Chapter 102- Start to do business
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Zhan Yue Chapter 102- Start to do business

Right while Star Eye was searching, I looked at Wine and Poems and Brother Xiang's chat. He said that he wanted Brother Xiang to settle Ah Fei and me, one finger for 200000 yuan. What a generous price, but he made it seem so simple. That was okay. I had so much time to play with them!

A few seconds later, the female system voice spoke. "Search success!The target entered Green Lemon City Hotel sixty-four minutes ago!"

"Very good!"I clapped and smiled. "Enter their network and search for his room number."

"Search success!Target’s room number is 7024!"


My fingers interlocked as I pushed them forward. My bones started crackling.

Star Eye's system voice spread into my ears. "Pathfinder, the system has detected that your body’s insulin is steadily increasing; are you personally heading to the target’s location? Based on current analysis, the danger percentage is 30%.Please be careful."

I laughed. "Obviously not.If I can settle it while being at home, why should I head out?"

I asked solemnly, "How far is the corporation's nearest bee-form unmanned drone based on the target’s location?"

"Five minutes."


I nodded my head and smiled. "Activate it. I want to see what that Brother Xiang is doing right now."

"Unmanned drone, activate countdown!




A bee-formunmanned drone's video cam could be seen as it flew from the nearby base. A few minutes later, it stopped outside the window of the target. This was the essence of technology; it was the size of a bee and was really silent. It was a godly scouting tool.

Through the cracks, the drone entered the room and it was really dark inside.

"Activate night filming mode," I said.

The picture suddenly turned bright, and on a bed, a guy and a girl were sleeping. The guy was Brother Xiang, and as for the girl, I did not recognize her.

I frowned. Although I knew that it was not good to look into one's privacy, for Ah Fei and my fingers as well as for them not to disturb us, there was nothing I could not do. I looked at Star Eye and said, "Identify her."

"Searching underway..."

Not long after, her identity records appeared one by one. She was married and her husband was not Brother Xiang but rather a rich merchant in Shanghai.

I held my hands behind my back as I leaned against the chair. "Snort! He sleepswith someone else's wife? This Brother Xiang is so immoral... Take a photo and send it to her husband. Encrypt the data."


"Okay!"I clapped and smiled. "Retreat and wipe out the flight records. Wipe out all traces of today and also activate shield mode. Let the servers run silently and search for information that is bad for both Ah Fei and me."



I gave a thumbs-up. "Shut down the system; I am going to bed."

"Goodnight, Pathfinder. I bid you sweet dreams!"


Right away, all the systems closed and the room turned dark. I was excited. I did not even need to head out yet I managed to get Brother Xiang into trouble for some time. He would not have the energy to deal with Ah Fei and me... As for Wine and Poems, I did not have anything on him and the chat records could not be used as evidence. I could only take it slowly and play with him.

I took a bath and returned to my room once more. The moment I lay in bed, exhaustion swept me and I drifted into deep sleep.


The next morning, the familiar music from the water cooler woke me up. The curtains were half drawn and sunlight was seeping in. I did not know when I had kicked the blanket off the bed.

My entire leg was being shone on. On a closer look, I could see each hair follicle and pore of mine. Energy was flowing on the outer layer of my skin as if it were protecting my body. Moreover, after my sleep, the aura around me had become much thicker. I lifted my hand and I could feel a clear explosiveness in me.

"How did this happen?"

I sat up and frowned. I placed my middle and second fingers together and sucked in a deep breath. Visible energy wrapped around my fingers and I could hear buzzing sounds. I pressed down to the edge of the table!

Ji ji...

With a crisp sound, the thick wooden material caved in and formed a clear finger mark. My finger did not feel pain at all; it was as if I had pressed oncotton.

"This..."I was shocked and my mind went blank. Did I become a true expert just by playing a game? Moreover, that was not just it. My vision, senses, and hearing had greatly improved. Especially my senses,last night, I could sense that there was someone outside.That feeling was just too unbelievable!

