Chapter 100- Lin Mu
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Zhan Yue Chapter 100- Lin Mu

Twenty minutes later.

Qilin Mountain Battlefield entrance. I looked out at it in stealth and could see left army troops receiving the returning disciples. Even Elder Feng and Yun were there.

"Lodan is back!"

Elder Feng's eyes lit up and smiled. "Purgatory Lion Race's pride, I believe that he killed many. Come, Lodan; take out all the hearts you got. Let me calculate your rewards."


Two Balls shook his storage bag and a bunch of hearts fell out, a total of 20+ of them. The Deacon Elder calculated it. "Wind Cloud Platform disciple Lodan, 678 military contributions!"

"Scoff. I thought that it would be a lot!"

In the crowd, Lei Ling folded his arms and laughed. "So you didn't even pass 800. You are so far away from my 1700!"

Two Balls frowned. "You actually have so many?"

"So what?" Lei Ling laughed. "You are so weak, so naturally you can't imagine that."

Dong Yuanbai said calmly, "You didn't even join the Qilin Valley battle. You just killed those Blood Dynasty disciples outside. With your late Spirit Astral Realm cultivation, if you wanted to earn military points, it wouldn't be hard to get 1700."

"What’s the point in talking so much?"

Xia Buhui smiled in delight. "The highest is just you at 678, so no one can exceed Senior Brother Lei Ling. Once Senior Brother Ghost Axe returns, all your jaws will drop."

Unfortunately, he did not know that Ghost Axe could not return anymore.

Thus, I stepped from within the forest. The time was nearly up, and if I did not head out, if I missed the timing because I was trying to act cool, then it would be a huge loss.

"Senior Brother July is back!"

When the Wind Cloud Platform disciples saw me appear; they were all really excited.

"July Wildfire!"

Elder Feng stood up and smiled. "You are finally back. Everyone is waiting for you. Take out your hearts and let me calculate. Let's see if you can exceed Lei Ling's 1700."


On the side, Elder Lun from the Land of Reincarnation laughed coldly. "Moreover, based on reports from our disciples, July Wildfire attacked our Land of Reincarnation disciples in Qilin Valle. He doesn't have the right to participate in this trial. He should even be tried himself; Black Castle can't accept such a traitor!"

"Is that so?" Elder Yun smiled. "Based on what I know, though, your Land of Reincarnation's Ghost Axe led your disciples into chasing July Wildfire. He forced it upon himself, so what did he do wrong? Your Land of Reincarnation started an internal battle; what should we say then?"

"That’s just your own words!" 

The two of them started to fight.

I shook my head and tossed heart after heart onto the ground. The deacon elder counted them one after another and said, "1580. Are there any more? If not, then you are only second, behind only Lei Ling."

I nodded my head and smiled. "I have one more big one."

As I said that, I tossed out Feng Jing's purple heart onto the ground. It produced a thud and even caused dust to rise in the air.


Instantly, the elders in Black Castle all shook.

"Purple Heaven Heart? This is the heart of a Blood Dynasty Heaven Realm expert..."

"July Wildfire... how did this kid do it?"

"Oh, my god. That’s too terrifying!"



The elder in charge of calculating sucked in a deep breath and said, "July Wildfire, 3580 points and he is first!"

"What?!" Lei Ling was shocked. "Elder, is there something wrong? A heart is only worth 200 points. That isn’t possible; I won't accept it. I won't!"

"So what?" The elder smiled calmly. "This heart isn't a red heart; rather, it’s the legendary Purple Heaven Heart, the core of a Blood Dynasty Heaven Realm expert. July Wildfire deserves this first position!"

All of a sudden, everyone was stunned and they all kept silent.

Right at that moment, heavy horse hooves could be heard, and as the sparks drew close, it turned out to be the hooves of a strong horse. It was actually stepping in the air, and each step caused explosions in the sky. On the horse’s back was a general in blood armor. He directed the horse to leap down and it caused the dust around to bellow in the air.

His aura was too strong! Such that, including Elder Yun and Elder Feng, the bunch of them were stunned!

I turned around and looked at him. Instantly, his introduction appeared—

Nether Left General Lin Mu (Unique Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Lin Mu, an expert who walked out from the nether, is the commander of Black Castle's Left Camp. Legend has it that he has a unique sword technique, and across Black Castle, his sword is ranked second.


The legendary guy appeared!

The head of one of the three divisions in Black Castle. This aura could suppress any head of the five outer locations. Even my Master Ding Heng was weaker than Lin Mu.

"Time is up!" Lin Mu said. "Has the first appeared? Is it the legendary Ghost Axe?"

"No," the deacon elder said, "the first got 3580 points. It’s Wind Cloud Platform Ding Heng's personal disciple, July Wildfire!"

