Chapter 61- Swear to not return
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Zhan Yue Chapter 61- Swear to not return

Not long after, dense footsteps came from the distance and a bunch of familiar people appeared. Dragon Alliance!


This time, the leader Dragon Grievances was quite worried. He held his staff and walked at the back of the crowd. He was guarded by a Warrior and a Paladin. He said warily, "The previous battle occured in front."


Archer Dragon Enters Ocean gestured forwardand said loudly, "Brothers, head forwardand scout this position! We can't miss anything. There are three hundred of us; if we don't wipe out this Boss, we won't go back!"


The bunch of Dragon Alliance players were pumped up. They raised their weapons and said, "If we don't wipe out this Boss, we won't go back!"

The bunch of them were determined!

Shortly after, the frontline Warriors moved, Paladins started to spread out. They walked in front, while the Archers and Mages walked at the back to toss skills around. They landed across the empty Evil Demon Forest to try and force me out of Stealth. Of course, that was difficult as I could move.

I squatted on the tree and looked at them calmly.

Although Dragon Alliance was stronger than Hidden Dragon Mountain, it was as compared to Breaking Dawn. Its overall execution and organization ability were much inferior. With just these people, it was impossible for them to kill me. On the contrary, they were gifting me large amounts of contribution points and helping me accumulate more.


I jumped off the tree and charged into the crowd. I reached out and used Apprehension, which covered Dragon Enters Ocean and Dragon Grievances. Instantly, their two core players fell to the Apprehension storm. Just two seconds of it insta-killed them!

"D*mn! The guild leader was killed!"

The Dragon Alliance players were stunned.

"Charge! Focus fire on the Boss to take revenge!" a small leader shouted loudly.

In the next moment, players surged from all directions.

I laughed out loud and used Hunter's Edge to sweep the crowd. I then opened my palm and the sky was squeezed by an immense power. Golden runes appeared and a dragon roared. Shortly after, a golden palm filled with dragon energy shot through the air. This palm was like a dragon flying out from the ocean. The players who were in range all fell like leaves in a storm. In the blink of an eye, they were all insta-killed!

The battle after was totally one-sided. The Dragon Alliance players were unable to form a semblance of control. I slashed the crowd with my short swords like an unstoppable monster. When half of the three hundred were killed, they started to flee. I did not chase them and just let them leave.

"The Dragon Alliance lost?"Ah Fei smiled. "I saw many people from that guild fleeing from the Evil Demon Forest."

"En, they couldn't take a single strike~" I laughed out loud.

Ah Fei laughed out loud. "They can't take a single strike from you, but many people in Linchen County actually want to join them. They have many members and organize many activities. These two days, they killed many Bosses. Many experts tried joining them to get some equipment, but Dragon Grievances rejected them all."

"He actually rejected them?"I was stunned. "This Dragon Alliance isn't ambitious enough."

"Why do you say that?"

"Isn't their target to be a first-rate guild? All guilds want to recruit talents, especially those solo players who aren't weak. Actually, many core experts all started as solo players. If I were their guild leader, I would recruit those talents and develop them. After training them and giving them a sense of belonging, only then can the guild become firstrate."

Ah Fei was shocked. "You’ve changed a lot in this area. If you were the guild leader, you might be able to recruit a bunch."

"Forget it..." I laughed out loud. "I am so lazy, so how can I be a leader? I don't even want to be a party leader of a ten-man party."


He paused, saying, "Ah Li, be careful. I saw people from Breaking Dawn. There are many of them and are probably planning to attack you."

"Breaking Dawn?" I frowned.

"En. There are also people from Hidden Dragon Mountain. For some reason, Hidden Dragon Mountain is actually working with Breaking Dawn?"

"Who knows?Maybe Breaking Dawn didn’t have enough people, so they asked Hidden Dragon Mountain to make up for the inadequate numbers."

"That’s possible; Hidden Dragon Mountain is just cannon fodder."



I entered Stealth once more and waited for a few seconds. A large group entered Evil Demon Forest. In the middle were people from Breaking Dawn, close to five hundred of them. On the right were three hundred Hidden Dragon Mountain members, while on the left was an unknown guild of around three hundred.

This time, they sent 1100 people?

