Chapter 80- Inscriber Job change quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 80- Inscriber Job change quest

I shook my head. "No, I am focused on fighting and can't be distracted."

"That's good, too."

Shen Feng shifted his eyes to Ah Fei and said, "Young man, the price you must pay to be a true Inscriber is huge. May I ask:Are you determined to become one?"

Ah Fei raised his chest. "Of course, yes.If not, why did I come here?"

"Very good."Shen Feng laughed out loud and pushed a stack of golden paper as well as a seal pen over. "These are papers and this seal pen used to practice inscriptions; bring them and head to the stone pieces outside the city. If you can copy down the inscriptions on the stone pieces, then you will pass the test and I will take you as my disciple."

Ah Fei was delighted. He put the things down and smiled. "Thank you, future master!"

Shen Feng laughed loudly. "It is too early for you to call me master. Go, this path might be dangerous and there might be many uncertainties. It isn't easy to become an Inscriber; I wish you good luck!"


In the next second, a streak of light descended on Ah Fei's body and he looked at me in shock. "I got the quest; it’s aSS main questline quest.D*mn!It seems like it would be announced to the world."

"So strong?"I smiled. "Then follow the quest steps and begin."


Right at that moment, anear-piercing bell reverberated in the sky above Linchen County—


[System Notification: Congratulations Player Eight End for obtaining the SS-grade Inscriber Job Change quest for a hidden job!He will head toward Insect Waking Forest and copy some inscriptions.If he copies it successfully, then he will complete the mission. If he is killed or if he exceeds the time, the job change will be a failure! Player Eight End's currentcoordinates are Linchen County Inscriber Association, second floor, 24.89!]


The moment the bell rang, I was shocked. "D*mn!"

Ah Fei's eyes turned cold, too. "D*mn, this system... Is it informing others to come and kill me?"

"I don't know."

I shook my head. "Don't think too much and head out to Insect Waking Forest right away. I will use my Shura state to

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