Chapter 101- Super system
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Zhan Yue Chapter 101- Super system

"D*mn... He’s actually this strong?"

When I looked at Li Mu's proud demeanor, my eyes opened wide. They were both generals, but why was the gap so big? I could even feel that, if Li Mu really wanted to kill, he could insta-kill Feng Buxun. However, he did not do that. Maybe he was worried that it could cause even larger storms, so he let him off easily.

"Okay, you all can return to Black Castle."In the air, Li Mu looked at us and spoke calmly. "You saw how aggressive these Blood Dynasty’s people are...I hope that you can cultivate well and protect our home, Black Castle."

"Yes, sir!"

The disciples all nodded their heads.

At this point, Xia Buhui frowned. "Senior Brother Ghost Axe isn’t back yet? What should we do?"

"Ghost Axe?"

Li Mu smiled. "I sensed and felt that his aura had dissipated. If I am right, then he is dead.There is no point in waiting for him. Leave!"

"Yes..."Xia Buhui frowned and was in deep thought.

I brought Lodan, Dong Yuanbai, and the others to return to Black Castle. However, after walking a few steps, I realized that I did not need to walk back. I just crushed a City Return Scroll to fly back to Black Castle.


Time to rest!


After taking off my helmet, I sucked in a deep breath. Ah Fei was lying on the couch, the green signal on his helmet flashed. He was still online. My stomach was growling as I did not even eat anything for the night. I nearly could not take it anymore, but... at this point, I should head to pee first.

Toilet. After peeing, I was totally relaxed.

The moment I stepped into the hall I had an idea and a sudden urge. It was as if... someone was outside. Although I could not explain what this feeling was, I was sure that someone was outside because I sensed his aura. He was also really anxious and he just stopped outside there without heading up.

However, Ah Fei’s house was the only one on this floor.

It was obvious that this person was here for us.

I walked up and glanced through the peephole. It was a teen whose hair was dyed yellow. He smoked while looking at his phone. He glanced at it and then at our door impatiently.

As expected, he was here for us.

I did not bother and just grabbed the key to head out. I then closed the door.

"You..."He was stunned, not expecting that I would come out like that.

"Who are you?" I asked calmly.

"Ask your mother; I wantto ask:Which one are you?"

I stepped up and grabbed his neck with my left hand, smashing him onto the wall. Energy wrapped around my fingers, and no matter how much he struggled, he was unable to break free. I looked at his face slowly turning red and asked, "Who sent you here? You are here to find trouble with my friend and me, right?"

"I... Why should I tell you that? I... Why should you care why I am here?!"

His eyes shone and he still tried to argue.

I was too lazy to speak with him and just grabbed his phone which was already unlocked. I called my number, and then after it rang, I cancelled it. I placed him down and passed the phone back to him.


He rubbed his neck and his face was filled with rage.

I reached out and slapped him!


It was really loud.

"What is the meaning of this?" He was furious.

"Nothing." I reached out and pointed at the stairs. "Scram.You are just a minion; I am too lazy to beat you up. Don't come again. If not, I will beat you up once more!"

"Scoff!You just wait! I know that you are Lu Li.Sooner or later, you will be taught a lesson."

"You say that again!"

I kicked his butt and sent him flying down.


I turned around and returned to the room.

"What was the noise outside?" Ah Fei just got offline.

"Nothing.Are we heading to supper?" I smiled.

"Sure, let's go. What are we eating today?"

"I am so hungry; let's eat something filling. Let's go eat sour vegetable fish and have a huge bowl of rice."

"Okay, let's go!"


Night. After eating our fill, Ah Fei went upstairs. I stood downstairs and called a number. After a few beeps, it connected.

"Ah Li?"

"En, it is me. Uncle Fu, sorry for disturbing your rest, but I need some help."

"Snort. You brat, speak. When are you coming home? Your father has been scolding you for being ignorant during these few meetings!"

"Cough cough.Let's not talk about that."I laughed awkwardly. "Uncle Fu, I can't come home for the time being and don't want to. Please help me. Head to my room and send the things on my table to me. I will send you a location. Ask a few more people to help as they’re quite heavy. Don't do it yourself."

"Okay, pass the location to me; I will do it immediately."


I sent the location. This place was not far from homeand could be reached in roughly half an hour. Thus, I just waited downstairs, and a short while later, a commercial car parked right in front and the passenger seat opened. Uncle Fu walked down and slapped my shoulder. "You brat, you are so old, so why are you bickering with your dad? What is the point?"

I laughed. "I have no choice. He can't understand my principles and I don't want to understand his own, so let's just not talk and do our own things."

"Snort. I brought your stuff; where should I carry this to?"