I frowned.This was not going to be easy, especially those people from Breaking Dawn. Their cooperation ability was something I had experienced before and they had the skills to kill me. I had to be more careful.

Sha sha...

Breaking Dawn Ash was already level 34 and wore light blue and dark green high-level armor. He held a blue sword and walked in front. "Blade of the Demon God, that designed character, scoff... He is the only one that can beat the Dragon Alliance. This time, no matter who he is, we will take him down!"


Not far away, the Hidden Dragon Mountain leader, Man of Steel, clenched his fists. "Who cares if he has skills?We will definitely prevent him from escaping!"

On the left, a few guild leader players nodded. "Can we begin?"


Breaking Dawn Ash frowned and pointed ahead. "Move forward and start searching. Keep a distance, and once the Boss appears, all melee players use Assault and Gouge. Use your control skills on him and focus your attacks. Stop at nothing to take him down!"


Man of Steel said, "Leader Ash, if we take him down later, you must keep your promise and let the Hidden Dragon Mountain choose an item."

"Don't worry!"Breaking Dawn Ash said. "I won't forget."

Breaking Dawn Dust was quite impatient and laughed coldly. "Man of Steel, you really are dumb; we haven't even seen the Boss, yet you’re already thinking for equipment?"

Man of Steel replied calmly, "I just don't want things to get ugly. Why, wasn't Breaking Dawn the one to seek Hidden Dragon Mountain’s help?"


Breaking Dawn Dust wanted to argue, but Breaking Dawn Ash said seriously, "Stop talking; kill the boss first. Why are you still so rash after so many years?"

"Sorry, chief..."

Breaking Dawn Dust gritted his teeth. "Let's begin."

"En, let's begin!"


A bunch of people headed toward the forest. This time, the random shooting was in all directions. Everywhere they passed, Evil Demon Remnant Souls were swept away. Rains of arrows and balls of fire splashed around the forest and flames slowly rose from within.

Seeing that they were pushing forward, I gauged the height and continued climbing upward. Only until I got away from their highest attack range did I stop. I looked at them quietly and my eyes were still locked onto Breaking Dawn Ash. This person was Breaking Dawn's soul; I had to get rid of him first.

The coincidence was that Breaking Dawn Ash held his sword and ran past. He was right below me. The moment he passed, I moved!


Along with a few withered leaves drifting down, I descended from above and landed right behind Breaking Dawn Ash.


Breaking Dawn Ash was really alert. He turned around, but it was too late. The moment he was in my attack range, I used Gouge-Annihilation-Hunter's-Edge combo. Three huge killermoves gave out a series of damage numbers—

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A cluster of damage numbers jumped out and the Annihilation skill crit. The moment it was used, Breaking Dawn Ash was actually insta-killed. After all, as a Warrior, he at most possessed 7000 health. Hunter's Edge landed on the group behind him, insta-killing two and heavily injuring one.


Swords flew and I killed a player, whose health was greatly reduced by Hunter's Edge. I then turned into a spinning windmill and continued to claim lives. My energy value was at the bottom, so I could not continue to use skills.

Each Assassin had 100 starting energy, and it would slowly recover after use. Gouge used 20, while Annihilation and Hunter's Edge each used 30. In truth, after killing Breaking Dawn Ash, I only had 20. Luckily, White Cloak only needed 10 and it was quite low, so I just had to leave 10 each time for White Cloak to have a way out.

"Charge! Focus fire!"

Although Breaking Dawn Ash was killed, Breaking Dawn was still Breaking Dawn. The remaining people were not affected. Under Breaking Dawn Destruction's leadership, Warriors and Paladins charged. Dense footsteps reached my ears and many Assassins surged at me.

I traveled quickly into the crowd and moved in a Z-pattern twice. I used their bodies to cover me. When people used Assault, they would strike their own teammates. They did not have a chance to stun me at all. Assault could not go through people, so as long as one moved reasonably, I would be able to live freely in a dense group of people.

Quickness, activate!

Speed increased; Attack Speed increased, too!

Blood Drawing Blade, open!

I started to life-steal!

All of a sudden, Blade of the Demon God's handsome body moved around the crowd. Everywhere it passed, bodies would fall to the ground. When I had enough energy, I used Apprehension to make them all feel good.

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