Chapter 81- Record down all the names
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Zhan Yue Chapter 81- Record down all the names

I entered White Cloak state once more and waited quietly in the bushes.

Fortunately, the place where the stone steeles were at was decent, and there was a mountainousregion filled with vines on the back. I only had to guard the area in front and would not be pincered from both sides. As long as I could guard this area safe, Ah Fei would not suffer much damage.

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Sha sha...

Hurried footsteps could be heard in the forest, and not long after, over ten players charged out of the forest. The leader was a level 36 Paladin named Explosive Liver.He was dressed in blue and green equipment and held a light blue sword. His eyes were filled with a dark gaze, and after seeing Ah Fei's position, he laughed. "D*mn, we found him. August End is here! Hahaha!All of you, don't move; I will deal with him alone."

Ah Fei wrote while turning back and gritting his teeth. "Brother, we don't have any grievances with one another, right? What is the meaning of this?"

"No meaning."Explosive Liver walked forwardwith his sword and smiled coldly. "I don't like you and don't like seeing people succeed. We are all players, so who gives you the right to get a hidden job while we don't? Is that fair?"

"Right."Another Warrior smiled. "Either we all have nothing or we all get something. Someone said something good in the past:‘You aren't doing anything wrong, the only wrong thing is that you are holding a treasure.’ Brother, the reason you are in the wrong is because you have a hidden job!"

"I’m not wrong!" Ah Fei shouted in rage.

"Not wrong?"Explosive Liver laughed out loud. "You make me laugh! Brothers, don't attack, I will wipe him out alone!"

"You are asking for death!"

My voice came from the air as I charged out of the darkness. My Snow Moon activated Annihilation on Explosive Liver's neck with a cold light. Instantly a streak of blood splashed out and he was insta-killed due to the 10000 damage dealt. In the next second, he fell to the ground and his body started to burn from his neck!

"D*mn, boss was killed!"

The Warrior was furious. "What is this?Why can't I see the ID? This skill... Why does it look so familiar?"

"System... The system Boss?"

An Archer trembled. "Why did he appear here?There’s no system notification!"

"Attack!Wipe him out! D*mn!"

The bunch of them charged in anger.

I gritted my teeth and activated Blood Drawing Blade while waving my daggers. After activating Quickness, my speed increased. I Gouged a Warrior and brushed past him to slash a Mage. I then moved to the right and Backstabbed an Archer before shifting back and using basic attack plus Hunter's Edge to insta-kill the Warrior and another Mage. At this stage, my name was blood red, but these people could not see it. Maybe it was because the system was protecting me.

A few seconds later, the ground was littered with corpses. All of them were killed by me!

"Ah Fei!"I turned around to address him. "You can't see my name, too?"

"Yes."Ah Fei nodded. "Your name is mixed with many question marks; there’s only one introduction: Specter from Darkness."

"..."I grinned. "It sounds quite cool."


He smiled, too, and continued copying the runes. I looked over and could see the golden paper spreading out in the wind as Ah Fei waved his brush. There were some ancient runes and words mixed between which made my head hurt. It was surprising that Ah Fei was able to persist.

"How is the progress?" I asked.

He gritted his teeth and tore one of the golden paper pages off. "I failed once more.

D*mn, I need to be perfect with the diagram above, but some lines are too hard to deduce."

"Focus.You can do it," I said.



Right at this moment, another bunch of people stepped into the forest. Moreover, they were all familiar people and the one in front was the tenth Warrior in Linchen County's board, level 39 Wine and Poems. He was only one step away from level 40. His body shone dark blue in color. This kid, whose family had a mine, really did not lack money and he had bought a bunch of Super Rare equipment.

Behind Wine and Poems was the Mage Fenghua Sizhan; Archer Only Shooting God was here, too. There was also another familiar person; the Priest Wang Siyu was here as well. She held a dark blue staff and her face was filled with arrogance.

"Scoff!As expected, it was you!"

Wine and Poems looked at Ah Fei who was copying the inscriptions and laughed coldly. "August End... Tsk tsk. Shi Shangfei, hahaha... Little Yu was right; you really were using the original ID. You’re actually so lucky and got such an amazing hidden job, but are you worthy of it?"

