Chapter 69- Entering the leaderboard
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Zhan Yue Chapter 69- Entering the leaderboard

"D*mn, so fast?!"Ah Fei was shocked. "Moreover, it is an S-grade combo.Her comprehension is too terrifying!"

"It really is."I frowned. "I don't know much about Lin Xi. Where did she come from? She’s actually the first to learn an S-grade combo?"

"As for that, I don't know much, either. I only know that she first appeared two years ago. Not only is she really talented, she is very determined, too. I heardthat, two years ago, Pulse Breaking Style founder Little Demon, who is the beauty Xue Rou, talked to her at the Shanghai airport, and in just one meeting, she grasped the essence of Pulse Breaking Style and became a top Warrior."

"Just once?"

My head felt quite numb. "During the last hunting mission, because of her Pulse Breaking Style, she broke my attacks, such that we nearly failed. That person is really amazing, and I feel that the reason why she rushed to learn the combo is to deal with me..."

"Deal with you?"Ah Fei laughed. "D*mn, you are so vain. Why should she deal with you?Who are you? Without Boss stats, people can kill you so easily. Does she even need to use a combo?"

"It is different."I frowned. "Last time, she used Blade of Dawn and was blocked by my Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, but what if she uses a combo? One of the moves is ‘knockback', which means that when she uses Blade of Dawn she can definitely succeed. Isn't that solely to kill me?"

"D*mn, that really is possible..." Ah Fei was shocked. "What should we do then?"

"Create a combo..."

"Ah Li, should I go to a hospital with you? Did you smash your head into the door?" He laughed. "Do you think combos are created so easily? Li Xiao Yao and Xue Rou spent so many days and nights creating a combo. Who are you?You actually want to create your own combo.Hahaha~"

"D*mn, don't look down on me!"

I did not feel very confident anymore. After all, as what Ah Fei said, Destiny only had a few combos. Only Zhan Long and Legend's players had comprehended them. Self-creation needed high comprehension and an innate affinity with body and will. One must grasp strength and balance well, so normal players did not need to think about it even. Having no combo at all was their fate.

However, I did not believe in destiny. My experiences in Black Castle made me feel that everything was possible, too. In any case, what was the harm in trying?


Next, after I killed a bunch of Great Chu Archers until only two were left, I stopped using skills. I used basic attacks to damage them as I analyzed the balance!


My left sweep caused a Great Chu Archer to lean right and enter a momentary shaken state. In that instant, I attacked with my right dagger and pushed the soldier back, then my left and my right. Throughout this process, his attacks would get broken and the overall rate was around 30%.

This was from the attack tempo, and basically over 50% of players knew that.

However, very few people went to study it, and this was why most players were unable to create combos. I joined in the combo coding during Destiny, so I was very familiar with this system. I also understood the logic behind it. As long as one's strength, speed, and angle reached a balance, one could attack, such that players or monsters had no way of fighting back. Although it was tough, this type of top-class people really did exist.

Nonetheless, this time, the code was different, so I had to use my body and brain to adapt to this change.

To grasp this skill.

Thus, without any dazzling moves, I just attacked the monsters with a left and right dagger. Time after time, I broke their shooting movement.


I trained all the way until 3pm.


Right when I completed a left and right sweep on an Archer, I saw him tilt down. My attack speed increased for no reason, and Snow Moon flicked him upward. His body left the ground, his face facing up as he cried in pain.


I was delighted. After using the left and right sweep attacks for so long, it did help me interrupt the enemy's movement but I was unable to connect it with the next move, not allowing me to form a true combo. However, it did connect this time. Left sweep, right sweep, upper flick...One sequence complete!

Although this was not too big of a deal, it was quite decent. Thus, I tried again but failed this time. The upper flick failed and did not fully connect.


I tried time andagain to perfect these mechanics, not missing any steps. Attack chance, angle, speed, et cetera were all memorized by me. My grasp of power also slowly increased. Although I did not manage to create my own combo, it helped me learn a lot.

