Chapter 65- Snow Moon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 65- Snow Moon

I had no time to turn around at all. The moment I heard Assault, I used White Cloak!


A white cloak flickered in the air and I stepped into space. A large ‘Missed’ appeared above my head. The Assault damage and stun effect was dodged by me. Right when I turned around, I saw that Lin Xi's beautiful eyes were full of shock. It was obvious that she had not expected my reaction speed to be so fast. I used White Cloak instantly to dodge her killing blow.


A white light flashed beneath her feet and she activated Dawn Vision. Right away, a mark appeared on my head and my Stealth was seen through by her!

"You are asking for death!"

I turned around and, under White Cloak's effect, slapped. Instantly, the space around me twisted as golden runes appeared. Dragon roars could be heard from space, then I used Dragon Will!

However, Lin Xi just sank down and used a beautiful ark to move away from Dragon Will's killing region. The palm power just sliced off a bit of her hair, and in the next second, flames rose up. She used Flying Flame Slash and it landed on my side!


So painful!

I gritted my teeth and my body sank down to dodge her second sword attack. I also activated Blood Drawing Blade. My daggers both used normal attacks to slice onto her shoulder, but the Dawn Protector's shield reduced the damage and I only took away 2000 Health. At the same time, I healed by 500+!


My short sword stabbed forward as I used Gouge!

However, Lin Xi's reaction was really quick. When she saw the starting motion of Gouge, she moved, charging forwardinstead of retreating. Her sword handle smacked my wrist, causing Gouge to miss. At the same time, she shouldered me which caused my elbow to rise up!


My mouth went agape. Her mechanics were too familiar. This was the Pulse Breaking Style—a legendary tactic that only first-rate players could grasp!


A golden-colored six-star lightspun around her blade, and in the next second, she landed Double Hit onmy chest, taking away 600+ Health from me. I was nearing the bottom, but at that moment, I gritted my teeth and charged forward. I opened up some distance between us before using Backstab on her!


All of a sudden, she had low Health, too.

"Ah Fei, use Fireball!"I shouted in real life. "Can't you see that I am being suppressed?!"


Ah Fei raised his staff, but his spell was dodged by Lin Xi. He was so bad that I nearly spat out blood.

At that moment, Lin Xi got anxious, too. She knew that my White Cloak cooldown was about up, so she might be unable to block the next one.

"End it!"

After a clang, she used her sword handle to block my dagger for the second time. She dashed forwardand kneed my stomach. The heavy blow nearly sent me into the air. She held her sword, her face covered in frost as she used her ult. Her blade was covered in silver light—Blade of Dawn!

While my body was in mid-air, I felt infuriated!


The moment Lin Xi's Blade of Dawn was about to land, I used the treasure, Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!

Instantly, a scroll opened between Lin Xi and me. The scroll had wide oceans rolling, tall mountains sprawling, big fishes swimming, and large birds flying about. The vast world looked like it could accept everything. In the next second, Lin Xi's valiant strike looked like cow dung entering an ocean, sinking right into the scroll.

It disappeared!

It was blocked!

I was really excited. Right when Lin Xi was shocked, I turned around and landed Annihilation onher chest. Her armor opened up and started to break down, revealing her dazzlingly snowy-white skin. Her twin peaks made one's heartbeat speed up, but in the next second, her body turned into dust and she dissipated.


Lin Xi knelt onthe ground and looked at the Annihilation effect in front of her chest. She raised her head and looked at me. "I... won't let you off!"


A white light surged into the sky and Lin Xi died. She lost a level but unfortunately did not drop any equipment; otherwise, this would be perfect!


"Finally, it’s over."

I frowned and looked at my low health and then at Ah Fei. I said in my Boss's voice, "Dumb human, you aren't attacking? Also, were you even trying to hit? You missed every skill; can you be any dumber? Haiz... I’m so tired..."

Ah Fei facepalmed. "I didn't expect her movement to be so good. Can I kill you now?"

"Quick.Pick up the equipment and return to the city."


A few consecutive balls of fire took away my last bit of health. I groaned as if I were being released. In the next second, light wrapped me up and I flew back to the Wind Cloud Platform.


Master Ding Heng appeared in the air with a merciful gaze and smiled. "Little fellow, you didn't disappoint me. Your legendary story has spread in the human race; I also heard that you had made those adventurers furious and panicky. Not bad.As expected of my disciple!"

I grinned. "Thank you for your praise, master!Do I get a reward?"

"No, go and cultivate!"

"Yes, master..."

His body disappeared in an instant and left me just standing there. I went offline and tapped Ah Fei's helmet. "Oi, come offline; let's see if there is anything good."


A few seconds later, Ah Fei went offline and he was excited. "All level 35 equipment. Moreover, one of the Super Rare equipment is useful to you."

"Hey, that is great!"

He grabbed his helmet and summoned the system elf. Not long after,the projections appeared in front of us one by one. First was a crescent-looking dagger; it was silver white like snow and its name was dark blue. When the stats appeared, my heartbeat sped up—

Snow Moon (Super Rare)

Attack: 60-82

Agility: +45

Strength: +42

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 6%

Required Level: 35

Required Job: Assassin


This was a top dagger!

I was surprised. "I will head to Linchen County; give it to me!"

"En, calm down.There’s other rare equipment!"

"Who cares?If we can't use any, just auction it all off."

"Okay, come over. I will go online; let's meet at the east square."


I went online right away and looked at my experience bar. After two hours of killing, I gained large amounts of experience and it was at 92%. I could randomly kill and get to level 35. When the time came, I would be able to use this Snow Moon. Without thinking, this Super Rare dagger was definitely my main weapon!

Teleport and head towardLinchen County. I turned into a human and entered the city. When I passed the east gate, I saw two beautiful girls talking. One of them was tall, a level 35 Archer with her body wrapped in leather armor. Her cheeks were really puffy as she smiled. The other was a petite girl who was a Mage. Her Magic Robe wrapped her luscious body and her face was really gentle. She belonged to the type that all guys would fall for.

Anyway, both of them looked good.

The Archer was called Bright Moon and the Mage was Follow Heart. Just as I passed by, I heard Follow Heart saying, "Lin Xi was killed just a while ago, and she’s furious. When I asked her if she wanted to eat supper, she said that she wasn't in the mood..."


Bright Moon smiled. "That is her personality; she will be fine. Let her calm down. It’s good to fail once in a while to tell her that she’s not invincible, in case she loses out in the future."

Follow Heart pursed her red lips. "Before she went, she should’ve called us."

"That’s a system Boss... Even Elements couldn't kill him. So what if there were the two of you? Forget it. Let's not talk so much and just have her go level up to earn back the level lost."


I walked over and glanced at them. Were the two of them Lin Xi's friends?

"You! What are you looking at?"

Bright Moon frowned as she looked at me. Annoyed, she said, "Look and I will poke your eyes~"

"So fierce?"I frowned, too. "Be careful no one will marry you!"

"Are you asking to get a beating?" She raised her handand took out the bright bow on her back.

"Bring it on; if you have balls, then shoot me!" I smiled.


Follow Heart pulled her. "Forget it; this person looks like a rookie.Don't argue with such a person. You are really hot-tempered..."


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Bright Moon stared at me and stopped talking.

I did not say anything more, either. I turned around and shook my head. "Girls these days really have no standards..."

"Ah ah ah~" That beauty raged. "Did you hear that Ruyi?This pervert looked at us and said that we have no standards; does that make any sense?"

"I think there’s nothing wrong with his gaze; he looks kind..." the other girl said softly.


I stopped.

"Finally, someone understands me..."

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