"Over 3000 points?" Lin Mu was shocked.

"Yes, he killed a Blood Dynasty Heaven Realm expert."

"Is that so?" Lin Mu looked at me and laughed. "This fellow is interesting! Give the rewards. We can't go back on our words."


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In the next second, a loud bell rang in the sky—


[System notification: Congratulations for taking first place in Qilin Mountain’s trial! Obtained the rewards: level +2, Charm +1, gold +6000, contribution points +400000. Extra rewards: Heaven Thief Chestplate (Precious grade)!]


Shua shua!

Two streaks of golden light landed on my head. I had reached level 45 at this moment! Moreover, I also got 1 Charm and 6000 gold. This was a huge harvest. Of course, what made me delighted was the additional reward of a Precious grade Heaven Thief Chestplate. This was already legendary purple equipment!

I opened my bag. As expected, Heaven Thief Chestplate lay quietly inside. Purple light wrapped around me. The first purple armor. I took it out carefully and felt a thick power surging in my palm. Its stats appeared and this made my eyes light up. As expected from purple equipment—

Heaven Thief Chestplate (Precious Grade)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 155

Agility: +82

Stamina: +80

Strength: +78

Effect: Damage absorption +5%

Effect: Toughness. Raise user's Health by 1600.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 18%.

Bonus: Raise user's Defense by 15%.

Required level: 45


Perfect stats! Not only did it add fix health, there was also 5% damage absorption. No wonder it was called Heaven Thief Chestplate, turning the damage into one’s health! Moreover, this purple equipment added three stats. One equipment alone added 240 stat points, which was similar to the total that one would get when they reached level 48. One could just think about how overpowered it was!

I did not think too much and just wore it!

With pa ta, the blue Murloc Mail was retired by me and replaced by this purple Heaven Thief Chestplate. At the same time, my stats and Combat strength jumped by a large amount. Especially my survivability, it was now on a whole new level—

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 45

Attack: 667-885 (+38%)

Defense: 677 (+30%)

Health: 8790

Critical Strike: 7.94%

Lifesteal: 3%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 20

Soul Star: 20

Contribution point: 1122038

Combat strength: 1840


Health was close to 9000 and I was finally being transformed. My true Attack also reached 1221 points and reached a level where I could sweep everyone. Just one piece of equipment increased my Combat strength by 400 points. That was too terrifying. Like what those people on the forums said, purple equipment was the differentiating point. Once one got purple equipment, one could crush all dark blue equipment.

One sentence, below purple equipment, everything else was like an ant!

Purple and above... Maybe purple was the ant. Hahaha~

Right when I was feeling happy, intense horse hooves could be heard. One saw a cavalry army dressed in black armor and having red capes. There were a thousand of them. Those cavalry's eyes were dyed red and their entire group looked like a red flood, like a wave that was about to destroy everything.

"Blood Cavalry Army?" An elder frowned. "Blood Dynasty's army, what are they doing here? Do they want to fight?"

"Don't look like it..."

Right at that moment, someone jumped in the air and slashed in front of us, causing the ground to shake. That axe caused a hundred meter deep moat. He was wrapped in blood energy and his cape fluttered in the wind as he looked at us coldly. "I am Wind Country's General Feng Buxun; I came so you can hand over an animal."


Left General Lin Mu held his sword and stepped into the air.

"July Wildfire!" Wind Country General Feng Buxun said coldly. "This thing actually killed Wind Country's Prince Feng Cheng. I’m going to kill him!"

"If we don't?" Lin Mu frowned.

Feng Buxun laughed coldly. "Then we have no choice but to be impolite!"


Lin Mu laughed out loud. "Your Blood Dynasty went against the agreement and sent a Heaven Realm expert into the trial. I didn't even find trouble with you and you actually dared to come here!"

"Lin Mu, don't malign my Blood Dynasty!"

"I am spouting nonsense?!"

Lin Mu opened his left hand and sucked out that Purple Heaven Heart. He shouted in rage, "Then what is this?"

"This... This..." Feng Buxun was shocked.

"Moreover, just one Wind Country general like you dared to be so rude?"

Lin Mu laughed out loud and he charged above Feng Buxun. He pulled his sword and laughed. "If you want to talk to me, you must be able to handle one of my swords!"


Flame clouds gathered into sword energy and smashed down onto Feng Buxun's axe. With a giant peng, Feng Buxun's body was sent flying like a cannonball and he smashed into the forest. The entire forest shattered and he flew a mile out.

"Urgh..." He moaned and trembled as he climbed out from the mess. He refused to believe that he could not even block a single sword from Lin Mu.


"Bring your people and scram!" Lin Mu looked down at him. "If you go against the agreement again, don't blame me for not giving your Blood Dynasty face!"

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