"Ah Li, are you up yet?" Ah Fei's voice came in from outside. "If you are, then head downstairs to eat breakfast. I am really busy!"

"Hahaha! I am up.Prepare to head out."


After we had breakfast, I quickly went online.


I appeared in Linchen County, and before leaving I looked at the 7000+ gold in my bag. I then looked at the Achievement System and the next one was to have 10000. The time was right, and along with all the random gold on the way, I just had to buy some gold to get 10000. Moreover, after I succeeded, I could directly sell off the 10000 gold. This was a huge win either way.

I came to the auction house and spoke to a NPC. I searched for gold and a series of gold sales appeared, with the lowest having a 1:6.5 ratio. One gold for 6.5 RMB. This was the start of the game and gold was still popular, so such a ratio was normal. I chose three sets, each of 1000 gold and then spent close to 20000 RMB to purchase these. The moment I bought the 1000 gold, a bell rang in my ears; I had completed the Achievement System quest!


[System notification: Congratulations for completing the third quest of Achievement System <Wealth>!Obtained rewards: Charm +2, gold +2500. Extra rewards: Azure Wave Ring (Precious grade)! Next quest was <Challenge>: Pass 99 floors of the Sealed Demon Challenge and you will obtain huge rewards!]



I frowned and my heart jumped. I heard the sound of purple equipment falling into my bag! I opened it, and as expected, in one corner of my bag lay a purple ring. I took it out and saw that it was really exquisite. On it were waves; it was totally purple and gave off a really strong aura!

I waved my hands and the stats of the ring appeared, which made it hard for me to breathe—

Azure Wave Ring (Precious grade)

Strength: +85

Agility: +82

Stamina: +80

Effect: Critical Strike +0.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +2.5%

Special effect: Azure Wave Strike (passive).When attacking, there is a 10% chance of activating Azure Wave Strike, which can cause 200% damage to the target.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 20%.

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 20%.

Required level: 45


Perfect! A perfect item!

Rings were already hard to come by, and at this stage, there were definitely no purple rings. I actually got a level 45 ring after completing an Achievement System quest. These stats were invincible. Critical Strike, lifesteal, and also an Azure Wave Strike (passive). One could say that just the passive alone increased my overall damage. Along with the additional 20% Attack and Defense, this ring was a perfect piece of purple equipment. Even in the future, this ring could be used for a long time and it definitely was not a transition item.

I took a look and each player could wear two rings; I already had a Rare grade Cow Horn Ring and it was blue. It was already quite rare, but compared to Azure Wave Ring, it was just too weak and was not on the same level.


The ring was placed and instantly my Combat strength passed 2000.Especially the lifesteal and Critical Strike columns, they improved by a large amount. These two stats were an Assassin's aces, and I could probably depend on these two to kill more—

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 45

Attack: 742-1011 (+58%)

Defense: 685 (+50%)

Health: 9590

Critical Strike: 9.26%

Lifesteal: 5.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 22

Soul Star: 20

Contribution point: 722038

Combat strength: 2145


My Attack was through the roofs; my actual Attack was probably at 1597 now. Under my Boss state, I was close to 4800. Such Attack would be able to insta-kill anyone. Along with the two purple equipment, my Health nearly reached 10000. The 9.26% Critical Strike was quite decent. As for the 5.5% lifesteal, I would not need to drink potions during training. Just this and Blood Drawing Blade would be enough for me.

After feeling a huge sense of satisfaction, I set aside a portion of the gold to be sold. Ah Fei and I were poor at this moment.To get enough materials for our training and to survive, we must sell gold. However, in the foreseeable future, I would not need to worry about earning money. That was because Ah Fei was about to start.

Not far away, Ah Fei opened his stall. On it were a few inscribed equipment pictures, which were of my Snow Moon, Blood Grievance Necklace, et cetera. They were really eye-catching, and in the next second, he shouted out loud, "The only one in the server, the strongest Inscriber, I am officially open. All bosses who want to improve their equipment can come over! Don't miss this out!All of you, come and take a look!"

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