"Carry it upstairs with me."



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There really were not many, at most a computer weighing twenty-five kilograms, a set of equipment, and a few electronic components. In total, there were over one hundred kilograms. Four bodyguards carried them up. Ah Fei was bathing in the room, so I told them to be quiet. I opened my own room door and had them place everything on the table.

"Okay, thank you!"I lowered my voice and pointed downstairs. "Uncle Fu, I will thank you when I go home. Right, you should cut down your weight.Look at how big your stomach is!"

"You brat..." He could not help but laugh.

"All of you, be careful. I won't send you off."

"En, understood. You should be careful outside since you are alone too."



Not long later, Ah Fei finished bathing and smiled. "Ah Li, are you asleep?"

"Don't be rash."I shook my head. "Let's go online; I have something for you. After that, we shall sleep."




I appeared within Black Castle’s teleportation formation. I did not rush and came to the Precious Treasure Pavilion first. I had enough contribution points, so I exchanged for 500 Golden Crow Blood, 500 Green Frostwood, and 500 Spirit Rhino. Everything only cost me a total 400000 contribution points.

I then swiftly returned to the teleportation formation and teleported to Linchen County. I turned into my human race character and entered Linchen County. At the entrance to Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei sat there lazily like a beggar and smiled. "What do you want?"

"Materials.Materials to craft spirit ink."I rolled my eyes at him. "Start the trade."

I opened the trading interface and stacked the materials up and traded them over. I also added the 242 Stone Demon Shells. All of a sudden, Ah Fei was tongue-tied. "D*mn... You... You kid, how did you get so many materials?"

"Just take these; why ask so much?"I looked down at him. "Must I report to a noob about what I do?"

He nodded. "Boss is the boss; your little brother is wrong. Then I shall accept them!"

"Right, I have something else for you."

I placed the small storage bag up. Instantly, Ah Fei was tongue-tied once more. "D*mn... Where did you get these weird things? Ah Li, you really are the boss, the engine of our team!"

"Of course."

I nodded and smiled. "From tomorrow onward, we shall start doing business. Do the inscriptions on my equipment and then accept requests from others. Level 2 inscriptions, one can cost a decent amount."

"Sure!"He nodded. "What do you think we should charge?"

"Let me see..."I thought about it and said, "A level 40 Super Rare equipment costs roughly 3000 RMB and inscriptions can raise stats by 25%, but the stats are additional and are rare, so let's baseit on half the rate. Each level 2 inscription, let's charge 1500 RMB."

"D*mn! So expensive?"He was shocked. "Won't it be too expensive?"

"Don't worry.Once the stall is set up, I am afraid that you will be too busy. Right, are these enough for you to reach level 3?"


"Okay, after you reach level 3, help me inscribe the purple armor that I got."

"What, you have purple equipment?"


"Brother... No, not right.Big brother, please take care of me next time..."




Not long after, Ah Fei fell asleep in satisfaction. He said that he needed to sleep early and wake up early. As for me, I returned to my room and locked my door. I connected the equipment and then waved my hands. "Star Eye, activate!"


At once, the main monitor started and all the equipment powered on along with it. I loved such voice-controlled equipment as it saved time from all the complicated actions. In this technological era, true experts did not need to press buttons manually, right?

As for Star Eye, this was a system that I designed when I was in Destiny and it belonged to me. In truth, it was a super system that connected all sorts of big data. At the same time, I would obtain various permissions which would be limited.

Ahead were all visualized information. At the same time, a system female voice sounded. "Welcome back.All systems are ready to go!"

I nodded my head and took out my phone. I looked at the minion's phone number and said, "Unlock this number. I want to know his recent call records and social media records."

"Entering Unlocking Mode.Please wait!


In less than a second, the phone was successfully unlocked. All records of the number were displayed and I looked at them one by one. In the end, I looked at his WeChat conversations. Apart from a dozen ones featuring him hooking up with girls, I found what I wanted to find. It was someone called Brother Xiang; a few of the messages were about him camping Ah Fei and me.

I looked at Brother Xiang and said seriously, "Unlock his phone and search for the key words of Shang Fei, August End, and Ah Fei."



A series of chat records appeared; the other party was actually Wine and Poems!

Great.We found him!

I rested in my chair and said calmly, "Search every detailabout this Brother Xiang; I want everything you can find."

"Starting search...

"Search success!"

This person's background was on full display before me. From the last three years up to the present, he was a local gangster, someone all brawn and no brain.

"You are the person!"I smiled. "Activate Star Eye's super search system and see where he is recently at most. I want his exact location."

"Star Eye, activated!

"Searching for target facial recognition data...Searching!"

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