Chapter 75- Sincere coorperation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 75- Sincere coorperation


Snow Moon slashed down from above, and the moment it landed, I Backstabbed Man of Steel!


Now, my Attack was just too terrifying. Even against Paladins like Man of Steel, it was the same as cutting vegetables,and 40% of his Health was instantly gone.


Just one Backstab, so with his thick Health, he only felt a slight pain. "I sense that the Boss has appeared!"

"He is behind you, idiot!"

Wang Yaozu panicked and used Double Hit. The Assassin Camel's Back raised his dagger and used Gouge.

However, in the blink of an eye, I slid and appeared in front of Man of Steel. I raised my arm and used Dragon Will. Instantly,, the space around me twisted and golden runes appeared around my body. A really noble dragon roar could be heard as I pushed my palm outward. A giant dragon storm swept across and broke into the crowd!


One palm not only insta-killed Man of Steel but also Wang Yaozu, Camel's Back, Old Li, Flower Zhang, and all of Hidden Dragon Mountain’s core members. Dragon Will was just too terrifying!



Apprehension was released as a dark golden storm swept the ground. Players were dealt high amounts of damage. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and waved my dagger in the crowd. Basically, anyone who was touched by my dagger would fall to the ground. For heavy-armored players, I had to use one more hit, and with just two to three hits, I could kill them.


In less than three minutes, Hidden Dragon Mountain had fallen apart. After losing close to 70% of its members, the remaining people scattered. However, they failed to get out as the Hidden Shadow Treants had spawned. Roots intersected, and along with the treants’ attacks, wooden shrapnels flew about. Players screamed. Those I failed to kill were dealt with by the treants. The level 40 monsters were so fierce!

"Hidden Dragon Mountain's five hundred people were all killed just like that?"

Border of the forest, the moment Chicken Pee and the others were killed, a bunch of people appeared. The one in front was Dragon Alliance's leader, Dragon Grievances. He held a dark blue staff and it was obviously a Super Rare item. He had a cold gaze. "This system Boss is too stubborn; did he appear again?"

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On the side, Dragon Enters Ocean asked, "Brother, should the Dragon Alliance... attack?"

"No!"Dragon Grievances shook his head and ordered. "All parties, listen up:Avoid the Boss region. We will train at the wings. The Hidden Shadow Treants provide large amounts of experience and they are the best training partners. Let's wait for our chance. Even if we don't fight, other guilds will come."

"Boss is smart!"

The bunch of Dragon Alliance players praised and they all felt fortunate that they had avoided death.

I stood there and was shocked. Was I too strong? However, this bunch of Dragon Alliance members seemed smart. They were weaker than Breaking Dawn and stronger than Hidden Dragon Mountain. Seeing that Hidden Dragon Mountain was crushed, they chose to avoid me. At the same time, they stayed on the pretext of training while, in fact, they were waiting for a chance to strike. One had to say that Dragon Grievances was smarter than before, but was that useful? Would I not attack them when they were leveling?

In the next few minutes, the border region became chaotic. In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Alliance's parties were sneak-attacked by me many times and they lost close to three hundred people. In the end, they had no choice but to leave Hidden Shadow Forest. Right when I was planning to charge out, a sudden red World Ender sent me flying back. I fell onto the bushes and was in a bad state.

Following which, I entered Stealth and disappeared into Hidden Shadow Forest.

"What happened?"

East of the forest, a bunch of players got close. The leader was Breaking Dawn's leader, Breaking Dawn Ash. He was level 39 and was just one step away from his job advancement. His equipment was all light blue and two to three of it were dark blue. Breaking Dawn Ash saw Dragon Alliance retreating and he could not help but ask, "What happened?"

"It is the system Boss!"

A Dragon Alliance Mage's face was ashen white. "D*mn! I hardly got out; just a bit and he would have succeeded in killing me. That was too scary!"

"Shut up!"Dragon Grievances frowned. "What a hopeless fellow..."

Breaking Dawn Ash smiled. "So it is the people from Dragon Alliance, Leader Dragon Grievances, long time no see."

"It has indeed been a long time."

Dragon Grievances looked at Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Fate who stood behind Breaking Dawn Ash. "It seems like Breaking Dawn is going all out."

