Chapter 79- Shen Feng
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Zhan Yue Chapter 79- Shen Feng

"What conditions?" I was stunned.

"Very simple."Pang Dalong laughed out loud. "Since the Precious Treasure Pavilion is giving you such a great chance, then the Wind Cloud Platform should return the favor. I need to have a good chat with your master."

"Junior Brother Pang!"

Smoke started to spread in the air and Ding Heng's voice came from it. The mist in the courtyard dissipated and he walked out from within. He was holding his hands behind his back as he walked into the Precious Treasure Pavilion's back courtyard like an expert. He smiled. "Junior brother, can you not make things hard for my disciple?"

Pang Dalong laughed out loud. "Welcome, senior brother. This is the Precious Treasure Pavilion's honor! Senior brother, please sit. Men, bring tea over!"

Ding Heng sat down and smiled. "Junior brother, please speak; what are the conditions?"


Pang Dalong laughed. "You don't even ask about me and you want to bargain for your disciple right away? Aren't you going to ask what July Wildfire wants from me?"

Ding Heng smiled while touching his mustache. "My disciple is talented and kind. I believe that what he wants to do will be beneficial to the Wind Cloud Platform, so I don't have to ask. Junior brother, you just have to tell me what conditions you need?"

"Cough cough..."Pang Dalong spoke. "I didn't expect that senior brother would have a disciple whom you love so much. Okay, then. I shall say it. Precious Treasure Pavilion has a top disciple and his bloodline contains huge quantities of death laws. His name is Dong Yuanbai."

"Little Scum?" I was stunned.

Pang Dalong grinned. "Dong Yuanbai is Precious Treasure Pavilion's top disciple, but unfortunately you do know that I am a life cultivator. I am one of the few in Black Castle. There are many death laws that I can't teach Dong Yuanbai, so can I ask senior brother to teach Dong Yuanbai the Cloud Wind skills and help strengthen the Precious Treasure Pavilion?"

"Cloud Wind Technique?"

"Why, you can't do it?" Pang Dalong was worried.

Ding Heng laughed out loud. "It is possible. I have cultivated my life, and although this is the technique that made me famous, I can teach it. Since junior brother thinks so highly of the Cloud Wind Technique, send Dong Yuanbai over to the Wind Cloud Platform. Naturally, I will teach him well."

"Then..."Pang Dalong was delighted. "I will thank senior brother on behalf of Dong Yuanbai.Thank you!"

"No worries."


Pang Dalong waved and smiled. "Men, bring the job change certificate that the Wind Cloud Platform young master needs.You can give it to him!"

As he said that, he deducted 500000 contribution points from me.

Pa ta!

A golden certificate landed in my palm and my heart beat quickly. I tossed it into my bag and nodded. "Thank you, Senior Uncle Pang!"

Shortly after, I looked at Ding Heng. "Thank you, master!"

He smiled. "Cultivate well; don't disappoint me!"

"En, of course!"


After leaving the Wind Cloud Platform, I headed toward the teleportation formation and told Ah Fei on the outside, "Return to the old spot in the city; I have a treasure for you!"

"Ah? I'm coming; I'm coming!"

He was delighted.


My character flashed, and in the next second, I appeared in the broken and old teleportation formation outside Linchen County. I held my daggers and disappeared into the wind. Not far away, there were many players training. A party was clashing with level 39 green mantises. In their eyes, this teleportation formation, which was made up of a few old stone pieces, was like some ruins; it did not look like a teleportation array at all, so no one paid it attention. To most, these stone pieces could be said to be a very detailed design of the game designers.Who knew that this formation could actually be used?

I headed straight to Linchen County. Right when I reached it, I turned into my human form. On it was my name ‘A Little Brother'. I then waltzed into Linchen County just like this.

In front of Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei looked pumped up. The moment he saw me, he rubbed his eyes and laughed. "Why, do you have some Super Rare equipment? If not, then you wouldn't say that it's a treasure, would you?Is my guess correct?"

I rolled my eyes. "Who cares about equipment? Noob, I am going to give you a great chance!"

He was stunned and gave me a dumb smile. "Okay. Since that is the case, then thank you, senior. Show me the treasure.Quick!"


I opened the trading interface and passed the Inscriber Job Change Certificate to him and smiled. "Okay, go and change jobs. This job will cause our status to soar!"

