Chapter 62- Element's challenge
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Zhan Yue Chapter 62- Element's challenge

"Is this even human?"

In the distance, an Assassin holding two daggers was stunned. He looked on as his teammates were bathed in blood one by one, but there was nothing he could do. He gritted his teeth. "His mechanics... If he weren't a Boss, he would at least be a Challenger-level player, right?"

"Charge, don't hesitate; everyone is going all out!" someone shouted.

"Charge charge charge!"

On Hidden Dragon Mountain's end, Man of Steel brought a group and charged over. His eyes were filled with shock and killing intent as he shouted, "Brothers, Breaking Dawn can't handle him anymore. Let's charge and find a chance to insta-kill him!"

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Breaking Dawn Dust held his shield and pushed Man of Steel away. His eyes were filled with animosity. "We haven't even finished one wave; why did you even come over for?"

"Preposterous! Who do you think I am?" Man of Steel sliced with his blade.

However, very quickly a bunch of Archers behind Breaking Dawn Dust turned him into a porcupine. He retreated with low health, and even the dozens of Hidden Dragon Mountain players behind him were killed. As expected, although they were working together, their relationship was not good.

Breaking Dawn Fate's beautiful eyes were apologetic. "Hidden Dragon Mountain friends, we are sorry. Breaking Dawn Dust doesn't have a good temper. Once we finish this wave, then you take over; how about that?"

"Scoff.Bullies!" Wang Yaozu said.

Chicken Pee held his staff. "Since beautiful Fate has spoken, then forget it... We will wait!"

Man of Steel was furious and gritted his teeth. He was on the verge of exploding, but Wang Yaozu and Camel's Back stopped him. "Leader, bear with it; if not, our plan will be ruined. Calm down!"


On the other side, Breaking Dawn Dust waved his sword. The moment I was Gouged by an Assassin, his eyes were filled with surprise. "Assault! Quick, follow up with the stun. Firepower next up! Fighters, use your Charging Fist and Explosive Fist on him!"

In the next second, a few high-level Paladins smashed unto me. One of them was able to land a stun, and after which, he just turned around and left. Shortly after, three Fighters used Charging Fist and Explosive Fist on me, dealing 200 to 300 damage. This was not much; the most lethal ones were the Mages. Dense Stone Walls and Fireballs caused my health to drop to 30% in just less than five seconds!

"Come, prepare to die!"

Breaking Dawn Dust flew forward and launched Assault on me at close range!


D*mn! I was stunned again and my vision blurred.

Many spells landed on me and I was only left with 7% Health.

"Hahaha!He can't handle it anymore!"

Breaking Dawn Dust waved his blade while shouting, "Focus fire and insta-kill him. D*mn, this Boss has played with us so many times; we can finally wash away our past humiliation!"

Their faces all flushed red.

However, at that moment, as a Boss, my immunity heightened. Assault, which could stun for one second, only stunned me for 0.75 seconds. In an instant, my body could move again. I used White Cloak instinctively.



A white cloak behind my back flashed and I entered an immunity state. I did not think about fleeing but rather about taking revenge. I used Blood Drawing Blade; the dagger in my right hand disappeared, too. I spread my hand and a golden dragon pattern wrapped around it. The space started to twist and golden runes appeared in the sky. It was as if a dragon had woken up in me as I slapped out, launching a shocking attack!

Dragon Will!


This was Dragon Will used after White Cloak. Its Attack was so terrifying. Instantly, giant dragons roared in the air.

In front of me, the bunch of Breaking Dawn elites, including Breaking Dawn Dust, were swept by a storm like grass. Their healthbars were emptied. With Blood Drawing Blade, my palm managed to lifesteal all the way back from 3% to 100%!

Let the slaughter continue!

I did not even hide. I just charged in the crowd. This time, without Breaking Dawn Dust's leadership and a large amount of level 32 Paladins and Warriors, it was tough for them to stun me again. In a few minutes, most of Breaking Dawn's five hundred people were wiped out. In the end, Breaking Dawn Fate was filled with reluctance. She looked at my remaining 17% Health and ordered them to leave.

It was as if she knew that this 17% Health was just my bait.


"Hidden Dragon Mountain, attack!"

