Chapter 80- Inscriber Job change quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 80- Inscriber Job change quest

I shook my head. "No, I am focused on fighting and can't be distracted."

"That's good, too."

Shen Feng shifted his eyes to Ah Fei and said, "Young man, the price you must pay to be a true Inscriber is huge. May I ask:Are you determined to become one?"

Ah Fei raised his chest. "Of course, yes.If not, why did I come here?"

"Very good."Shen Feng laughed out loud and pushed a stack of golden paper as well as a seal pen over. "These are papers and this seal pen used to practice inscriptions; bring them and head to the stone pieces outside the city. If you can copy down the inscriptions on the stone pieces, then you will pass the test and I will take you as my disciple."

Ah Fei was delighted. He put the things down and smiled. "Thank you, future master!"

Shen Feng laughed loudly. "It is too early for you to call me master. Go, this path might be dangerous and there might be many uncertainties. It isn't easy to become an Inscriber; I wish you good luck!"


In the next second, a streak of light descended on Ah Fei's body and he looked at me in shock. "I got the quest; it’s aSS main questline quest.D*mn!It seems like it would be announced to the world."

"So strong?"I smiled. "Then follow the quest steps and begin."


Right at that moment, anear-piercing bell reverberated in the sky above Linchen County—


[System Notification: Congratulations Player Eight End for obtaining the SS-grade Inscriber Job Change quest for a hidden job!He will head toward Insect Waking Forest and copy some inscriptions.If he copies it successfully, then he will complete the mission. If he is killed or if he exceeds the time, the job change will be a failure! Player Eight End's currentcoordinates are Linchen County Inscriber Association, second floor, 24.89!]


The moment the bell rang, I was shocked. "D*mn!"

Ah Fei's eyes turned cold, too. "D*mn, this system... Is it informing others to come and kill me?"

"I don't know."

I shook my head. "Don't think too much and head out to Insect Waking Forest right away. I will use my Shura state to follow and help you. Focus on the inscriptions. You have to complete it; this is the biggest test on us since Illusionary Moon started; we definitely can't fail!"


He clenched his fists and headed down.

I followed him from a short distance. The system would report his coordinates every two minutes. Thus, when Ah Fei and I passed through the east square, a bunch of players looked up and they heard the bell. They then focused their eyes on Ah Fei.

"D*mn.Hidden job Inscriber... This job should be amazing, right?"

"Yi, aren't the newest coordinates near here? That... That mage August End, is it him?!"

"Right, it is August End.D*mn, is this person the future Inscriber?"

"Why is he alone? Is he not afraid of being killed?"

"Tsk tsk. Linchen County is in chaos once more; this potential Inscriber will cause a huge storm!"


Head out of the city.

The moment Ah Fei dashed past the forest, I charged, too, and activated my Shura mode. My human character turned into light, which surged inthe air. Shortly after, a dark gold and black wrapped light descended onto the ground and formed into my Shura bloodline form. A white cloak flashed behind me and I entered the White Cloak form.

A full Agility Assassin was fast, even if stealth reduced my movement speed, but I could still catch up to Ah Fei. The two of us passed the forest and headed towardInsect Waking Forest.

"Ah Li, this doesn't seem good,”Ah Fei suddenly said, his voice filled with unease.

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"For Dreams sent me news that they would definitely not let me complete this mission," he said solemnly. "D*mn!That bunch will definitely spoil things; what should we do?"

"Leave it to me; focus on the quest. Once you complete it, then shatter a City Return Scroll."


After a few seconds, he said, "Also, Breaking Dawn Destruction contacted me."

"Breaking Dawn Destruction?"

"Yes," he said solemnly, "he invited me to join Breaking Dawn, but I rejected him."

I said solemnly, "Then what did he say?"

"He said bear the consequences yourself."

"D*mn!"I clenched my fists. "We will definitely have many problems today. Inscriber should be a support-type hidden job and is a huge treasure. Since Breaking Dawn can't have you... I am worried they will attack and we will be even more troubled."

"Then how?Should I fake agreeing to join them?"

