Chapter 82- Fighting Breaking Dawn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 82- Fighting Breaking Dawn

"Breaking Dawn Destruction is here."

I took several steps back and hid behind a maple tree.

"What? Breaking Dawn?"Ah Fei was furious. "They are so shameless! I didn't join them, so they came to kill me? Breaking Dawn has no shame at all; they are as despicable as Wine and Poems!"

"You be careful.Leave the outer region enemies to me,"I said seriously, "but I can't stop everyone, so you have to defend yourself, too. Moreover, finish it quickly; the situation is getting worse!"

"I know. I am trying my hardest!"


Sha sha...

Breaking Dawn Destruction held his dagger and bent down. He was like a specter from hell. The cape behind him fluttered and his eyes gave off a sinister feel to it. He just stared at Ah Fei as he gave off a tinge of killing intent. At the same time, he paid attention to locate me in the surroundings.

Right at that moment, I used my level advantage to see three people behind Breaking Dawn Destruction. They were all level 38 Assassins in Stealth mode. As expected, they were well prepared. Breaking Dawn Destruction knew that he had no strength to deal with me alone, so he brought three helpers?

I took a deep breath. These people were all Breaking Dawn's top Assassins. They were all people who licked blood off their blades. In this game of life, the Assassins of Breaking Dawn had done many great things. They followed Breaking Dawn Destruction for one goal, which was to kill Ah Fei who was comprehending and copying the inscriptions.


Right when Breaking Dawn Destruction was five yards away from me and could see me in Stealth, I charged forth!


Fallen leaves flew with the wind as my hidden body pounced on Breaking Dawn Destruction!

"Ah?!"Breaking Dawn Destruction was no ordinary person. As the top Assassin of Breaking Dawn, his reaction speed was really strong. He noticed me the moment I pounced and gritted his teeth while retreating. "He is here!"

However, he was still too slow. I was the one sneak-attacking, after all. Snow Moon gave him a glancing blow with a pu, I used Gouge onto his chest and stunned him!


Without being in Boss state, I could not insta-kill the squishies, but in the next moment, I stepped forwardand used a basic attack plus Backstab on him. Two damage numbers flew up!



Backstab critically striked, and this time, he was killed without a doubt. Breaking Dawn Destruction's health was definitely lower than 4000.Even if Backstab did not crit, he was still dead.


Right when Breaking Dawn Destruction fell, the three Assassins charged up. Apart from them, the grass rustled and more Assassins appeared!

I gritted my teeth and welcomed their attacks. Before we clashed, I used Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng!

The Assassin in front died after two hits from Hunter's Edge. The second Assassin had low health and retreated, but he obviously failed to do so. I slashed his throat and dealt with him. At the same time, the third Assassin used Gouge.

He was slow!


Boots of Agility caused the leaves around me to spin and I completed a sidestep plus forward charge. I used my Agility advantage to get behind him and killhim with a basic attack plus Backstab. I did not even lose a single health when I dealt with four Assassins including Breaking Dawn Dust.


Ahead, the five other Assassins were stunned. They stopped moving forward and one of them gritted their teeth. "Leader Destruction is already dead; retreat and gather with the others!"

They retreated out of the forest, but I could not chase, either. If I chased, I would be baited and things would be over.

Ah Fei could not block their attacks.

Thus, I entered White Cloak state and stared at the empty land.


A few minutes later, another bunch of people stepped in. This time, it was Breaking Dawn Ash leading. He held his shining sword and his body shone with light blue, high-end equipment. Beside him were Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Fate. These were all Breaking Dawn elites and there were over hundred of them.

Breaking Dawn was just so vicious!

For Dreams was careless and brought only thirty people and that was actually quite a lot. Breaking Dawn actually brought their main force to stop Ah Fei's job change quest?

"Friend,"I used my Shura's voice to ask, "do you have grievances with the young man comprehending inscriptions behind me?"

"No."Breaking Dawn Ash shook his head. "On the contrary, we are willing to be friends with him. We invited him to join Breaking Dawn, but he doesn't know what is good for him, so we have no choice. Since we can't be friends,we can only become enemies. Of course, aNPC like you won't understand it. Also, I don't understand why you want to help him; is it connected to the quest?"

I was silent for a few seconds. "If you attack, then we are enemies forever. From today onward, I will stop at nothing. I will remember this debt and I hope that you can think things through."

