Chapter 76- Dragon Formation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 76- Dragon Formation

Were they working together?

I stood there and frowned. If the few guilds wanted to form a battle line to sweep Hidden Shadow Forest, that would be a problem. If they caught up to me, it would be tough to charge out.

"Okay, form up and prepare to attack!"

Feng Canghai waved his hand, and the players from the three guilds instantly panned out. They formed a fifty-meter-deep attack line, which was at least miles long. There was a dense number of players, and it seemed like there would be at least four thousand of them.

Problematic.They were really going all out this time!


"Ah Li!"In the outside world, Ah Fei spoke seriously. "I heard that Elements, Breaking Dawn, and Dragon Alliance had decided to worktogether. They said that they want to comb the entire Hidden Shadow Forest to scoop you up."


"Then how?" He was a little anxious.

"It is okay; I have a way to deal with it."

I held my dagger and slowly retreated into the darkness. I looked at the three guilds' attack line and headed to where the Dragon Alliance was at. I hid in a maple tree and crouched above the trunk. I looked at them quietly. I was completely one with the background and was wholly hidden.

I only had one choice, which was to attack. I must find their weakness and then use White Cloak to flee. I had to disrupt their scooping tactic. Only then would I be able to flee. After all, since the three guilds were attacking, this meant that all the elites in Linchen County were here. For all of them to hunt the Exiled One, they really respected me.

I was here!

In the distance, the Dragon Alliance's line was connected with Elements. Warriors and Paladins were in front, while Archers, Mages, and Enchanters were in the rear. As for Priests, they were the furthest behind. They just walked over like that. The players in front waved their blades, and one could hear the slashing sound of wind getting cut.


I sucked in a deep breath as I stared at the players below. I noticed that Dragon Grievances was not far away, so I jumped onto another tree. The leaves rustled, but fortunately the players below did not notice, for it was gusty. They kept searching as they cleared out the Hidden Shadow Treants in the forest.

I gauged our distance. When Dragon Grievances entered my killing range, I pounced on him. Snow Moon turned into a cold light, which stabbed Dragon Grievances's back, then I followed up with Hunter's Edge!


Dragon Grievances was shocked. Before he could react his health bar was emptied and he knelt onthe ground. His face was filled with unwillingness as his body turned into starlights. I had succeeded in insta-killing him!


I raised my hand and a thick, dark gold power surged on Snow Moon. Several streaks of golden storm swept across the crowd, and at the same time, there was the sound of crows in the air. Instantly, the elites of Dragon Alliance suffered from lethal damage with a bunch of them falling to the ground!

"He’s here!" shouted Dragon Enters Ocean. "Attack!Don't retreat. All of you, charge. Warriors and Paladins, use Assault! Mages and Enchanters, follow up and try to holdhim in place. We can't let him escape. Elements will rush over right away!"

Players charged at me from all directions!


I used a slight strength in my wrist and activated Blood Drawing Blade. My daggers were covered in a devilish blood color as I stabbed my way through the crowd. I was like a spinning top, using my advantage in attack speed to destroy them. My body moved left and right, curving here and there to avoid their attacks and spells. If I did not bait them into using their skills like this, I would definitely be unable to take all the damage.


In less than a minute, a bunch of high-level players appeared in the distance. They were Feng Canghai, Mars River, and a few otherstogether with Elements' elites. They were around a hundred meters away. It was time to leave!

I waved and activated Quickness and charged out towardthe west. Right as dense numbers of arrows, spells, and enchantments arrived, I sank low and my white cape flashed. I used White Cloak to enter the forced stealth state, instantly disappearing from all their eyes.



Feng Canghai gritted his teeth. "Is he going to bait us left and right like this? All of you, don't change shape; continue to charge forward. Force him out!"

"Yes, leader!"

In Elements, all the members listened to Feng Canghai's orders. He was like a god in the guild and he had absolute leadership.

A few hundred meters out, I squatted on a twisted branch and looked at the players in the distance. It was time to change a target. Breaking Dawn, then. I had fought them so many times and they had given me so many contribution points. Thus, I sneaked over to the area in front of Breaking Dawn.

