Chapter 81- Record down all the names
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Zhan Yue Chapter 81- Record down all the names

I entered White Cloak state once more and waited quietly in the bushes.

Fortunately, the place where the stone steeles were at was decent, and there was a mountainousregion filled with vines on the back. I only had to guard the area in front and would not be pincered from both sides. As long as I could guard this area safe, Ah Fei would not suffer much damage.


Sha sha...

Hurried footsteps could be heard in the forest, and not long after, over ten players charged out of the forest. The leader was a level 36 Paladin named Explosive Liver.He was dressed in blue and green equipment and held a light blue sword. His eyes were filled with a dark gaze, and after seeing Ah Fei's position, he laughed. "D*mn, we found him. August End is here! Hahaha!All of you, don't move; I will deal with him alone."

Ah Fei wrote while turning back and gritting his teeth. "Brother, we don't have any grievances with one another, right? What is the meaning of this?"

"No meaning."Explosive Liver walked forwardwith his sword and smiled coldly. "I don't like you and don't like seeing people succeed. We are all players, so who gives you the right to get a hidden job while we don't? Is that fair?"

"Right."Another Warrior smiled. "Either we all have nothing or we all get something. Someone said something good in the past:‘You aren't doing anything wrong, the only wrong thing is that you are holding a treasure.’ Brother, the reason you are in the wrong is because you have a hidden job!"

"I’m not wrong!" Ah Fei shouted in rage.

"Not wrong?"Explosive Liver laughed out loud. "You make me laugh! Brothers, don't attack, I will wipe him out alone!"

"You are asking for death!"

My voice came from the air as I charged out of the darkness. My Snow Moon activated Annihilation on Explosive Liver's neck with a cold light. Instantly a streak of blood splashed out and he was insta-killed due to the 10000 damage dealt. In the next second, he fell to the ground and his body started to burn from his neck!

"D*mn, boss was killed!"

The Warrior was furious. "What is

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