Chapter 68- Combo Quickness
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Zhan Yue Chapter 68- Combo Quickness

Along the way were broken chariots, destroyed shields, and broken swords. One could see remnants of an ancient battle all about. In the messy bushes, many decomposing corpses of soldiers stood up. When these level 32 monsters moved, their bones would creak. They held broken swords and shouted at me, "Boy, are you here to fight with us to death?"

"No no..."

My face was filled with disdain. "Play by yourselves; I am not free today."

Not long after I left, they turned back into piles of bones and lay silently on the Ancient Battlefield, awaiting a new challenger.


As I headed further in, I saw a bunch of level 35 Shield Soldiers. When I was close enough, they stood up. They held up heavy shields, just like when they were still alive. These undead beings had spears in their left hands and attempted to stab me with them. Their shields, however, were filled with many holes with many steel arrows poking through their bodies. It seemed like they had died a terrible death. These wooden shields could only block normal arrows, not the crossbows from chariots.

"Little fellow, come over to play!" A group of Shield Soldiers invited me over as they laughed viciously.

"No no..."The corner of my lips twitched. "Next time, next time..."

After saying that, I continued moving onward and the Shield Soldiers all fell to the ground.

I followed a twisted path, and not long after, a verdant mountainpath, and thriving with life, appeared before me. This was the path toward Area 9 of the Ancient Battlefield. At this moment, the monsters in front of me were all high level. Not far away, many bow-wieldingArchers appeared. When I got close, their stats appeared in front of my eyes—

Great Chu Archer (Super Rare Monster)

Level: 39

Attack: 530-720

Defence: 300

Health: 5250

Skill: Fierce Shot, Double Shot, Heartless Mocking

Introduction: Ancient Great Chu Empire's Archers. Born with great strength, they can pull apart huge bows. After their death, the souls wander around the battlefield in search of enemies. Do not underestimate these Great Chu Archers, for they have the ability to pierce your heart before you can flee.



I sucked in a deep cold breath. This Attack was really high with it exceeding 700. Along with Fierce Shot and Double Shot, when three Great Chu Archers attacked together, they might insta-kill me. After all, my stats did not totally suppress them; the only thing was that my defense was a little higher.

Moreover, the Great Chu Archers were together; three to five of them would act as a team. Some were level 39, and otherswere level 40. They were my best training partners, but I had to plan before attacking, in case I could not beat them. Once they forced me back, Zhang Xiaoshan would laugh his butt off!

En.Use Staggering Blow then Gouge and Hunter's Edge plus Basic Attack to kill one. Consume Energy Potion and use Annihilation with a basic attack to kill another thereafter. That would be easy. Before Staggering Blow ended, the stunned Archer would be killed. This was my plan!

I disappeared into thin air and headed close to one of the teams. There were a total of five of them. I was really close and this was a distance where I could attract all their attention. I walked behind one Archer, and after drinking an Energy Potion, I attacked. Staggering Blow caused him to enter a twelve-second-long stunned state. I Gouged another and charged towardthe third one, using Hunter's Edge plus basic attack!




Three basic attacksbrought these Great Chu Archers to low health. I used basic attacks to kill them before turning around. After I looked at my energy bar, I charged towardthe fourth Great Chu Archer and used Annihilation. His ribs were ripped apart and burned. A total of 5000 Health was taken down right away. After another basic attack, he knelt onto the ground.

Only three were left!

The white cape on my body flashed as I activated White Cloak to disappear. Three furious Archers could only look around, not knowing where I was at.

After which, my energy bar returned to full. Under White Cloak, I used Dragon Will to settle the three of them. They were killed instantly.

My experience bar flashed. Killing monsters here gave me too much experience and I leveled much faster than when I was killing players on the Wind Cloud Platform. Moreover, I could also increase my skill familiarity to get all my skills to level4, which would help increase my strength.

