Chapter 78- Added conditions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 78- Added conditions


Beneath my feet, a golden energy current exploded. A streak of light shone and the words ‘Separated by Water’ appeared around me in gold. Before Lin Xi could react, I counterattacked. I activated Blood Drawing Blade with my combo and absorbed some of her health!


Lin Xi looked at the words Separated by Water and was totally stunned. Right before Separated by Water was used, she held her blade in front of her chest and her body sank low. She activated the skill Dawn Protect, and a few silver shields appeared around her, which greatly reduced the damage!

Peng peng peng...

Three hits took away 83% of her Health and I also gained 2000+ Health. Right before the next two hits were about to be used, there was the sound of wind being pierced through as I was stunned by an Assault. Moreover, my combo was broken!

Feng Canghai!

Fortunately, Feng Canghai's attacks were still on cooldown and he could only use basic attacks and Heavy Strike, but even then, my health bar was nearing its end.

"Lin Xi?!"

While Feng Canghai attacked, he turned to Lin Xi who had low health.


Assault's stun duration was really short and fortunately my Quickness skill was up. I raised my hand and golden light wrapped around my legs. I charged out, causing six huge Misses to appear in the sky from Feng Canghai's attacks.


Feng Canghai was shocked and looked at me disappear into the wind. He lost interest in chasing me as he might even be unable to beat me in one on one.



I charged deep into the forest like the wind, and after confirming that there was no one chasing me, I activated Blood Drawing Blade to kill the few Darkness Shadow Treants in front of me and got back to full health. Only then did I heave a sigh of relief. That was too dangerous. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai, those two were among the strongest people in Illusionary Moon; they were nearly able to kill me.

Especially Lin Xi, her Dawn Vision mark was my counter. The mark under my feet lasted for close to half a minute, and during that period, I was unable to go invisible, which was such a strong counter!

"Ah Li, what happened?" Ah Fei asked.

"Nothing. I was nearly killed,"I frowned and said. "Ah Fei, let's not use the plan this time; there won't be any more chances in the future. Lin Xi has appeared. I shall complete the quest perfectly and head back to the city without dying."

"En.Okay, then. Shall I return to the city to replenish items and level up?"



Now that I was back to full health, under White Cloak, I returned to the previous battle area and looked from afar. Elements had surrounded the area, while Feng Canghai, Mars River, Breaking Dawn Ash, and Lin Xi stood on the empty land. They were talking to one another.

"It seems like the strategy failed again," Dragon Enters Ocean said unwillingly.


Mars River frowned and said, "Before the invisibility counter skills appear, it is hard for us to kill this system Boss; his invisibility skill is too terrifying."

"Lin Xi"—Feng Canghai pursed his lips and then looked at the lady—"we invited you once, so now I shall make the same request: join Elements. Bring your friends over, and we will have a place for you."

"I told you that I won't consider it temporarily," Lin Xi replied.


Feng Canghai could not understand. "You saw the situation. You can't kill that Boss alone. Elements is so strong and you can control our elite players. With your Dawn Vision and our combination, we can shatter his legend."

"He comprehended a SS combo..."Lin Xi sighed. "He is the legendary God Seven.”

"He comprehended Separated by Water?"

Feng Canghai was shocked. "Then... isn't he a player?"

"I don't know, either. He has too many secrets..."

Lin Xi turned around and said, "Since I can't kill him today, forget it."

"Wait. Lin Xi, you are leaving just like this?" Old Mountain frowned.


Lin Xi held her sharp sword and smiled. "Is Elements trying to make me stay here forcefully?"

"No no no... How will we dare?" Feng Canghai laughed. "That is okay. We will have chances of working together in the future. Since you want to leave then go, be careful. The Boss should be nearby."

"I know. Thank you."

Lin Xi's body disappeared in the forest, and that stunned all the guy players. All of them recalled her smile; the feeling of being tempted was just too strong.

I frowned as I looked at her back. She was indeed a rare beauty. She was pretty and the aura she gave off was good, too. She was my type. Unfortunately, we were destined to be enemies from the moment we met. I was someone who knew the situation. Men definitely had to have backbone and could not be a simp, right?