"D*mn..."Looking at the Job Change Certificate, Ah Fei's face flushed red. "Am I looking at it right?Is it really a certificate for a hidden job?D*mn... d*mn..."

"Stop your nonsense.Activate and complete it." I glanced at him.

"En!"Ah Fei sucked in a deep breath and used it right away. His body froze, and a few seconds later, he said, "I am going to the Inscriber Association over in Linchen County; will you follow me?"

"Sure. I can take care of you."



Inscriber Association was located on the most busy street in the center of Linchen County. Opposite it was the City Lord Manor, and that was enough to show the Inscriber Association's position in society. From afar, the Inscriber Association was a bunch of majestic buildings. Its jade walls were brimming with life, which had mysterious inscription powers. On the second floor were many flags with inscriptions, signifying the guild's status and strength in the empire.

The gate in front was tightly guarded, but inside was really big and spacious. Outside were many beautifully decorated carriages parked. Just a look and one would know that the people here were noble.

Ah Fei frowned. "D*mn... Why do I feel like I am not good for this place? What if they don't recognize this and chase us out, then what?"

"Who cares?" I smiled. "You need to believe that you are the best. Stop the nonsense and head in. After completing the mission, let's eat supper together."


Thus, the two of us entered the Inscriber Association together and the scenes inside made our eyes open wide. People filled up this twenty-meter hall. On the left was an auction place and many people stretched their necks to look. On the right was a display zone, where people guarded the items that were encased. There was equipment, jewelry, treasures, et cetera. Rainbow-colored light flowed around and people could not help but feel amazed.

"D*mn..." Ah Fei was shocked. "My legs are going soft; I can't walk anymore..."

"You really have no class..."I glanced at him. At this moment, a rabbit-dressed beauty walked over and smiled. "Two esteemed guests, are you buying inscription equipment or would you like to take a look at the displayed items?"

"We are here to change jobs," I said.

"Ah?"She was stunned, her face filled with shock. "Two guests, please stop joking; how will the empire have such a young inscriber. People who have the rights are at least thirty.It isn't so easy to make an inscription!"

I grinned. "Ah Fei, take it out."

"Okay."Ah Fei held the golden job change certificate. "Beauty, take a look."

She took a look and an expression of respect appeared on her face. "Please wait; I will inform the Association head."

"En, okay."

Not long after, the attendant returned and she smiled respectfully. "You two, please follow me to the second floor and meet the president!"

"Great."Ah Fei and I smiled at one another.It seemed like this certificate was still relatively useful. I followed her across the main hall and up to the second floor. There were much fewer people here and the guests did not have the rightto come. What we saw were a bunch of inscribers studying at the tables. Some had disheveled hair, while some muttered to themselves; it was as if they were totally engrossed in it.

At the end of the second floor, a giant redwood table spanned across. A middle-aged man sat there. He looked really handsome and resembled a scholar. If one could describe him, he looked like a Zhuge Liang, he was so smart and he did not look like an ordinary person.

On his head were a bunch of words—

Shen Feng (Precious Grade Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: Linchen County Inscriber Association President, Inscriber Grandmaster, few recognized inscribers in Donghang Province of Xuanyuan Empire. He has deep attainments in the path of inscription.


When he saw me walk over, Shen Feng got up and bowed. "Linchen County Inscriber Association President Shen Feng greets you two young friends."

Ah Fei and I were stunned. Why was such a person being so polite to us two?

"Two of you."

Shen Feng looked at the golden Inscriber Job Change Certificate and said, "Can I ask:Do you know the person who wrote this? How did you get this introduction?"

"I have never seen that person."

I smiled. "As for how this letter was gained, of course it was proper, so there’s no need to suspect anything."

"Okay, then."

Shen Feng took a deep breath and said, "Since that person of legends introduced you, then I have to execute it. May I ask:Who wants to become an Inscriber?"


Ah Fei walked up and held a blue staff. He was in blue and dark green equipment and did look like a high grade mage.


Shen Feng smiled, his eyes landed on Ah Fei and my body. My heart could not help but jump as if my consciousness was being searched. A few seconds later, Shen Feng looked at me with deep meaning and smiled. "Actually, this little friend has much better comprehension to become a top Inscriber."

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