Just like that, with this perfect leveling plan, although I was an Assassin, I moved about freely amongthese level 39 to 40 Super Rare monsters. I gained the most experience with the lowest consumption. Moreover, these were all Super Rare monsters; if I was lucky, who knew whether or not I would get some dark blue equipment?


Time passed bit by bit. When it was close to noon, a golden light descended from above and I reached level 36. Right at that moment, Ah Fei said, "Ah Li, let's go eat. Do you want sour vegetable fish?"


"Okay, prepare to go offline?"

"En, wait for me to kill these few monsters first."


At this point, I was already in front of the final Great Chu Archer. His eyes were slightly red and he looked panicky. His arrows even missed. I pounced on him and used Hunter's Edge to end the battle!


With an intense crit, the Great Chu Archer fell to the ground. There was a thud thereafter, and dark blue leather boots actually fell to the ground!


I was delighted. The equipment that had dropped before was just some cheap green one; this time, dark blue gear actually dropped. Thus, I bent over to pick it up. I reached out and its stats appeared; I laughed so hard that my body rocked back and forth—

Boots of Agility (Super Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 70

Agility: +55

Stamina: +42

Bonus: Windwalking. Increase movement speed +15%.

Bonus: Raise Defense by 5%.

Required level: 36



I shouted, "Ah Fei, I killed a monster and it dropped a pair of level 36 Super Rare boots!"

"What? Let me see!" He was not offline yet.


I changed into my human form, opening my friends list and sending over a picture of Boots of Agility.

"D*mn!You are so lucky?"

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Ah Fei laughed aloud. "D*mn. It is a really good pair of boots, too. Same grade dark blue equipment definitely won't have over 50 Agility."


I nodded my head in agreement. In truth, Illusionary Moon had strict data controls. For example, level 30+ Super Rare equipment, which added two stats, would at most have around 40 to 44 per stat, but these Boots of Agility had up to 55 Agility; this was a legendary item.

"Feels good.Go offline and eat! Today, I’m gonna eat a huge bowl of rice." I laughed out loud.

"En, go offline!"

I turned back into Shura form and changed my boots. My stats and Combat strength both rose. More importantly, there was Windwalking, which increased my movement speed. Even a full-Agility Warrior would be unable to catch up to me. If I met Lin Xi and Feng Canghai again, I would have more room to perform.


Downstairs, sour vegetable fish restaurant.

Ah Fei and I sat near a window, and not long after, the dishes were served. It was a really fragrant sour vegetable fish. It was really hot outside, but there was an aircon here, so it was really cool. Along with the delicious fish and beer, it felt like we were in paradise.

"Right."Ah Fei gobbled up the food before speaking. "Last night, when we worked together to kill Lin Xi, her strongest move was blocked by you. I forgot to ask; what happened?"

"A treasure."I smiled mysteriously. "It can block any attack once. As for the specifics, don't ask; I am not sure how to explain, either."


He was shocked. "Treasure system? So amazing?"

"Yes, it is really amazing."

"Then... Can Brother Li get me a treasure?" He rubbed his hands and smiled.

I felt annoyed. "Disgusting... Let's see how in the future. If you need it, then I will get one for you, but this thing is based on luck; there is no shortcut."

"En, deal! Right, what is Lin Xi's killing move called?"

"Blade of Dawn."

"The skill name is so nice; it is much nicer than your Mother Hunter's Edge and Apprehension. Hahaha~"

"Your sister. I use those skills to earn money for us; can you show some shame?"



After eating, I returned home and went online.


In the distance, a few Great Chu Archers spawned. Very good. Let us continue.

I entered Stealth, but right when I was about to attack, a bell rang out; it was actually a server notification—


[System notification: Congratulations Player Lin Xi for learning S-grade combo Gale (Hack + Hack + Slash + Stab + KnockbackBlade of Dawn)!She is the first player in Illusionary Moon to have learned a combo.Obtained rewards: level +2, Charm +3, Reputation +5000, gold +5000!]



I looked inthe sky and was totally stunned. Someone created a combo so fast? What terrifying comprehension!

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