Chapter 64- She is here
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Zhan Yue Chapter 64- She is here


I used Quickness, taking advantage of my movement speed to open up the distance between Feng Canghai and me. This person's damage was too high, and once he wrapped onto me, it would be hard for me to break free. I had to avoid him!

I waved my swords and pierced those people within reach of me. Fresh blood spurted out, and just like that, I slashed through the Elements' crowd. However, my healthbar was also rapidly decreasing. In less than twenty seconds, I would be out. Thus, I used White Cloak to avoid Feng Canghai and Old Mountain before heading towardthe mountains in the north.

"Where is he? Where are you?!"

The bunch of Elements players were furious. "How did he go into stealth again?"


Feng Canghai held his sword and rage appeared on his face. "After killing so many people, you actually wantto leave?"

Right at that moment, I appeared. While activating Blood Drawing Blade, I landed Annihilation onto Elements's north formation. With a piercing sound, his body showed the destruction process. A huge Critical Strike number appeared and it brought my health back to full.


I opened my palm and used my ult. While Apprehension was wiping them out, I charged into the crowd to perform a killing spree. Hunter's Edge and Godslaying Blade were both used by me, such that the one-hundred-man team of Elements screamed in unison. At the same time, I attacked while paying attention to Feng Canghai and Old Mountain. As expected, under Feng Canghai's leadership, the ten highest levelplayers formed a team to pounce on me.

How could I let them succeed?

At this moment, I understood that I could not fight them head on, so I used White Cloak as Feng Canghai and Old Mountain pressed on me. Their levels were too high, so their Assault had at least a 50% success rate on me. It was best if I did not take that risk.


Right when Feng Canghai led people over, I pulled my sword out from the chest of an Assassin andran. I used Quickness and headed for a hill. The hill was several hundred meters away with a bunch of bushes in the middle. From afar, the hill looked like a path of red similar to an autumn maple forest.

Those red bits were not trees but formed from a bunch of red Evil Demon Remnant Souls. They were not moving at all, so people could nottell the difference at all.


Feng Canghai used Swiftness and his movement speed increased. He hollered, "Archers, Mages, use your skills to burn him so that he can't turn invisible!"

Xiu xiu xiu~

Many arrows shot from behind me and stabbed my back. Although the damage was low, it did make me unable to go into stealth. Many balls of fire danced in the air and covered my entire region. Even if I activated White Cloak, I would be hit after two seconds.

It was like the Elements elites were on drugs after Feng Canghai's orders, for they were really fierce.


I was nearly there!

I looked up at the hill while dashing and raised my swords above my head. All of a sudden, the red patch on the mountain began to move. Those Evil Demon Remnant Souls were great listeners and they really accepted my orders.


Old Mountain ran while frowning. "Boss, this isn't good; why did the Boss raise his hands up?"

"Right, what is he doing?"Feng Canghai's gaze was cold. "Is it a signal?"

"Maybe... He is surrendering to us?" A Warrior smiled.

Feng Canghai smiled. "Innocent—"

At this moment, dense rustling came from the bushes right when I was right in front.

I could already sense the presence of numerous souls. I stood still, turning around to look at Feng Canghai and Old Mountain. I smiled and stabbed my dagger forwardwhile shouting in a low voice, "Prepare to die you, ignorant humans!"

Those words were really powerful and it helped cover for me. After saying such words, I would only be a programmedBoss, not a player. Maybe this could allow me to earn more from the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial,and players would not complain too much that this system got removed.

"What is he doing?"

Elements players were stunned.

"Not good!"

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Feng Canghai was first to react as he shouted, "Stop the chase! Heavy armor, form the shield formation.Quickly!"


Although they were lost, since the leader gave orders, the Paladins all formed up. They placed their shields on the ground to form a shield formation. The sudden change was really rushed, such that they were not prepared at all. Thus, this formation had many holes.

In the next second, the rustling continued from the bushes. All of a sudden, numerous remnant souls charged out from within while brandishing their scythes, waraxes, and spears. Their faces were filled with violence as they smashed into Elements' defense line.


