Chapter 66- Quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 66- Quest

Linchen County, East Square.

The battle in the Evil Demon Forest did not affect the prosperity of this place. The square was filled with peddlers and hawkers as well as players. Some were leveling, getting equipment, collecting items, crafting, et cetera. All sorts of people came and went. Compared to the loneliness in Black Castle, those living in Linchen County were just too blessed.

"Here.Take it."

Ah Fei directly passed the Snow Moon dagger to me and then said, "Apart from this, there’s cloth armor and heavy armor. I shall sell all of them. There is Super Rare cloth armor that I don't wanna wear, so I am also going to sell it. My level is too low."

"Okay."I nodded my head. "Once you level up, we shall talk about it."


After which, Ah Fei sold the newly acquired equipment while I strolled around the square. I did not gain anything and returned to Wind Cloud Platform. Looking at my level, I could not enter the Ancient Battlefield. Thus, I could only head to my own cave to increase my experience. Ah Fei's voice came from outside. "It is nine; I am heading out to train. Let's go down for supper in three hours."

"Okay, train hard; don't get killed."

"Don't worry; I formed a party."

"That's good."


I returned to the cave, and with a thought, the cave opened. Based on my master's words, this cave was marked with my life signature and it followed my will. In other words, my will was this cave's key. My will could even activate the World Ender Formation of the cave; it was really amazing.

I came to the front of the hall and saw only an empty patch. The cave was big and was a VIP training area that normal players could not imagine at all. Unfortunately, I was alone here, so it seemed rather lonely. I sat on the steps and then started cultivating. I felt energy rotating in my body. Each time it completed, my energy would get stronger and I was filled with power.

Of course, the main reason I was doing this was because of experience.

After two hours, a ray of rain light covered my whole body and I rose up to level 35. With a crack, I equipped the Snow Moon Dagger and my Attack instantly increased by a large amount—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 35

Attack: 531-717 (+20%)

Defense: 494 (+10%)

Health: 4610

Critical Strike: 5.68%

Lifesteal: 3%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 13

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 150208

Combat strength: 1122


My Attack broke 700 and my lifesteal had increased to 3%. This dagger increased my strength by a large amount. Moreover, it added Strength and Agility, which were both my important stats. To other Assassins, maybe they wanted to add Agility and Stamina so that they could increase survivability, but to me, Strength was only second to Agility.

That was because the growth stats of normal Assassins wereStrength 0.6, Agility 1, Stamina 0.7, and Magic Power 0.6. As for me with my Shura bloodline, my natural stats wereStrength 1, Agility 1.3, Stamina 0.9, and Magic Power 0.9. My growth stats were much higher, which was really efficient; in other words, if normal Assassins added 10 points to Strength, their attack would increase by 6. I would end up with 10 more points. With this accumulation, in the future the detailed increase would be totally different.

Growth was probably the strongest trump card of the Shura hidden race, or at least, it looked like it now. Who knew what would be the case in the future?


I looked at the time and it was still a distance away from twelve. I continued cultivating.

I closed my eyes and an hour passed. Ah Fei knocked on my helmet. "Ah Li, let's go to eat supper; I am a little hungry."


I went offline.Head down to eat something.

It was time for supper. All sorts of barbecue, fried rice, baby lobsters stalls could be found outside. Ah Fei and I sat in front of a stall selling baby lobsters and ordered three pounds worth. Apart from that, we ordered some cooked peanuts and clams.Each of us had two bottles of beer. We started to enjoy the night.

Not long after, the baby lobsters were served. Ah Fei and I started our attack and many turned to white meat in our hands. We placed the meat in some sauce before tossing everything into our mouths. The fragrance instantly overwhelmed us. That, along with beer, made us feel like we would float in the air.

"Today, conservatively speaking, we can earn more than five thousand." He lowered his voice and smiled proudly.

I smiled back. "This isn’t including the Snow Moon Dagger.If we included that, it would be amazing."

"The dagger is yours; it isn't included."

"It is considered an investment," I laughed and said. "Once my equipment and level get higher, the advantage will naturally increase, but Black Castle really isn't easy.A few bosses are trying to kill me, so life is just very dangerous."

"D*mn..."He was shocked. "Isn't that as if someone is targeting your ass at every moment?"

"Nearly there.Your words might sound vulgar, but it is true."

"Hahaha!For your ass, let's share a toast."