Man of Steel quickly bit the bait and led his guild over. I headed toward them, too. Anyway, they were contribution points and they were there for the taking. Just like that, I waved my swords and caused large amounts of blood to splatter about. After Breaking Dawn retreated, Hidden Dragon Mountain became the main force. Old Li and Chicken Pee shot at me and quickly reduced my health below 10%.


Man of Steel laughed arrogantly. "Who cares what kind of Boss you are?Today, I will defeat you!"

He waved his sword and sliced valiantly.

I laughed, and the moment Man of Steel charged at me, I used Blood Drawing Blade and Dragon Will at the same time!


Once again, a golden palm exploded in the crowd. All of a sudden, my Health was full again. I pounced forward and used Annihilation on Man of Steel. Like a blade slicing through paper, Man of Steel's body was sliced into half. The wound started to spread and break down, like a paper person turning to dust.


Wang Yaozu retreated and his face was filled with shock. "I told you that the Boss has a skill which allows him to recover his full health, but you wouldn't listen to me. Now what? Leader Lu is dead; are we gonna die for nothing, too?"

Old Li shot and thenspoke seriously. "Force his skillto enter cooldown. This lifesteal skill has a cooldown. As long as we kill him before that, then it's fine. I have seen it; this Boss has lower than 20000 Health. As long as we stun him, we will be able to kill him. Attack and don't hesitate!"

The bunch of them charged at me once more. Moreover, those small guilds stopped looking and they all charged forward, too. All of them wanted the last hit!


Unfortunately, it was wishful thinking. Blood Drawing Blade's cooldown was only sixty seconds, and be it Dragon Will or White Cloak plus Annihilation, they were enough to let me regain a lot of Health. Thus, I charged in the crowd and used my movement to avoid unnecessary damage. The more I killed, the smoother it got, and I treated them as training partners.

Ten minutes later, the ground was covered in corpses, with only dozens of people managing to flee. Even Chicken Pee, who was fated with me, was killed with Annihilation. I would not let him talk nonsense again. If not, I would just feel uncomfortable.

I killed around nine hundred people in this fight and obtained 14000 contribution points. A large portion was from Breaking Dawn. Their levels and Combat strength were higher, so I got more contribution points from killing them. Of course, Hidden Dragon Mountain gave a lot, too, just that it was lower than Breaking Dawn.

On the ground werepiles of equipment and potions. They did try to pick up some but there were still over one hundred shining equipment lying on the ground. If Ah Fei was an Assassin, this would be perfect. I could allow him to collect all the loot and sell everything in Linchen County. The entire Linchen County market would probably collapse due to our actions.

Unfortunately, Ah Fei was a Mage—a noob Mage that everyone could bully.


"Breaking Dawn lost again!"Ah Fei laughed. "D*mn! Breaking Dawn said that they wanted to become a first-rate guild. Look at them now; they fell to you so many times. Ah Li, you are too vicious. I think Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash are furious now."

I said helplessly, "What can I do? I wasn't the one who asked them to attack me, right?"

"Hahaha~"He laughed out loud and spoke seriously. "Ah Li,don't be too optimistic. We have a high chance of failing. Guess which guild is gathering to head to wipe you out?"

"Who? "I was stunned. "Is it For Dreams? Don't talk about those rookies; they are noobs."

"Of course not." He smiled meaningfully. "Elements!"

"..."I frowned. "A top guild in the server finally can't take it anymore?"

"Right." He smiled. "Last time, you killed their Old Mountain and Lin Songyan; do you think they would let this go? This time, Feng Canghai is personally leading someone to deal with you, so I think that there is no point in me staying here. You might die later, so... Why don't we bring forward our operation?"

"No."I shook my head. "I haven't earned enough contribution points, so how can I leave like this? So what if they are Elements? I will deal with them. I don't believe that they are gods and I can't win against them."

"You want to challengeElements?"

"No, they are the ones asking to be humiliated!"

"Okay, I believe in you. Good luck!"


Although I said that, if Elements really came, then I had to prepare. After all Elements was not something like Breaking Dawn. Fang Ge Que's strength was not on the same level as Breaking Dawn Ash. That was someone listed as one of the top players and his strength was just behind Li Xiao Yao and Fang Ge Que!

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