"Wine and Poems?"Ah Fei gritted his teeth. "Bunch of dogs, I just know that none of you are good people! Also, Wang Siyu, when you were with Ah Li, I even treated you to fish. Look at things now; you even bring your current boyfriend to spoil my matter. I really want to ask:What kind of thing are you?"

Wang Siyu frowned. "Shi Shangfei, you have the face to say such shameless words? Don't think that I don't know. Lu Lu's family is extraordinarily rich.His car costa few million. Such a person only bought me a bag which cost a few thousand and I treated him as my boyfriend. What did he treat me as? Was I just jewelry of his?'

"B$(39CH!"Ah Fei laughed coldly. He knew that I was definitely furious, so he helped me to scold her. "His family being rich is their problem; how does it concern you? Does he have to spend money on you just because he is dating you? Lu Li is my brother and I know him best. He is not a stingy person; he is unwilling to spend money on you because you are not worth it! You only want money. You date guys to get money from them. You are so materialistic, so why don’t you sell yourself? Isn't that more convenient?"

"You..."Wang Siyu's face turned white.

I was delighted. Ah Fei was really good at scolding people!

"Why are you speaking so much to such a person?!"

Wine and Poems scoffed. "Attack!Just insta-kill him. Let him lay beneath our feet like a dog; that is far better than anything else. I am going to attack!"

Wine and Poems bent down and dashed with his sword.

I frowned and found a chance, appearing beside Wine and Poems and using Annihilation where he passed. With a piercing sound, close to 18000+ damage rose. White Cloak plus Annihilation was just too strong. The moment he passed by me, his head and body split up!

Pa ta!

The corpse fell to the ground and his head fell even further. His body turned into data and specks of starlight before disappearing.

"What?!"Only Shooting God panicked.

"Die!"I stepped forwardand thrust my dagger forward. Only Shooting God had good mechanics, but I was already up close. He tried blocking my attack, but his Agility was slightly lower, so my other dagger stabbed into his heart. I followed it up with a basic attack and insta-killed him!

"You... Who are you?!"

Mage Fenghua Sizhan was shocked.

I got closeand smiled coldly. With my hell-like voice, I said, "I am the Super Mother Hunter!"

I shouted and activated Hunter's Edge. Golden words shone all around and a high-grade skill was announced with a low male voice—

‘Mother Hunter's Edge!’


Fenghua Sizhan groaned and fell to the ground. The two other players were left with low health after being hit by Hunter's Edge. I slashed with my daggers, and in the next second, I appeared behind a defenseless Warrior. Basic attack, Backstab, plus Annihilation, and I killed another. I then stepped forth in front of Wang Siyu.


Wang Siyu held her staff and her face was filled with panic. She waved her staff and tried using a physical attack onto my head.

"B#$*ch, die!"

I said calmly before insta-killing her with two basic attacks. At that moment, a few people pounced on Ah Fei.

"Kill him.Don't care about that mysterious Boss."

An Archer used Explosive Shot plus Combo Shot to bring Ah Fei to low Health!

"Drink a potion!"

I dashed over and used Gouge to stun one while I letAh Fei recover. Ah Fei's brush disappeared and he used a Wind Blade to insta-kill someone along with me. The two of us had huge killing strength and wiped out the remaining For Dreams members.

Once again, the ground was covered in corpses and I was left with only 30% health. It seemed like I had to activate Blood Drawing Blade for the next battle.


"Ah Fei, continue with the quest and leave the rest to me. I will try my best not to let them get close to you."I looked at the corpses and spoke in an ice cold voice. "Remember all their IDs; we can't let them bully us like this. We will deal with them one after another!"

"Right.Especially Wine and Poems, he is such a dog!"

"En, inscribe it quickly.Is there progress?"

"There is a little. I think I comprehend it, but I can't grasp that feeling. I shall try again..."

"En, good luck!"


In the end, a few minutes later.

Rustling noise came from the forest, and one could see many small footsteps but no one. An Assassin in Stealth mode was here!

I retreated and guarded before Ah Fei. I focused on the environment, and a few seconds later, a person flashed in front of me. His body gave off a cold light. A level 29 Assassin. As he was lower level than me, I noticed him in stealth!

Breaking Dawn Destruction!

It was actually him!

It was hard to imagine that Breaking Dawn who said that they wanted to become a first-rate guild would actually be so shameless. Ah Fei rejected their request, so they came to assassinate him. Such people, how could they be a top-rate guild just like that?!

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