Sha sha...

Breaking Dawn passed through a small forest and entered the depths of Hidden Shadow Forest. All sorts of spells and arrows were shot across, killing one Hidden Shadow Treant after another. They were quite fast and were basically at the same speed as Elements. The three guilds had an orderly attack line.Like a sharp blade, they swept forwardand cut up the entire Hidden Shadow Forest.

I sucked in a deep breath and prepared to attack.

My target this time was Breaking Dawn Dust,the top Paladin of Breaking Dawn who caused me trouble many times. This guy had at least 10000 Health now and his equipment was really strong, too. I was going to test my skills on him!

A few seconds later, I jumped over. In the dense crowd, I used Backstab, followed by Annihilation, on Breaking Dawn Dust. Instantly, two damage numbers flew into the air—



He was actually not dead; he still had a bit of Health!

Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng!

Three sharp streaks of light shot through Breaking Dawn Dust's body. Not only was he insta-killed, the two behind him were, too. Instantly, Breaking Dawn's top tank fell to the ground and they were in shock.

"D*mn!Sir Dust was killed!"

"He’s here again, Exiled One!"

"Focus fire—quick focus fire!Insta-kill him; he has low health!" shouted the bunch of them. I used an energy potion and charged toward this group. At the same time, I raised my hand and used Apprehension. I waved my dagger and dashed into the Apprehension zone, entering my massacring mode!

"Paladin squad, charge and suppress him!"

Breaking Dawn Ash did not dare to risk his life. He waved his hand and instantly a thirty-man Paladin team charged over. Their shields were connected as one like a copper wall. They charged over, using their shield to block my damage.

I looked at how aggressive they were and broke into a laugh. The dagger in my right hand disappeared and I spread my five fingers. An enormous power in my body woke up; the power forced the space around me to buzz, then the environment changed. Golden runes hung down like rain and true dragon power spread from my fingertips as I slapped them towardthe Paladin squad!

Dragon Will!


A golden dragon palm attack spread out. Dense damage numbers appeared on their heads and it shocked everyone!






They were all pretty much insta-killed. Dragon Will's three times damage was too strong. When this palm was used, a white light rose up. One third or so of Breaking Dawn's Paladin squad was wiped out. They did not cause me any damage at all. I charged forwardusing Hunter's Edge plus Godslaying Blade and wiped out a large number of the crowd.

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After thirty-seven seconds, I was only left with less than 15% Health.

Blood Drawing Blade!

After activating the lifesteal effect, I used Annihilation plus Hunter's Edge to decimate the crowd. I caused the core team of Breaking Dawn to break down and to scatter.

"Charge over to support; no need to command!"

Feng Canghai's voice came from afar and he showed up with Elements' hundred-man-strong elite squad. I had witnessed this squad's strength before. They could empty my health within fifteen seconds. Along with Feng Canghai were Mars River, Old Mountain, and Lin Songyan; they were enough to suppress me.

Avoid them!

I activated Quickness and did the same thing, charging out of the crowd. When they chased me, I activated White Cloak and headed to another location. In the blink of an eye I disappeared from their field of sight.

"D*mnthat jerk..."Lin Songyan carried a Bloodthirst Spear and his face was ashen white. "Is... he playing with us?"

"No."Feng Canghai's gaze was cold. "He is messing up our Long Dragon Formation and is leaving gaps in it. He is warning us that this tactic is useless."

"Right."Mars River carried his staff and smiled. "This system Boss is too smart; I feel like we are fighting a true gaming expert."

"What now?" Lin Songyan looked at Mars River. "You definitely have an idea."

Mars River's gaze turned cold. "Long Dragon Formation is not bad, but it can't deal with him. I recommend that we make it thicker and increase the layers of the offensive line. Once we get pierced through, the other layers can charge forwardand the two sides can move towardthe middle like a dumpling. Maybe we can wipe him out like this."

Feng Canghai took a deep breath. "This idea is good; let's form up once more."


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