Chapter 67- Mysterious core data
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Zhan Yue Chapter 67- Mysterious core data

It was already really late when we returned at around 2am.

Ah Fei did not care about anything and went to bed. I lay in bed, tossing and turning. Finally, I could not take it anymore and took out my phone to calla number. A few seconds later, a female's voice came from the other end—

"Ah Li, why are you not asleep?"

"Sister, I have something I wanna ask you."

"If you want to ask, then come home and ask me in person!" she said firmly.

"No, I can only ask you from here." My attitude was as firm.

She kept silent and then said, "Ask it. Let me say first:If it is top secret, then I won't say it. After all, my phone... is bugged twenty-four seven."

"En."I nodded my head. "The helmet that you have me is not bad, but the settings ingame are really confusing and I even have some questions."

"What questions?"

"I obtained a hidden race and am in a storyline different from other players."

"Aiyo?" She smiled. "Then I must congratulate you. Not everyone who gets Glory Helmet is able to activate a hidden race. People like Feng Canghai, Enchanted Painting, Dawn, etc., they didn't all get hidden races or jobs."

"Listen to me first,"I said. "Sister, I followed the storyline and completed some cultivation settings ingame, but I feel like the cultivation is real."

"Oh? Doesn't that mean that the new engine we have in Illusionary Moon is a success? Wereceived some hot reviews; everyone thinks that the new engine is amazing."

"That is not the case; listen to me," I said seriously. "If it only feels real, then I don't care, but more importantly, I feel like my body in real life is affected. I even feel that there is energy flowing within me. Earlier, when I fought someone, I successfully kicked away that person, who’s heavier than me. My speed and strength are far better than before, and that is just unbelievable."

"This..." She took in a deep breath. "Is it as mysterious as what you said? You are the first of such an example; is it an illusion?"

"Impossible."I shook my head. "The feeling is real; moreover, I feel that I have become stronger."

"Does your body feel uncomfortable?" She was concerned.


"That's good." Her tone changed and she became really serious. "Now, it is my turn to ask you. You fought someone earlier? You left home and became so bold? You’re the best now, aren’t you?!"

"Ahahaha..."I laughed. "Sister, can you talk about the main point of the issue?"

"This is the main point!"She was already gritting her teeth. "You really are amazing; you even dared to fight others outside. Do you believe that I will send a bodyguard to capture you back?"

"Don't..."I begged. "I’ve only had a few happy days outside, yet you want to capture me. Please let me off!"

"Okay, I am not free to bother about you. Illusionary Moon has just gone online and I have meetings every day. You should be careful yourself and sleep early. What time is it even?"

"En, I am sleeping right away. Oh, right.Sister, can you answer another question?"


"Can you help get my lab key from dad?"

"Take?" She was furious. "Jerk, you want me to steal something from dad for you? Let me tell you:Don't think about it. You want the key because you want to unlock the core data of Illusionary Moon, right? Impossible. Not only me; even dad doesn't dare to make such a decision."

"Is it really impossible?"


"Okay, then.Good night, sister."

"Snort.Sleep early..."

After hanging up,I fell into deep thought. If I could not understand it through the data, then I wouldbe unable to know what had happened. I could only take it step by step. Forget it.Go to bed!


The next morning, I woke up early and bought two egg pancakes and two packets of soya bean. When I went up, Ah Fei was already awake. After eating a set each, we went online to battle. This was something I was certain about. To understand what was going on in Illusionary Moon, I must stand at the peak of the world. If my account was not strong enough, I wouldbe unable to get close to the core people.


I successfully logged in and appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform as a Shura. I looked at the top right corner and there was no Wind Cloud Platform notification. It seemed that, along with the game progression, it would take longer and longer to refresh. This was not good as my leveling would be greatly delayed.

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In the distance, an Undead Cavalry rode a tall horse and walked over.

"Oi, that cavalry." I turned around and spoke.

He asked respectfully, "Young master, what is the matter?"

"Is the Land of Reincarnation open?" I asked.

"No."He shook his head. "There isn't any job there today, so most of the furnaces are running perfectly."


