, I would definitely die if I got hit. Thus, I could only hope for the Wind Soul Pearl to be useful.


It did not disappoint me at all and exploded in mid-air. Numerous wind blades were formed and wrapped Feng Jing within. This time, I did not sit still and do nothing. I dashed forwardand arrived behind his back. I activated Blood Drawing Blade, and before Wind Soul Pearl's effect disappeared, I used Separated by Water,Hunter's Edge, and Annihilation!

Peng peng peng~

Under this series of crazy attacks, Feng Jing's healthbar dropped and he was left with 9%. Apart from Wind Soul Pearl's damage, my damage was too low. At least to such a boss, it was not lethal at all. However, the attacks filled up my healthbar.


The wind element energy riddled him with a thousand holes and one could see an arm with wounds so deep that one could see the bones. He stretched his hand to grab my neck. With his face covered in blood, he laughed coldly. "Where are you trying to flee to this time? Die!"

I was smashed by him onto the pillar, and the stone behind me shattered as I caved in. My health dropped to 65%, and shortly after, my stomach caved in as I was punched. My health dropped to 32% as blood energy invaded my neck. I was pretty much down to 5% health in just three seconds.

Was I going to die?

I gritted my teeth and took the third Wind Soul Pearl from my bag. While Feng Jing was cursing, I raised my hand and shoved it in his mouth. At that instant, I activated the skill White Cloak!


My white cape fluttered and I forcefully avoided all damage. I left his grasp and used that two seconds to charge out of where Feng Jing was at.


The third pearl exploded right in his mouth. At that instant, endless wind elemental energy exploded in his mouth and sent his head flying. It started to shred his entire body. As for me, I was ten meters out and the outermost bit of the storm brushed against my nose. I was only left with 5% health, so if I touched it, I would die.



I fell to the ground as if I had just fought a true war. I panted.It was just too dangerous. One could say that if I had misplayed, I would have been the dead one. Without the Wind Soul Pearl, I could not have killed such a strong boss. Of course, I needed to have both courage and intelligence.

At this time, a bell rang in my ear—


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Jing (mid Heaven Realm)! Obtained +640000 experience and +32000 contribution points!]


This reward felt great! If I killed a level 48 Purple Boss, the rewards were just like that!


I sucked in a deep breath as all the Wind Soul Pearl aura in the distance dissipated, leaving the tattered body of Feng Jing. His head had exploded and only the part below his neck was left. I started to collect his heart. Soon, a Blood Race heart the size of a coconut appeared in my hands. It was actually translucent and looked really good!

This was the heart of a mid Heaven Realm Blood Dynasty expert; it was definitely not ordinary!

I was really happy and tossed his quest item into my bag. At the same time, I glanced and saw something Feng Jing had dropped. An unassuming cloth bag. I picked it up and was shocked—

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Storage Bag (small): Provide 100 slots of storage space.


It was actually some storage bag? In all sorts of novels, this thing was a treasure. Only rich people had the rightto own such a thing. Although it was small, it made my eyes light up. It was totally unexpected!

I thought that items could not be dropped in the scenario, so it was just because I was not lucky enough? This storage bag was of high value. At the current stage, players only had 100 slots with many not having enough at all. This was especially so for the Warriors and Mages whose storage space was mainly occupied by red and blue potions. Those collectors saw their storage space as something as important as their lives. One could say that this unassuming bag could be sold for a high price!

Forget it.Give it to Ah Fei. As an Inscriber, he needed all sorts of materials and equipment. He needed storage space more than I did. En, leave it for Ah Fei!

Right when I was thinking about it, I realized that there were things inside!

Right, Feng Jing was one of the elders of one of the strongest countries in Blood Dynasty; why wouldhis storage bag not have anything good? That was impossible!

Thus, I shook the storage bag, and contrary to my thought of it having a bunch of high-grade materials, equipment, and gems, only two thin talismans fell out.

"Talisman paper?"

I picked it up and frowned. I saw many dense diagrams drawn on it and blood surged around. I touched it and its stats appeared in front of my eyes—

Blood Curse Talisman: A talisman drawn with fresh blood by the top Necromancers of Blood Dynasty; after use, it can cause blood curse attacks in a target range.Remaining use: 1.


Blood Curse Talisman?

I raised my eyebrow. I used three Wind Soul Pearls to get two Blood Curse Talismans. The heavens were treating me well. The Blood Curse Talisman looked weaker than Wind Soul Pearl, but it would not be much weaker. As the prince, Feng Cheng only brought top items and not things like Blood Curse Talisman. If not, he would have used it when I sneak-attacked him.

Forget it. I was not a prince and did not mind using second-rate items.

Thus, I placed the two Blood Curse Talismans at where I previously placed the pearls at. I could grab and use them right away like this. After all, we still had one more battle before the Qilin Mountain’strial ended. Moreover, my fellow disciples were still at Qilin Valley so I must take a look.

I drank Blood Potions while entering White Cloak state.

I opened the map. Qilin Valley was in the center of Qilin Mountain and there was only one path there. I dashed across and headed to that place in my hidden state.

At this point, I was nervous. I had wasted too much time and it was 10pm already. I did not even eat lunch and had spent all the time on the Qilin Mountain Battlefield.


Twenty minutes later, I followed a snaking mountain path into the valley.

Ahead of me was Qilin Valley!

On a spacious land, one could see battle marks all around. Corpses layabout with some being Black Castle disciples and the rest being Blood Dynasty people. Not far away, one could see a green Qilin in the crowd waving its claws. Many top disciples were sent flying.

However, upon a closer look, it was not a real Qilin. Each scale was transparent and its flesh could be seen clearly. This was just a creation using energy and mental powers.


In the crowd, Purgatory Lion Lodan looked extremely strong as his body gave off a furious energy which surged into the air. He lifted his hands and smashed onto the Qilin's head, but the Qilin just stared at him. Just one snort and he was blown away. The flames from that breath burned him up. Without the blood fury energy protecting his body, he would have been burned to dust.


On the other side, death energy charged into the sky. Ghost Axe lifted his war axe and a sharp glow spread forwardto send the Wind Cloud Platform disciples flying. His face was filled with viciousness. "Qilin's skill is mine; don't get close. If you come next time, you will be killed without mercy!"

In the sky, a bunch of Blood Dynasty experts waved their weapons and sent blood energy into the Qilin's body. Although the Qilin still had some fighting chance, it could not make it anymore.

However, this Ghost Axe was just too arrogant!

I activated Soul Star Explosion, and while my stats exploded, I jumped down and stabbed my dagger into Jin Gang's back. He was the strongest here, so I of course sneak-attacked him. Right when White Cloak plus Annihilation was done, I slid onto the ground.

"It is July Wildfire!" a Blood Dynasty teen shouted. "Kill him! We can lose the Qilin technique, but July Wildfire must die. Take revenge for the prince of my Wind Country!"


In the air, Jin Gang, who had only 50% health, grinned. "All Blood Dynasty members, listen up: Kill July Wildfire and then fight for the skill. We aren't in a rush!"

I laughed out loud; this was indeed interesting.

I opened my palm and a blood-colored talisman appeared. With a shua, part of my blood energy was sucked and it lit up the talisman. A giant curse exploded in the sky and covered a bunch of Blood Dynasty people, including Jin Gang!


"You... How do you have a Blood Curse Talisman?!"

The people from Blood Dynasty were all shocked.

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