"She looks really good... She looks good when she smiles and even when she is angry..." Among the Elements crowd, a simp touched his nose and said.

Simp B looked at Lin Xi's back. "Illusionary Moon's top goddess is definitely her."

Simp C said, "I heard that Lin Xi and a few of her friends created a studio and are prepared to expand in Illusionary Moon. They are called 'With You'. Who knows whether or not they will accept guys?"

"Don't think about it. With You is a team of beauties and they don't accept men, especially ones who look like you," Simp D said.

"All of you, shut up."

Simp Breaking Dawn Ash looked at Lin Xi's back and said, "Even if you really joined With You, she won't look at you. How can normal guys be worth her?"

Feng Canghai frowned and did not say anything.

Mars River said, "Then… are we still attacking the Boss?"

"Let's cancel the attack plan this time."

Feng Canghai looked at the Hidden Shadow Forest and said, "Let's talk about this after I persuade Lin Xi to join Elements. With her Dawn Vision, we will definitely win. Oh, right. How did Old Lin get insta-killed again?"

Mars River said, "The Boss targeted him."

"Old Lin can't continue like this..."Feng Canghai said. "He has such good equipmentbut got insta-killed before he could react. He couldn't even dodge one skill? His reaction speed is a bit weaker than when he was in Destiny."

"Leader,you are saying?" Old Mountain's eyes lit up. "Is the reason… you want Lin Xi to join is that you plan to structure Elements?"

"Lin Xi also has the same surname, but he is much stronger than Old Lin; don't you agree?" asked Feng Canghai softly.

Mars River frowned and did not say anything.


Not long after, Elements, Breaking Dawn, and Dragon Alliance all backed out of Hidden Shadow Forest. Thus, the forest became much quieter, but ten minutes later, many medium-sized parties entered, wanting to do what Elements were not able to do. Of course, what was next was my time to gain contribution points.

Over an hour later.


After pulling my bloody dagger out from the stomach of an Archer, I looked at the corpses lying all about. As expected, after the main guilds backed out, all that remained was a bunch of noobs, but they did provide decent amounts of contribution points. Within an hour, my contribution points were already getting close to 500000. This time, I would definitely have enough to exchange for that Inscriber Job Change Certificate.

Half a minute later, a bell rang in my ears. A streak of light shone through the fog in Hidden Shadow Forest and I returned to Black Castle!


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[System notification: Congratulations! You have perfectly completed the Wind Cloud Platform's trial. The contribution points you obtained this time will increase by 50%. You have obtained 92130 points!]



I looked at my stats and my contribution points reached 512338!


A golden light wrapped my body, and in the next second, I reappeared on the Wind Cloud Platform. The clouds gathered to form Master Ding Heng and he looked down at me with a merciful gaze. "Little fellow, congratulations on completing the trial perfectly. As expected from my top disciple in the Wind Cloud Platform!"

I laughed out loud. "Thank you, master; are there any other matters?"


"Then I shall head to the Precious Treasure Pavilion."

"Go go."

After leaving the Wind Cloud Platform, I ran toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion. When I charged in, the female attendant's face flushed and she said, "July Wildfire, why do you look like you are in a rush?"

I smiled apologetically. "Beauty, I want to exchange for something."


"Inscriber Job Change Certificate!" I said seriously.

"Ah?"She pursed her lips. "Our treasures don't have this item, though."


My heart sank. "Impossible. I saw it last time; did someone else get it? That is not possible; who would have so many contribution points? That is not possible. You... Can you help me check again?"

"There really isn't; I am sorry." She looked at me apologetically.

Right at that moment, a manager with a big tummy walked over and said, "July Wildfire, do you want the job change certificate?"


"Oh, the deacon took it back."


He laughed. "If you really want it, then find him. If I am not wrong, it should be with him."

"Oh..."I was speechless and could only follow him to the back.


Back Hall.

The fat Pang Dalong sat in a bamboo chair and caused it to creak. He raised his head and smiled at me. "Junior Nephew, you really want it?"

"Yes, very much."

"Very good."He nodded. "You need to pay 500000 contribution points; do you have that much?"

"Yes!"I tossed out my identity token.

"You really do?"

He was stunned and smiled. "There is an added condition; if not, I won't give this extremely precious letter to you."

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