"Yes." Breaking Dawn Ash looked at the forest with a sharp gaze. "I heard that the system Boss appeared again, so how would Breaking Dawn miss this battle?"


Dragon Enters Ocean scoffed and smiled. "Leader Ash, allow me to be direct; although the Boss is a level 40 Super Rare, his drop rate is the same as others. Although we are at the leveling stage of the game, for you to go all out to kill this Boss, the rewards you gain won't be proportionate to the effort.

Breaking Dawn Dust smiled. "Do you think we came for the equipment? It is to prove a point. If we don't kill this Boss once, how can Breaking Dawn swallow all this frustration? We and the Dragon Alliance are different.We have courage... We do.At least, we won't flee."

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned."Dust, pay attention to your words."

"Cough cough.Sorry, leader. I accidentally spoke of the truth."

"Weird," Dragon Grievances said coldly. "If we were to look at what Breaking Dawn Dust said, Breaking Dawn had actually fled many times from the Boss. I remember that each time you faced the system Boss, you lost. Which time didn't you flee?"

"Dragon Grievances!"

Breaking Dawn Dust replied calmly, "Pay attention to your words. Listening to what you said, you lost to the Boss and want to have a fight with us here now? Allow me to be direct; is your Dragon Alliance strong enough?"

"Whether or not we are strong enough doesn't matter; we won't get mocked by others!"

Dragon Grievances waved and the Warriors behind him instantly pulled out their blades.

"Who is afraid of you?"

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned and pulled out his blade. "Breaking Dawn, prepare to fight!"

Instantly, Breaking Dawn pulled out their swords and lined up. This formation looked much better than those randoms from Dragon Alliance.


"Fight, fight; make it more exciting!"

I stood at the border of the map and looked at the players preparing to fight. I crossed my legs and the only thing I did not do was hum asong.

At that moment, a voice came from the distance.


Everyone looked and saw that a bunch of people had appeared in the forest. It was Elements' main force. Feng Canghai walked at the front and his body shone with top equipment. He held a dark blue blade and a cold intent spread across his eyes. He swept Breaking Dawn Ash and Dragon Grievances. "The Boss isn't even killed, yet both of you are planning to fight here? Do you want the Boss to have a laugh?"

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned. "So it’s Elements!"

Feng Canghai nodded. "Guild Leader Ash, there is no need for us to fight to the death here. We can settle our grievances in the future. Now that this Exiled One has appeared, isn't our top priority to kill him? If this Boss continues to be arrogant, our Linchen County will lose all our face. The other players in our counties are all laughing at us!"

"Right."Old Mountain walked up. "We are the northest city in Xuanyuan Empire and we are the human race's frontline. Logically speaking, with Elements, Breaking Dawn, Dragon Alliance, among other guilds, we are the top in the server. Unfortunately, this system Boss has been playing with us ever since and we have become the joke, instead. We are all leader material people, so don't you feel that this is preposterous?"

Dragon Grievances frowned. "Feng Canghai, you are Elements's guild leader, one of the strongest players, and Dragon Alliance respects you. We will give you face today and will deal with our grievances with Breaking Dawn in the future. Say, what do you want to do? We have already lost many brothers to the Boss."

"Hunt him down."

Feng Canghai smiled. "Everyone has seen Exiled One's strength. His Attack, Critical Strike, Defense, and Recovery showthat he is the top of the same grade, but his only weakness is his low health, so we must use our number. We shall enter Hidden Shadow Forest and form an impenetrable defense line. We will enter from the east and then charge out of the west. We will wash the entire map in blood and I don't believe that this Boss can still run?"

"Insta-kill..."Breaking Dawn Dust's eyes lit up. "Right, like a comb we will comb this entire map. As long as this comb is thick enough, I refuse to believe that the Exiled One can exile himself from the map!"

"Right!"Old Mountain smiled. "That is what we must do. As long as we work together, the Boss is just experience points."

"Okay."Dragon Grievances nodded. "Since that is the case, then brothers of Dragon Alliance are willing to listen to Leader Feng!"

"We are the same."Breaking Dawn Ash nodded. "Feng Canghai, Breaking Dawn will trust you once and hope that we can work together to kill this Exiled One!"

"Okay!"Feng Canghai smiled and nodded his head.

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