"You are really so vulgar; eat!"


Right at that moment, a few students ordered baby lobsters, too. One with a center parting deshelled a lobster while saying, "Did you here? Elements failed to kill that system Boss. Lin Songyan and Mars River were both killed, and in the end the Boss disappeared."

A blond student said, "Normal. Elements is just too strong. Breaking Dawn and For Dreams can't kill the Boss, but they can; that is skill. Although they failed to win in the end, one can consider it as a victory."

"Nearly. I heard another news, which is that the Boss fled with low health and was attacked by Lin Xi on the edge of Evil Demon Forest."

"That happened?"

"Right!We heard about that, too.Who knew who spread it? In any case, Lin Xi appeared and caught the Blade of the Demon God off guard butstill failed to kill him. When the Boss’s Health was almost gone, she was insta-killed. She was so close..."


The blond guy was shocked. "Even Lin Xi, the top beauty on our server, failed to kill the Boss?"

"Nonsense! Elements has thousands of people, yet they couldn't deal with the Boss. Meanwhile, Lin Xi went alone. I think that, since she dared to go alone and caused so much trouble for the Boss, she’s already so strong."

"Who cares about her?She is a goddess.Even if we are in front of her, she won't take a look at us."

"That is just so saddening..."

"Hahaha!Drink drink!"


We were eating when, suddenly, a few people appeared beside Ah Fei and me. They just stood beside our table.

"August End?" A voice reached our ears.

Ah Fei and I raised our heads and saw a guy wearing sunglasses with a golden chain around his neck. Beside him were two others who looked like punks.

Instantly, Ah Fei and I became wary. We took off our gloves, wiped our hands, and stood up.

"Yes, it’s me; do you have a problem?"

Ah Fei looked at them.

"Hehehe! You have balls!" the guy in sunglasses said coldly. "Do you know that you offended someone?"

"I offended many people; can you tell me who?" Ah Fei asked.

"I won't tell you, but you should know who." The guy took out his phone and opened the recording function. He said coldly, "I don't want to fight, so you and the guy beside you, kneel down. As long as you do that, this thing will be over."

I frowned. "What if we don’t?"

"Are you asking for trouble?" He kept his phone and walked up. He grabbed an empty beer bottle and smashed it towardmy head.

Logically speaking, it should be quick. However, for some reason, he did not look quick. I had enough time to react. I raised my arm and instinctively gathered energy on it. The bottle hit my wrist with a keng at the same time thatI kicked him in the stomach!

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This kick was really fierce and it flung him five meters away. The moment he landed, he hugged his stomach and screamed.


The two punks rushed to help him up.

"Attack!What are you two doing?" He was furious.

"Boss, we..."

The two punks were terrified by my kick and neither dared to attack.

Right at that moment, a siren sounded and a cop on motorcycle walked over. "What happened?"

"They are fighting..."said the stall owner.


The police looked at us. "Let's go; follow me to the station."


Police station.

Ah Fei and I both recorded our statements. It was basically not our fault. We were merely protecting ourselves. After all, he smashed a beer bottle on us and that scene was captured by the surrounding CCTVs.

"Ah Li, are you fine?"

He looked at my wrist.

"I am fine." I shook my head.

The middle-aged policeman smiled. "Kid, that person is a regular.You don't have to be nervous, but... I heard that you had kicked him five meters away.Is that true?"

"I am not sure; it didn't look that far."

"If it’s so, your legs are really strong." He laughed. "Okay, there is nothing; you two can go. Leave the rest to us."

"Okay, thank you."


On the way back.

"The dumbass in sunglasses is called Ren Wu and he is a punk on Yuexi Street." Ah Fei walked while saying. "It is definitely Wang Siyu's boyfriend, but today... Ah Li, how are you so good at fighting, I remember that you weren't so good before."

I was speechless but knew that this had something to do with the in-game cultivation. Ever since I started gathering energy, I had been able to sense changes in my body. My sensory ability and physique were different from before. Although I did not understand,this was a good thing. An example was today.If not for that kick, Ah Fei and I would be in a long fight.

What I cared more about was why he knew where we lived. Maybe it had something to do with Ah Fei revealing his ID to others. “This guy.”

"This guy?"

Ah Fei had forgotten about him. He was like a goldfish with a few seconds of memory.

I facepalmed. Forget it.Get home first.

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