Chapter 77- Meeting my match
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Zhan Yue Chapter 77- Meeting my match

"Another new trick?"

On an old pine tree, I lay on one of its gnarled branchesand picked a fruit. I opened the fruit and threw it into my mouth. There was a sweetness to it. I looked at the three guilds in the distance. Their attack line started to split, from one and three to six. After which, they started pushing forward.

They reduced their density to tangle with me?

I smiled. Since they were making their move, then I had to receive it. Thus, I jumped down and activated White Cloak to hide myself in the bushes. My target this time was one of Elements' Elders, Lin Songyan. He was also Elements' top meat shield and if he could be killed, then it would be a huge blow to Elements. Moreover, Lin Songyan and Feng Canghai were split up by roughly two hundred meters and this was a great chance.


"Push forwardcarefully."

Lin Songyan held the Bloodthirst Spear and heavy shield and carefully walked at the front of the crowd. His lips twitched and he said something to the few people behind him, but I could not hear it. It seemed like he was using the party chat. As players were at a low level, the player limit in a party was low. A guild often had to have dozens of small parties so that they could only openly give orders, but for small group details, they could use party chat to give out instructions.

Right behind Lin Songyan, the few archers backed down, and what replaced them were a few Enchanters. These Enchanters were followed by a Hellhound, a dog that was totally red with a horn on its forehead. This was the level 20 Enchanter skill,Hellhound Summon. I spent these few days on the forums, so I understood the Enchanter job relatively well.

Hellhound, after three basic attacks, would trigger an irontooth attack with a 50% chance of stunning the opponent. It was obvious that Lin Songyan had told these Enchanters to head over because of the Hellhound's irontooth stun. Once they were activated, they could keep me on the spot. Their intentions were obvious, but that was okay, I still wanted to fight them head on.


My body disappeared into the wind and brushed past Lin Songyan. He did not notice me at all and waved his Bloodthirst Spear towardthe other bush.


I attacked. White Cloak plus Annihilation, the strongest single target attack landed on Lin Songyan's back. Instantly, a really terrifying damage number appeared—


Annihilation's critical strike effect was activated, so it generated thrice the true damage!

I could say that, with my present three times stats buff, no player at the current stage could block White Cloak plus Annihilation, Lin Songyan was the same!


Lin Songyan opened his eyes but did not sense me at all before he knelt onthe ground. While his body turned into white light, potions and equipment exploded. Even his Bloodthirst Spear dropped. That was a Super Rare Grade spear! Unfortunately, I could not pick it up under my Boss state.What a waste!

"He has appeared, Exiled One!"

A bunch of Elements players shouted aloud.

I laughed aloud and used Apprehension plus Hunter's Edge to welcome them. I then headed tothe right; this was also the opposite direction of Feng Canghai!

"Maintain the formation!"

In the crowd, Mars River waved his staff and commanded, "Sweep across from the sides and those at the back charge up. We will definitely make him stay. He has used his few AOE skills. Those brothers with control spells don't hesitate; charge forwardand people will follow up!"

Thus, I could hear a series of pengfrom Assault landing on my back. Although Elements players were strong, my movement speed was too quick. I changed directions, such that 90% of their control skills missed. Those that hit were unable to stun a level 40 Super Rare Boss like me.

However, with the players from the two wings sweeping over to surround me, their attacks were indeed quite frightening.


My body shook and finally an Elements Warrior stunned me. Right when I was stunned, numerous Stone Wall, Fireball, Combo Shot, Charging Fist, Explosive Fist, et ceteralanded on me. Instantly, my health bar dropped, and in the blink of an eye, I had close to 30% health. That was too strong!

Wake up. I could move again!

Right when I stepped forward, with a peng, a Stone Wall popped out from the ground and forced me back. This Stone Wall came from Mars River and he followed it up with Snow Domain. He waved his staff and used Fireball and Wind Blade on my chest. It hurt really badly. This Mage was just too strong!



Mars River, what kind of magic damage was this? His attacks were pretty much twice that of other Mages; how strong was his equipment?

I could not hesitate anymore!

Blood Drawing Blade!

The moment I activated the lifesteal effect, I took several steps back and my body smashed through the shields of two Paladins. I used Annihilation to absorb half my health back and followed it up with Hunter's Edge on the two Warriors in front of me. I then raised my hand towardwhere Mars River was and used Apprehension!

"Not good!"