"No."I shook my head. "Since we are out, trust and honesty is more important than life. You either don't agree or, if you do, stick to your promise. If Breaking Dawn comes, then let's just go all out."


Another two minutes passed and Ah Fei said, "Ah Li, Elements' Mars River also added me. He invited me to join them. He says that, as long as I join them, he will make me an Elder. Moreover, if I join Elements, he will send people to protect me and let me complete this. Should I agree?"

"No!"I shook my head. "We are free, and once you complete this, you can write inscriptions for anyone you want. If we really join Elements or Breaking Dawn, you will become a tool. You will just have to help people raise stats. Will that be good?"

"No!"He gritted his teeth. "I hate to be commanded around by people; I will not do that."

"En."I nodded my head. "Be more long-winded when you object, we can't offend too many people.'

"I understand."


Not long later, we entered the Insect Waking Forest!

A bunch of level 37 Bramble Boars were in the mud and finding some roots and potatoes. In the forest, there were many players training and were blocking our path.

"What should we do?" Ah Fei asked.

"Pass them."I followed him like a shadow as I spoke calmly. "Whoever dares to touch you, I will insta-kill them. Be careful;did you bring potions?"

"No, I don't need Health Potions when training as I have Priests to heal me."

"Dumb!"I tossed out two stacks of potions from my bag. "Pick it up and set the automatic use setting. Once you drop health, use one every five seconds."


At this time, when Ah Fei passed a party of ten, a level 36 Warrior laughed. "August End? Isn't this the person who has the Inscriber job change? He actually dared to come? Hahaha! He doesn't have any support at all and dares to come; isn't he asking for death?"

Ah Fei ran while saying solemnly, "Friends, please show face; it’s not easy to get the certificate.Thank you."

"Why should we?"The Warrior laughed. "Moreover, we aren't friends. Say something useful. Your staff isn’t bad; it should be some Rare above level 30 equipment. Our party's Mage lacks a weapon. You can toss that and we won't find problems with you. We can even help you fend off those targeting you; if not.."

"Hahaha! Yes!"

Behind them, the Musician holding a pipa laughed. "Give some benefits and the handful of us can help you. If not then don't blame us!"


Ah Fei gritted his teeth. "If you have balls, then kill me; I hate being threatened!"

I also hated it!

In the next second, I appeared behind the Warrior and used Annihilation on him!



Although I did not have the Wind Cloud Platform’s stats, it was still enough to insta-kill someone. Even in my ordinary state, White Cloak plus Annihilation was a lethal combo!

After dealing with the Warrior, I turned around and used Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng!

Three sharp lights flew towarda Mage, an Archer, and an Enchanter and they fell. I pounced on and waved my daggers about, slicing the remaining few. One Musician remained and he retreated with an ashen-white face. "You... Who are you?"

My lips curled and I gave a smile which made him tremble. "Weren't you going to be impolite? Bring it on; show it to me!"


I charged up, using Gouge plus Basic attack to insta-kill him!


When I finished the battle, Ah Fei could be seen far in front. I saw the sword that the Warrior had dropped and picked it up. Level 30 Rare equipment.It could be sold for some money. Not bad, so I tossed it into my bag. Moreover, as I expected, if I came from the teleportation formation, I was a player and could pick up the dropped items. I was the same as a player, just that I had a hidden race.

This felt great!

I charged into the bushes in front and instantly a giant old stone pillar standing in the empty land came into view. Old vines wrapped around it. Right as Ah Fei got close, patterns floated out. This pattern was a really complicated circular formation. They were legendary inscriptions and were really complicated!


Ah Fei took a look and he was astonished. He did not hesitate and sat down crossed-leg. He looked at the inscriptions and started waving the brush in his handto draw on the golden paper.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"I don't care; I am going to try my best!"

He turned and smiled at me. "Ah Li, you definitely spent a lot of time and effort to get this. If I don't try my best, I am not a brother!"

"Stop the nonsense and draw. If we succeed, it’ll be our time. In the future, I have to depend on you for my riches!"


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