I was a bit disappointed and nodded my head. I then looked at the sky above the Wind Cloud Platform and asked, "Master, are you there?"

Clouds wrapped around and transformed into that of Ding Heng. He smiled. "Boy, why are you looking for me?"

I looked at my level and stats and said, "Master, I’d like to go to the Ancient Battlefield.Can you help me think of a way?"

"Ancient Battlefield..."

He looked into the distance and said, "It is time. You have become much stronger. Since that is the case, I will help you apply for one chance. Wait here."


I nodded.

Ding Heng disappeared and headed towardthe main castle. It seemed like, if I wanted to head to the Ancient Battlefield, I must get permission from some higher-ups. In a few minutes, Ding Heng reappeared and smiled at me. "Okay, you can enter the Ancient Battlefield. Senior Brother Zhang Xiaoshan will let you do so."

"En.Thank you, master!"

I was emotional. The last time I went there, I used the token that Two Balls stole. This time, I could enter openly. Now, I was at level 35 and could use this chance to train well and only come out when I was level 37 or 38. If not, it would be a waste.

Thus, I headed toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Before I headed over, I must prepare some needed items!

After talking to the attendant, the list of items appeared in front of me—

Health Potion Lv-1: Recover 20 Health per minute, lasting seven seconds.Required contribution point: 1; required level: 10.

Health Potion Lv-2: Recover 50 Health per second, lasting seven second. Required contribution point: 2; required level 20.

Health Potion Lv-3: Recover 100 Health per second, lasting seven seconds. Required contribution point: 5; required level: 30.


Very good.Level 3 potions had appeared and could recover 100 Health per second for a total of 700. This was decent, but the contribution points needed were quite high. Still, it was okay. Level was important, so I bought 10 sets for a total of 1000. I then looked at the potions for Assassins—

Energy Potion Lv-1: Recover 4 energy per second, lasting 5 seconds.Required contribution point: 1; required level: 10.

Energy Potion Lv-2: Recover 8 energy per second, lasting 5 seconds.Required contribution point: 2; required level: 20.

Energy Potion Lv-3: Recover 15 energy per second, lasting 5 seconds.Required contribution point: 5; required level: 30.


This was a new potion that had spawned in the Precious Treasure Pavilion. It could increase energy recovery speed and was a good thing. It was a treasure that let Assassins use their skills infinitely. If it had spawned earlier, my battle against Elements would have been very different. Thus, I bought ten sets at once, too!

With everything prepared, I could finally set off!

I followed the mountainpath and passed through layers of clouds. I appeared where the Ancient Battlefield was and walked along a narrow road. Not long after, I saw the guard outside of the war ruins. An expert holding a halberd while sitting on a stone peak looked at me calmly. I walked forward and saw three undead experts with bows sitting under a tree. They looked at me quietly and did not say a word.

At the entrance, a strong aura rippled. I raised my head and saw an old man sitting on a giant boulder. He crossed his legs and looked like a mountain. He looked thin but his body was giving off an aura that forced one to look up to him. Zhang Xiaoshan, the master of the Ancient Battlefield!

"Senior uncle, I am here to train." I bowed.


Zhang Xiaoshan opened his eyelids and retracted his gaze. He smiled. "July Wildfire, don't be too rash. You entered the Ancient Battlefield through the breach and cultivated well. Forget it.Just go but you can only train outside the ten mountains.If you head further in, you’ll be killed. Go!"

"Yes.Thank you, martial uncle!"

I nodded my head and entered the Ancient Battlefield. The moment I entered, the map refreshed. It looked different from before. When I opened the map, I saw that it had split inmany areas. The deeper one went in, the deeper the blood color would be, such that Area 1 and 2 were so dark it was about to become black. This meant that it was not suitable for my level, and if I headed in, I would be murdered.

As for Area 1, it was the farthest outer area and the map showed that the monsters here were between level 30 to 40. I was 35 now and would gain most experience from level 38 to 40 monsters. Thus, I held my daggers and reached the deepest parts of Area 10.

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