This time, his reaction was really quick. Before Apprehension was used, he had already shifted sideways. In the end, he was only hit by a tick of Apprehension and was not insta-killed.

"Surround him!"

Feng Canghai raised his sword and brought a bunch of players over like that of a flood, such that when I slashed through three layers of people, there were still people ahead of me. My movement was stopped by them. Old Mountain, Mars River, and the other high-level ranged players continued to fire. Feng Canghai stood at the side. He was just the insurance; once I tried to charge out, he would use Assault on me.

I could ignore Assaultused by others but not Feng Canghai. A player of such strength would choose to use it at an opportune moment, and it would definitely be hard to avoid.

"Press forward."

In front, another huge group of players charged over.

At such a time, I did not dare to use White Cloak. Once I did and was smacked out of it, I really wouldbe unable to leave. I would only end up as their prey.

No, I had to fight my way out!

I looked towardthe west and jumped, activating Quickness. With two slashes, I insta-killed two of the players. At that moment, with a peng,I was hit by Mars River's attack. My Health was lower than 3000 and I was in danger!

"You still want to escape?"

Feng Canghai shouted in rage and dashed over. With a pu, the sword turned into a cold wind which stabbed at my back. No, I could not get hit. This was a set-up attack; if he succeeded, he would combo it with endless attacks. There was no point in second-guessing the attack patterns of a top player.

I turned around and raised my dagger to block!


The moment I blocked, Feng Canghai's body sank down; it was as if he had disappeared into a swamp to my left. A bright golden light shone from his sword and he used Heavy Strike plus Double Hit!

I saw through it and risked getting hit by the first strike of the combo. My left dagger pushed forwardas I grabbed his wrist. I pulled backward, causing him to lose balance and fall forward. In the end, his Heavy Strike and Double Hit missed!


He panicked.It was obvious that he had not expected me to do that.

Dragon Will!

It came out of my left hand, and five-golden colored fingers surged through the air!


Feng Canghai reacted really quickly, stepping on some tree branches before rolling forwardalong the ground. It looked really pitiful, but he exquisitely managed to dodge Dragon Will's attack region!


One Dragon Will and two Elements players were wiped out.

If I did not leave now, then when would I?

I did not care about Old Mountain and Mars River's attacks; instead, I used White Cloak to charge forward. I dared not turn around and kill Feng Canghai. There were too many people behind, and I was afraid that I wouldbe unable to leave after I turned my head


Right when I was dozens of meters away, a dawn mark appeared under my feet. With a loud hong, a bright light exploded by the forest and a really beautiful figure appeared. It was her again, Lin Xi!


Sword light was released, Storm Slash!

I turned around swiftly, a dagger in one hand pressing low to block Storm Slash. I pounced forwardand my dagger slashed at her throat with lightning speed!


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Lin Xi exclaimed and her eyes were filled with shock. Her body fell backward, and instantly Snow Moon brushed past her jade-like chin. It was unfortunate that it did not hit. Her movements were even quicker and more nimble than Feng Canghai.


There was the sound of metal clanging as a six-colored streak of light shone from the tip of her blade. She had used Double Hit!

My gaze turned cold and I applied strength on my wrist. With a weng, I activated Annihilation!

Fight head on, then.Deal damage to one another and see who could insta-kill the other! I still had close to 2000 Health, so she definitely could not insta-kill me. Let us see whether or not her healthbar could handle Annihilation!

Lin Xi exclaimed once more. Before her sword slashed forth, her attack was broken. She stepped down and stumbled three steps backward.

Opening the distance?

I was stunned.Not good!Did she want to charge?

However, it was too late by the time I realized. With a puand a short five-yard Assault, I had no time to react at all and was stunned right away.


She smiled at once.Her eyes were filled with joy as if she did not expect that she would succeed so easily.

In the next second, she used her combo!


A golden light shone around Lin Xi's body and energy surged. The huge golden word for ‘Gale’ appeared. Her aura turned really solemn and serious. Her sword swept forth like lightning and a gale headed towardme!

Hack + Hack + Sweep + Stab + Knockup!

With Knockup succeeding, my healthbar was almost emptied. Lin Xi's attack gave off a skyful of silver light. Blade of Dawn was here, the final strike in the Gale combo!

Right at that moment, as a Boss, I showed off enough resistance. I ended the Knockup effect in advance, and at that moment, I held Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map before me!


A streak of light flashed across and it absorbed Blade of Dawn!


Lin Xi was shocked. She looked at me in rage; her tears were about to be forced out from all the rage.

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