After all, I was what Ah Fei called a mechanic; I was a rookie in terms of balance, strength control, and coordination. Still, this time, after entering Illusionary Moon, it felt like a whole new door was opened. Small bits of understanding and comprehension were in truth huge improvements.

Just like that, I trained until 5pm. After left and right sweeps and the upper flick, my success rate reached 80%, which was quite high. Following each completion, I felt more connection. It was just like when one learned to ride a bicycle when they were young. From the constant falling and grasping balance to riding unstably... This would mean that one had finally grasped it.

After dinner, I continued training.


At around seven, a golden rain descended from above and I reached level 37. I should be close to surpassing all players in terms of level.

However, this was not over.

Peng! Peng! Pu!

Left sweep plus right sweep.After that was a perfect upper flick connection, sending the Archer's body twenty millimeters off the ground. Still, this was not enough; I had to make him fly. Thus, the instant that I used the upper flick, my body sank low and I kicked his lower body.


His body fell backwardand he was stunned for a moment. I charged over and swept him with my dagger. He flew backwardand his healthbar zeroed. He was killed just like that sans being able to fight back at all.

I did not comprehend a combo, though!

The sequence was not enough!

I took a deep breath and felt much more dejected. Sometimes, one had already worked so hard and put everything into it, but one was just so far away from succeeding.

What was wrong?

I thought about it.The speed and angle of the kick was not right. The target was not flung high enough, such that the follow-up hit was not sufficiently powerful and did not complete the perfect killing move!

That was okay.Continue trying!

Just like that, I trained until twelve and a golden rain descended. I reached level 38. My goal today had been exceeded. Level 38.No matter what, to reach this level within a week of the server starting was relatively good. My daggers' durability was about to wear off so I could not continue training anymore.

Leave.The time to leave the Ancient Battlefield was here!


I looked at my bag, and apart from the Boots of Agility, I obtained over thirty green equipment, which all ranged from level 35 to 36. Some were Strong grade, while others were Elite. To the top players, these were useless items, but to average players, they were decent. Each one was decently priced, but when all thirty were put together, it would be much better. It was time to head to Linchen County for a bit!

I repaired my equipment, informing Ah Fei before heading out!

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Linchen County.

When I entered Linchen County in white clothes and with A Little Brother's identity, many players naturally looked at me with weird expressions. Someone who did not even wear one piece of equipmentwas walking about the city entrance. There was only one explanation; it was the smurf of a god that was used as a treasury or to sell items.

"Tsk tsk!"

After all the trading was done, Ah Fei looked at me in disdain. "Big brother, can't you wear some equipment? You really look like an African refugee right now."

"I have no choice. "I looked at the human race account. "My level is still unknown and I can't wear equipment. Moreover, I am not planning to train this character."

"Oh, right.Who has the effort to train two accounts? Right, what do you mean by unknown level? Open the details and take a look?"

"Open? How?"

"Lock onto that position and then click you dumb!"

"Ah? You can do that?"

I was stunned and tried. When I focused on that spot, I successfully confirmed it. Moreover, a notification jumped out—

[Please insert clone identity! Note: Cannot exceed main body.]



I frowned and typed in level 38; in the end, a huge thing occurred—


[System notification: Congratulations Player A Little Brother for ranking second on Linchen County's Level Ranking Board!]


"D*mn! I entered the leaderboard?"

I panicked.That could not do. I had to be lowkey, so I confirmed the level again and typed level 35. My ID disappeared right away. Phew!That was a close shave!

However, the players around all looked at me with weird gazes.

"I think that I should hide!"

I charged into the depths of the Great Sage Hall and smashed a City Return Scroll. I turned into a black light which returned to Black Castle. However, this experience told me that the human race account's level was restricted by the Shura race account. The level could be controlled, so it was really interesting. When I got familiar with it, I would use the account to act cool!


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