Chapter 63- Mars River
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Zhan Yue Chapter 63- Mars River

Time to make preparations!

I turned around and came to the largest empty space in the Evil Demon Forest. I charged towardthe bunch of lost Evil Demon Remnant Souls and shouted, "Trash, all of you come over!"

They flew over respectfully.

I stretched my hand and pointed to a hill in the distance. "All of you, gather on that hill. Without my orders, none of you are to move. Follow my movement, and the moment I raiseboth blades above my head, you are to charge down and shred all the enemies. Do you all understand?"

"Wu wu wu~"

They nodded their heads but their eyes still looked empty and lost. However, they definitely understood what I had just said. At this moment, this Evil Demon Remnant Souls flew toward the two-hundred-meter-tall hill. They gathered into a blood ocean. Although these level 38 monsters were average, if they all attacked at once, even a topguild in the server like Elements wouldbe unable to handle it, right? Moreover, there was me!


I returned to the center of the forest and continued battling with the players that ventured into it.

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, an hour and a half had passed. Within this time, I gained 50000 contribution points. This was truly godspeed. In the next half, maybe I could gain a lot, too.

At this moment, dense footsteps came from the distance.Finally, the strongest challenger in Evil Demon Forest appeared. A group of players with Elements below their names appeared. Moreover, their levels were really high, with the lowest being at thirty-one. In other words, if Ah Fei entered Elements... Forget it.He did not have the ability to.

The crowd spread like a flood, and in the blink of an eye, Evil Demon Forest was drowned.

There were just too many of them!

People from Elements gathered to form a crowd. What was most terrifying was that, although there were many of them, they were silent. No one made a sound. This guild was unlike Hidden Dragon Mountain, For Dreams, et cetera, which were really noisy when they entered that it seemed like a market.

Elements, in contrast, made no sounds even when at least a thousand of them gathered. Apart from footsteps there was only the sound of weapons hitting armor. At the very front, a high-level Warrior looked on coldly. His body was covered in blue, and only the bracers were dark green. This meant that his gear was all blue. He held a dark blue sword in his hand. A Super Rare sword? On his head, a light gold ID represented his identity—

Feng Canghai (Trainee Warrior)

Level: 36

Party: Elements


He was here.The guy who was said to have the highest chance of becoming the next king of the server.

Feng Canghai, the most powerful person in Elements, had officially stepped into Evil Demon Forest; behind him were his subordinates who all held sharp weapons. "What intel did you get from Breaking Dawn?"

"Boss's skills and attack methods."

On his side was a level 35 Mage, Mars River, who had also all blue equipment. His handsome face was the picture of calmness. "Apart from Hunter's Edge, he has White Cloak, Annihilation, Dragon Will, and Blood Drawing Blade. Those few important skills. White Cloak is a forced stealth, Annihilation is high damage and single target, Dragon Will is AOE, and Blood Drawing Blade has a five-second 30% lifesteal effect. On top of all these, he has a large-scale AOE skill called Apprehension, which is really strong."

He nodded. "The Boss usually sneak-attacksusing Backstab plus Annihilation to annihilate the leader before using Apprehension to sweep up the field. Hunter's Edge is only used to kill, and once his Health is below 20%, he’ll use the White-Cloak-Blood-Drawing-Blade-Dragon-Will combo to regain full health."

Feng Canghai frowned. "The skills that the Boss hasis actually different from what we see?"

"Right, what we see are only Apprehension and Godslaying Blade. His true killing moves are all hidden." Mars River smiled. "Based on my conjecture, this is a Boss with super high AI and has his unique battle system. He knows how to deduce a player's level; apart from that, there is a less possible guess."

"What?" Feng Canghai asked.

"He is also a player." Mars River smiled. "Otherwise, it’d be too difficult to explain everything that happened. After all, he is just an AI that can't have human intellect and feelings, but this possibility isn't huge.This is unheard of, after all. It is just unbelievable for players to become Bosses."

Feng Canghai asked seriously, "What do you think we should do to win?"

"Very simple."

Mars River pointed at Lin Songyan and smiled. "As long as Old Lin can block a wave of his attacks andwe force the Boss out of stealth as well as make him use all his trump cards, even if he can use Blood Drawing Blade to get back to full health, we still have chance to take out his 20000 Health in less than ten seconds."