Breaking Dawn Dust frowned. "How is aNPC like you... speaking such things to players? What ‘stop at nothing'?Do you think that Breaking Dawn is afraid of you? Once we level up, you won't even be enough to carry our shoes. Won't we be able to kill you easily?"

I asked calmly, "Since you've made your decision, bring it on. Our grievances have been set in stone today, and we will never have peace. Let's begin!"

"Scoff..."Breaking Dawn Ash gritted his teeth. "Brothers, prepare to attack!"

"Boss."On the side, Breaking Dawn's beautiful Priest Breaking Dawn Fate frowned. "We might really be on the path of no return this time. If we attack, we may end up having a really terrifying enemy. I think that... we should be more careful."

"Fate, there is no need to say more,"Breaking Dawn Ash said. "If we can swallow such a thing, then Breaking Dawn won't be able to gain a footing in the server. If you aren't willing to join in, you can step aside."

"Okay."Breaking Dawn Fate retreated. "This activity goes against my will, so I won't participate. I am sorry; you can carry on."

After saying that, she shattered a City Return Scroll and returned.

"Haiz..."Breaking Dawn Dust smiled helplessly. "Her personality is like that.She seems soft, but she is really stubborn. Don't mind her."

Breaking Dawn Ash laughed. "We've known each other for so long, so I understand Fate, but it is okay. Let us guys do such things.As a girl, she can refrain from joining in if she wants, and it is okay."

"Okay, let's prepare to attack!"Breaking Dawn Dust said seriously. "Frontline, gather!Prepare to push forward. Based on the data that For Dreams gave us, this Boss isn't at its peak. Its stats are greatly weakened and its basic attacks at most deal a thousand damage. We don't have to worry too much. Attack!Wipe him out and then deal with August End!"

"Charge!"The bunch of them pushed forward.

I had silently reached the left wing. Right when Breaking Dawn Dust and the others charged into the forest, I used the White Cloak buff to slap a palm towardBreaking Dawn Dust and his men!


The giant bell rang out in the sky along with a dragon roar. The land around me was being twisted under the overwhelming power. Golden light wrapped around my fingers. The moment I slapped my fingers forward, the power turned into a golden dragon shape, which flew outward. This attack had 200% true damage and also had the 300% damage from Dragon Will. In truth, it was 600% true damage!


Dense damage numbers rose inthe air






Apart from Breaking Dawn Dust, the twenty heavy-armored players all fell from the bright light of Dragon Will. Their Paladin and Warrior team was wiped out just like that. Breaking Dawn Dust probably did not guess that I would get so close and sneak-attack them before they even attacked!

"D*mn!" Breaking Dawn Dust's pupils constricted and he slashed at me with his sword.

I sidestepped and with a swoosh and appeared by his side. My daggers flashed a cold light and wiped out his last bit of health!

"Wa..."Breaking Dawn Dust fell in a really tragic manner.

"D*mn!"Breaking Dawn Ash gritted his teeth and shouted in anger. "I will restrict the Boss; the rest of you, charge into the forest and kill August End! It doesn't matter if the Boss dies; August End must die. That is what will hurt them the most!"

My heart felt cold; they were too vicious!


"Die!"Breaking Dawn Ash shouted and used Assault on me from close range!

I sidestepped and used my speed to the maximum. One could hear a loud pengas Breaking Dawn Ash smashed into empty land beside me. My reaction speed was really quick and the six-star golden light flashed on his sword. With a loud keng, Double Hit landed from above!

I did not hold back and used my combo, too!

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Golden energy currents surged around and thick energy waves spread around. The golden colored ‘Separated by Water’ appeared in the wind. My daggers pushed forward as if I were being helped by god, and with two quick attacks,which were supported by the energy currents of the combo, I interrupted his Double Hit!

"You..."Breaking Dawn Ash definitely did not expect me to be so decisive. Under Separated by Water's attacks, his health dropped and he was instantly in low health. Unfortunately Separated by Water was still a bit lacking, but in truth, even with a combo and without absolute advantage in terms of armor, Assassins had no chance of insta-killing a top Warrior.

However, after Separated by Water, Breaking Dawn Ash’s healt was at an all-time low!


"...D-D*mn!" cursed an Archer with a trembling voice. "Heal the leader!He is about to be killed!"

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