Behind them, Old Mountain's face turned ashen white. "How did so many monsters suddenly appear?"

Feng Canghai sliced two Evil Demon Remnant Souls while shouting in rage, "It must be that Boss’s doing. He can command these monsters. Listen to me and defend; don't let them scatter us. If not, we’ll suffer unimaginable losses!"


Old Mountain shot, then said seriously, "They’re just level 38 Super Rare monsters. We usually train on them, so what if they are charging at us as a group?They are just giving us experience! Frontline, hold on! Backline, follow up with your heals! Musicians, start playing! Enchanters, release your beasts! All of you, get into motion; the time to train levels is here! We will definitely be able to block this monster wave!"

One had to say that Feng Canghai and Old Mountain had so much charm. Moreover, their leadership ability was really good. Their words caused the panicking Elements to calm down. The thousand of them formed up and welcomed wave after wave of Evil Demon Remnant Soul attacks!


I stood behind the monsters. I used Hunter's Edge and Dragon Will on them and directly blew a corner open. I then used Apprehension on their ranged players and caused them to collapse. Contribution points increased. However, just when I got close, Old Mountain shouted, "Focus fire on the location I mark; get the Boss low!"

A bunch of Mages and Archers attacked. Instantly my healthbar dropped at a visible rate and I was low. Feng Canghai moved, too. With Assault, he was really terrifying.


I looked at the way they were attacking and the Evil Demon Remnant Souls could only delay them but not wipe them out. This was a real problem. Elements was the first that made me feel like I could not win. It was not too possible, so it was time for me to leave and meet with Ah Fei to complete another mission.


"Ah Fei!"

"Here! Ah Li, what should we do?" Ah Fei replied right away.

"Coordinates. I will find you right away. Did someone target you?" I asked.

He smiled. "No, but if Lin Xi is really following me, I don't think that I can figure out. My sense of danger isn't sharp so—"

"Forget it.Give me your coordinates."


Not long after, he sent his coordinates and I learned that he was roughly five minutes away. I retreated dozens of meters, sinking and entering Stealth.


An Elements Paladin frowned. "The Boss disappeared again.Is he going to sneak-attack once more?"

Feng Canghai said calmly, "Defend. First party, follow me; we will charge over to see what the Boss wants to do!"

"Yes, leader!"

In the next second, Feng Canghai brought the heavy armor, Archers, Mages and broke through the Evil Demon Remnant Soul wave. They arrived not far away from me and observed the trees and plants all around.

Did not care about them.Leave!

I followed a small path and retreated. As long as I was careful, even with Feng Canghai's ability he would not notice me. The outcome was the same. Feng Canghai and the others continued searching while I was already miles out.


East of Evil Demon Forest, a wide forest land. There was a copse of red maple trees, which made this place look like a fairytale and made me feel rejuvenated when I was inside. Under a tree, Ah Fei stepped on the leaves and smiled. "Finally?"


I kept silent. This was a terrible choice. This place was covered in maple leaves, and as a Boss who was good in Stealth, I had to touch the leaves. Those players who were slightly stronger would be able to tell where I was. Ah Fei really was a reincarnated pig!

However, I could not say anything. I understood his gaming skills and that was just it.

I looked at my remaining 10% Health and frowned. It was equivalent to 1400, so it meant that, right now, I had even lower Health than a Mage. If Lin Xi was really here, who knew whether or not I could take a set of skills from her? I had no choice and could only gamble. After all, if my Health was too high, she might not be willing to appear.

Sha sha~

In the next second, I got out of Stealth and appeared fifty yards away from Ah Fei. I told him, "Don't hit me; I don't have much Health yet. Toss Fireballand I’ll try to dodge. Once Lin Xi appears, then we will focus fire on her!"




The first Fireball broke through the air.

I tilted my head and dodged it.


A Wind Blade.

I ran forwardand slid to the side to dodge it.

Right at that moment, a sharp air breaking sound spread from behind me.


It was the sound of the Assault skill.She was here!

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