Chapter 77- Meeting my match
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Zhan Yue Chapter 77- Meeting my match

"Another new trick?"

On an old pine tree, I lay on one of its gnarled branchesand picked a fruit. I opened the fruit and threw it into my mouth. There was a sweetness to it. I looked at the three guilds in the distance. Their attack line started to split, from one and three to six. After which, they started pushing forward.

They reduced their density to tangle with me?

I smiled. Since they were making their move, then I had to receive it. Thus, I jumped down and activated White Cloak to hide myself in the bushes. My target this time was one of Elements' Elders, Lin Songyan. He was also Elements' top meat shield and if he could be killed, then it would be a huge blow to Elements. Moreover, Lin Songyan and Feng Canghai were split up by roughly two hundred meters and this was a great chance.


"Push forwardcarefully."

Lin Songyan held the Bloodthirst Spear and heavy shield and carefully walked at the front of the crowd. His lips twitched and he said something to the few people behind him, but I could not hear it. It seemed like he was using the party chat. As players were at a low level, the player limit in a party was low. A guild often had to have dozens of small parties so that they could only openly give orders, but for small group details, they could use party chat to give out instructions.

Right behind Lin Songyan, the few archers backed down, and what replaced them were a few Enchanters. These Enchanters were followed by a Hellhound, a dog that was totally red with a horn on its forehead. This was the level 20 Enchanter skill,Hellhound Summon. I spent these few days on the forums, so I understood the Enchanter job relatively well.

Hellhound, after three basic attacks, would trigger an irontooth attack with a 50% chance of stunning the opponent. It was obvious that Lin Songyan had told these Enchanters to head over because of the Hellhound's irontooth stun. Once they were activated, they could keep me on the spot. Their intentions were obvious, but that was okay, I still wanted to fight them head on.



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