Chapter 60- Unspeakable fate
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Zhan Yue Chapter 60- Unspeakable fate


[System notification: Congratulations for transforming into the Blade of the Demon God (Super Rare Boss)!Please choose the city that you would like to descend on!]

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A bell rang in my ears. This Boss not only looked good but also sounded overbearingwith its name. Blade of the Demon God. It looked both evil and righteous, and in truth, it was exactly that. It looked like a demon but was covered with gold saint patterns, so one did not know whether or not I was a god or a demon.

Confirm.Naturally, I chose Linchen County as Ah Fei was there!


The moment I confirmed, a strong wind wrapped around my body. I instantly covered a thousand miles and descended from above while demonic energy swirled around me. I landed in a forest and a loud bell rang—


[System notification: Players, please pay attention; Blade of the Demon God (Super Rare Boss) has landed in Evil Demon Forest with heaps of treasures. Courageous warriors, please head over and help Xuanyuan Empire get rid of the demon!]


Evil Demon Forest?

I raised my head and saw that this forest was really desolate. Nearby were many horned demons floating around and they were all level 38 Super Rare monsters which had a small chance of dropping blue equipment, but players were currently low level,so only a handful could attack level 38 monsters.

Thus, this forest was really quiet and there were only the sounds of evil demons groaning.

"The few of you!"

I charged towardthe few in front and said, "Kneel down!"

They were first stunned before they knelt to me. Their voices spread in the wind. "Greetings, sir!"

"Okay, stand up."

I nodded my head and felt satisfied. This looked like a map where I could command the monsters. This Evil Demon Forest could spawn Blade of the Demon God Bosses, but this time, my soul was injected into the shell of the Boss. After the first spawn, the Blade of the Demon Gods that spawned next would become fools.


"Evil Demon Forest? Blade of the Demon God?" Ah Fei asked.

"Yes."I smiled. "Before heading out, you need to be careful.Don't let people target you. We only want to hunt Lin Xi; I am not interested in anyone else."

"I understand."

After Ah Fei said that, he focused on traveling.

I sank and entered Stealth. At the same time, I looked at my stats.The Boss buff was only three times—

July Wildfire (Super Rare Boss)

Level: 38

Attack: 1425-1896 (+14%)

Defense: 1461 (+10%)

Health: 13860

Critical Strike: 5.31%

Lifesteal: 1.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 13

Soul Star: 10

Contribution points: 80430

Combat strength: 3096


Health was still the problem. Assassins lacked Health and that was the rule. As for me, after I had the buff, I still had less than 14000 Health. This meant that my health was not much higher than that of Lin Songyan. Once I got surrounded, I might be killed instantly by a bunch of first-rate players.

Along with the game progressing, player attacks and levels would increase, especially unique stats. Some might obtain equipment which ignored Defense, while some would get true damage skills. Anyway, when all these factors were added together, there would definitely be people who could kill me within ten seconds.

Not only did I have Ah Fei's hopes, I also had Master Ding Heng's. I had my own unwillingness to lose, too. I must be careful and not make mistakes.

If not, I might fail.

Although I had low Health, my Attack and Defense were high. Especially my Attack, it had reached 2161. No one across the server could rival me. Along with Critical Strike and Agility, I could decimate normal players with one hit.

Right when I was thinking of that, some people arrived. They pushed through the level 38 Evil Demon Remnant Souls and seemed really fierce.

"Here here.This is the place!"

A level 33 Paladin charged in and looked around. "There are only normal monsters; what about the Boss?"

"He might not be here."

A level 33 Archer frowned and waved his hands, summoning the map in front of him. After taking a look, he said, "This map is quite big; why don’t we split up?"

"No, definitely not!"The Paladin was annoyed. "There are only a hundred of us, and if we scatter, we may be unable to beat the Boss. We’d better focus on attacking the Boss. Let's just hunt the monsters first!"

"I am afraid that we don't have time. This Boss gave a system notification when it spawned, and I heard that Breaking Dawn and Dragon Alliance are all waiting for the chance. Moreover, Elements has just returned after killing a level 38 Super Rare Boss. If we hesitate, we might miss the chance."

"Then what should we do?"

The Paladin frowned. The people who followed all hesitated.


At this point, I walked out of my invisibility and smiled. I said with a terrifying voice, "Since that is the case, let me make a decision for you!"

"D*mn, the Blade of the Demon God Boss?!"Paladin was shocked. "That is the Boss with high AI; is he... the one from the system settings?"

The Archer's face was ashen white. "No... Impossible?"

In the next second, I already charged up and waved my blades, dealing lethal damage on the heavy-armored players!

Hunter's Edge!

Golden words appeared and instantly his face turned green. "D*mn!It really is that Boss. I told you not to come, but you wanted to! Look at this now; we’re all going to die!"

"Hit him!He has low health, so insta-kill him!"

The Archer did have a dream and used Explosive Shot and Combo Shot, but he only took 200+ of my health. My Hunter's Edgecaused 9000+ damage alone, and with 1.5% lifesteal, that was 140+ health.


I waved my swords and turned into an Asura which randomly killed people. I opened my palm and used Apprehension towardthe fleeing crowd. None of them managed to flee and they were all killed. Apprehension's damage was based on Agility, such that it was extremely strong in my hands!

"I will go all out against you!"

Paladin shouted and charged forward.

Although I was massacring everyone, I was fully focused. I paid attention to everything and each detail. I shifted and dodged Paladin's Assault. I used Annihilation and directly annihilated him. I then stepped forwardand chased the Archer who kept attacking me. This team was finally cleared out.

In less than two minutes, the battle was over. Apart from a few Assassins who had fled, everyone was taken down.

This time, there were many level 30 players, so the contribution points I got increased, too. Around a hundred-strong party gave me 1000+ contribution points. I was probably going to get more later.


"Ah Li, you have exposed yourself."

In the outside world, