Chapter 99- You are a demon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 99- You are a demon


There was a loud explosion. The Blood Curse Talisman turned into huge storms, which swept the crowd. Jin Gang, who was feeling the brunt, spat out fresh blood. He shouted in rage and formed a shield to block the strength of the Blood Curse Talisman. However, the others were not so lucky. Under the attacks of the Blood Curse Talisman, a large number of Blood Dynasty disciples were crushed into dust. The bells that rang in my ears did not stop—


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Feng Pan (mid Spirit Astral Realm)! Obtained +120000 experience and +6000 contribution points!]


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Jin Han (mid Spirit Astral Realm)! Obtained +120000 experience and +6000 contribution points!]


[System notification: Congratulations for killing Lei Keng (mid Spirit Astral Realm)! Obtained +180000 experience and +9000 contribution points!]


All of a sudden, at least 30 Blood Dynasty disciples were killed by the Blood Curse Talisman, while I ate up all the experience and contribution points. Instantly, a light descended from above and bathed my body in warmth. I was actually level 43 and my contribution points had reached 560000. I was really right to come to Qilin Mountain Battlefield!

"July Wildfire!"

Within the blood mist, the light around Jin Gang's body swelled and his eyes were filled with killing intent. "Look at what you have done. This time, our Blood Dynasty won't let you off. Attack, kill July Wildfire first!"

"Good chance!"

After I retreated by several steps, a sharp light flashed across and turned into a war axe, which sliced onto my shoulder. It felt as if my entire shoulder was about to be dislocated and I instantly lost 20000 health. This heavy axe came from Land of Reincarnation's Ghost Axe. After sneak-attacking, he roared and jumped in the air. Death energy wrapped around his axe. "Everyone can leave today but July Wildfire, you have been offending my Land of Reincarnation. Today, you must die!"

"Follow Senior Brother Ghost Axe, kill July Wildfire in Qilin Valley. Attack!"

A bunch of Land of Reincarnation disciples used their skills to charge along with Ghost Axe. Their faces were filled with viciousness like they forgot that we were all from Black Castle. They all wanted to kill me.

"Save our senior brother!" In the crowd, Dong Yuanbai shouted. "Wind Cloud Platform disciples, follow me. Even if the Wind Cloud Platform dies here, we can't let them bully us!"

"Go back!"

I turned around and shouted to the Wind Cloud Platform disciples. "Lodan, Dong Yuanbai, bring our people to fight for the Qilin secret technique. Leave this bunch to me! Immediately, listen to my orders!"

"This..." Lodan, who was pouncing over, gritted his teeth and turned around. "Leave! Listen to July Wildfire!"

Although he was rash, he listened to my orders. En, this person could be taught!


At this point, I had retreated to the edge of the cliff and had nowhere to go. Jin Gang and Ghost Axe had also led their man to charge at me aggressively. Blood Dynasty and Black Castle members were joining hands and they didn't fight one another at all. They actually had a common enemy which was me.

At this moment, I was filled with disgust toward the people from Land of Reincarnation. It even exceeded that of the Blood Dynasty. Those shameless people who sided with the enemy, they really deserved to die!

In the next second, unimaginable scenes occurred. I reached into my bag and another blood-colored talisman appeared. I used blood energy to activate it, lighting it up. I used it right on the location with the most people!


This time, it was even more exciting. Over eighty people were in range and Jin Gang, who was already badly injured, started crying out. He hollered in rage and condensed his blood energy. In the next second, the blood energy on his skin layer formed into an image of himself.

The true body itself retreated backward!

"Shedding!" He actually had such a skill?

However, since Jin Gang used this move to flee, he had suffered a large loss of health and probably could not fight anymore.

Hong hong hong~

Blood Curse Talisman's frenzied energy started to sweep the crowd. Ghost Axe held his war axe and waved the sharp blade to slice the streaks of blood energy, but he could not do so for every streak. His neck, chest, legs, et cetera had huge wounds appearing, and in the blink of an eye he did not look like a human anymore. The Land of Reincarnation disciples along with him were even worse. Their cultivation was weaker than him and many of them died on the spot.

At the same time, many Blood Dynasty members died, too, such that my contribution points jumped to 720000. One could say that I had earned a lot during this trial.

"July Wildfire!" Ghost Axe shouted in rage and his body turned into a black mist to retreat. His body reformed tens of meters out, but he was covered in wounds. His eyes were filled with fierceness as he hollered, "You wait! I will never forget this debt and I will definitely take revenge on you!"

"Oh is that so?"

I raised my eyebrows. "I shall wait for you then!"