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Feng Canghai sucked in a deep breath. "What about me? What is my use facing this Boss?"

Mars River smiled. "If I am direct, your use is only as cannon fodder. He will insta-kill you and maybe he is listening to our conversation~"

As he said that, Mars River looked at the forest with his eyes full of confidence.


I felt coldness in my heart. When my eyes landed on him, I had an illusion that this person might be the strongest in Elements. He was so mysterious that even Feng Canghai had to listen to him. The way he analyzed things was really systematic. As what Mars River said, my only weakness was my low health. Once White Cloak's forced stealth was broken, if they had enough firepower, they might really be able to kill me!

Since that was the case, I could not leave him alive! With this person commanding, the threat towardme was too huge!


Sha sha...

Elements went deeper into the forest. Moreover, their formation was really interesting.They were actually using three as a small group and three groups as one battle formation, pushing forwardin a triangle. Each group had three jobs: one was heavy armor, a Paladin, Warrior, or Fighter; another was a ranged player, either a Mage or anArcher; and lastwas a healer like Priest or an Assassin who had excellent attacks and control. Was this attack formation the legendary Triple Three Control?


I sucked in a deep breath and then I gaped. Elements was really worthy of its fame. These people’s attack formation seemed loose, but the moment the Boss appeared, be it control, damage, or tank, they had enough manpower to have a strategic advantage while suffering minimal losses.

All of a sudden, a bunch of Triple Three Control groups piled in the forest.

This was a problem!

I frowned and slowly walked out of the forest. I moved through their cracks and did not make much of a move. I passed through many of their groups and finally got close to Mars River. The group he was in was strong, and beside him were Feng Canghai and Lin Songyan. They were the strongest Triple Three Control group.

He was the one!

I held my breath and got close slowly.

Sha sha...

Beneath my foot, the sound of leaves being stepped on were so soft. The players around made louder noises. The moment I got close to Mars River, I used my killing move—Backstab plus Annihilation both landed at once!


In just a short moment, Mars River frowned. "He is here!"

He actually noticed me!


In an instant, a black shadow struck Mars River away. It was Lin Songyan.He not only forced Mars River away from a dangerous position but also used his blood-colored spear to pierce my stomach!

Bloodthirst Spear?!

Right.Moreover, the shield in his hand was very familiar. It was the Shield of the Guardian which I dropped previously. With these two high-level equipment to protect him, it was no wonder that Lin Songyan dared to challenge me!

Right when Bloodthirst Spear took out 300+ of my Health, Annihilation landed on Lin Songyan's heavy armor. It drew a shocking blood-colored wound!


No Critical Strike but it still took out half of Lin Songyan's Health. Seeing that he was not insta-killed, I raised my hand and summoned Apprehension, which exploded with me at the center.

"Move aside!"

Feng Canghai headed forward, his eyes teeming with killing intent. Along with his shout, a blood-colored glow enveloped his body. "Priest's Heal!"

Apprehension was a skill with successive damage. The first strike did not kill him, so there was no more chance. Healing landed. With the Triple Three Control formation, there were many Priests around. Many Priests even tanked Apprehension to heal him. They managed to support Feng Canghai when he charged in front of me.


[Battle notification: Please pay attention;Player Feng Canghai has used the skill Power of the Storm, gaining two seconds of Critical Strike +50%!]


[Battle notification: Please pay attention;Player Feng Canghai has used the skill Ice Breaker Slash!]


A layer of frost wrapped around his blade. Feng Canghai's sword was as fast as lightning, and there was no chance for me to dodge at all. One sword dealt up to 700+ crit damage!

"Die!"I, too, shouted. Who I wanted to kill was not Feng Canghai but rather Lin Songyan, who was at half Health. Hunter's Edge landed, and along with two basic attacks from my daggers, Lin Songyan fell to the ground and even dropped Bloodthirst Spear. Unfortunately, I was unable to pick it up.


I raised my sword and blocked Feng Canghai's Double Hit. My body shook from the hits. This guy had such terrifying stats, but at this point my energy had largely recovered.

Blood Drawing Blade!

Dragon Will!

With these two skills together, a dragon roar broke the silence of the forest. A giant dragon illusion then sailed past everyone and insta-killed Mars River, who was retreating!

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