Chapter 64- She is here
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Zhan Yue Chapter 64- She is here


I used Quickness, taking advantage of my movement speed to open up the distance between Feng Canghai and me. This person's damage was too high, and once he wrapped onto me, it would be hard for me to break free. I had to avoid him!

I waved my swords and pierced those people within reach of me. Fresh blood spurted out, and just like that, I slashed through the Elements' crowd. However, my healthbar was also rapidly decreasing. In less than twenty seconds, I would be out. Thus, I used White Cloak to avoid Feng Canghai and Old Mountain before heading towardthe mountains in the north.

"Where is he? Where are you?!"

The bunch of Elements players were furious. "How did he go into stealth again?"


Feng Canghai held his sword and rage appeared on his face. "After killing so many people, you actually wantto leave?"

Right at that moment, I appeared. While activating Blood Drawing Blade, I landed Annihilation onto Elements's north formation. With a piercing sound, his body showed the destruction process. A huge Critical Strike number appeared and it brought my health back to full.


I opened my palm and used my ult. While Apprehension was wiping them out, I charged into the crowd to perform a killing spree. Hunter's Edge and Godslaying Blade were both used by me, such that the one-hundred-man team of Elements screamed in unison. At the same time, I attacked while paying attention to Feng Canghai and Old Mountain. As expected, under Feng Canghai's leadership, the ten highest levelplayers formed a team to pounce on me.

How could I let them succeed?

At this moment, I understood that I could not fight them head on, so I used White Cloak as Feng Canghai and Old Mountain pressed on me. Their levels were too high, so their Assault had at least a 50% success rate on me. It was best if I did not take that risk.


Right when Feng Canghai led people over, I pulled my sword out from the chest of an Assassin andran. I used Quickness and headed for a hill. The hill was several hundred meters away with a bun

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