Ghost Axe turned around and left, leaving the Land of Reincarnation disciples stunned and not knowing where to go. The biggest winners were the Wind Cloud Platform. Two Balls and Little Scum were attacking the Qilin, and it was about to fall. Its body shattered and a streak of green light wrapped around it, turning into some green armor.

"The treasure has appeared!"

Two Balls held it in his hands and then charged at me, laughing. "July Wildfire. we got it! Come, you are the heir of the Wind Cloud Platform. This is for you!"

I took it without hesitation and glanced at it—

Incomplete Qilin Armor: In it is recorded a Qilin technique called ‘Green Qilin Strike’; after you comprehend it, you can learn it. Bloodline requirement: Saint Beast Bloodline.


I sucked in a deep breath and smiled. "This thing... I can't comprehend it. Two Balls, you have a Saint Beast Bloodline; although it isn't pure, you should be able to learn it. You can have it."

"Ah?" Lodan was shocked. "This... Is that okay?"

"Okay. After heading out of Qilin Mountain Battlefield, you must say that you got it yourself. Stop talking. I have something else to do, so I am going."


I turned around and activated Quickness. I disappeared in the Qilin Valley and entered White Cloak state. At the same time, I focused, spreading out my spiritual sense to search for Ghost Axe's death aura.

Right, Ghost Axe was the Land of Reincarnation's pride and everyone could see his strength. In a fair fight, I might not be his match. Moreover, he had attacked Lodan and Dong Yuanbai. Once he had a chance, he would kill them, so no matter what I could not let him live. My motto was to stop dangers before they happened. Since Ghost Axe was already threatening the existence of Black Castle, then I could not let him live. Today was the best chance to kill him.

A few seconds later, I sensed a really strong death aura which was not far away. Right, I had found Ghost Axe's position!

Sha sha...

Along with the sound of the wind, I jumped onto the branch of a maple tree. I held the damp branch while grabbing a cold dagger with the other as I looked into the distance. On the empty forest space, Ghost Axe was wrapped in purple energy and he was swallowing the body of a Wind Cloud Platform disciple!

Ghost Axe's health bar was increasing and he went from 29% to 32%. He was swallowing flesh and blood. It was obvious that, although Ghost Axe had turned into human form, before this he was just a damn zombie. Now he had killed a Wind Cloud Platform and was using his body to replenish his own life force. This was an instinct.

Since that was the case, then all the more that I could not let him live!

I gritted my teeth and my eyes became filled with killing intent. This gave me a firmer reason on why I should kill him!


Soul Star Explosion!

Under White Cloak's effect, I jumped off the tree and landed behind Ghost Axe. I used an Annihilation-basic-attack-Backstab-basic-attack combo to hit him. Instantly, his body shook and his health fell to 14%. He turned around with his war axe and shouted in rage, "July Wildfire, you jerk!"

"Die, you monster!"

My gaze was icy cold and I raised my hand to Gouge him, stunning him on the spot. Shortly after, I spun around him and used another basic-attack-Backstab-basic-attack combo. Ghost Axe's body, which was on the verge of shattering, continued to bleed.

"You’re asking for death!" He shouted in rage, and right when he turned around to slash me with his axe, I activated White Cloak. The dagger on my right hand disappeared and a thick power rose up. All of a sudden, the sky started to twist under his giant power and golden runes rained down from the sky. Dragon roars circled around my head and I just palmed Ghost Axe right in the chest.


White Cloak plus Dragon Will was too strong, and after the palm attack was used, it smashed his chest. A golden palm broke through his back. This palm was too strong and naturally removed his last bit of health. After all, he was just a max Spirit Astral Realm cultivator, and there was no comparison between him and a Heaven Realm expert like Feng Jing.

"You... you..."

He knelt on the ground with unwillingness in his eyes. He raised his eyes and looked at me. "July Wildfire, how do you dare to kill me here? You... Aren't you afraid that my master will take revenge on you?"

"No." I laughed into his ears. "Let me tell you something: Sooner or later, your dogshit master, Zhuang Huai Shui, will die by my hands. I’ve wanted to kill him for a long time."

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"You..." His eyes constricted. "You aren't a human; you are a demon... You..."

"Die peacefully." I kicked his chest as I spoke calmly. "In front of evil people, I have never been a nice person. It’s just that all of you don't understand me."


He choked and Ghost Axe finished the last journey of his life and turned into a lifeless corpse. I bent down and entered Stealth once more. I looked at the right hand corner, and Qilin Mountain Trial's countdown was down to half an hour. There was no rush. I would return once the time was nearly up.


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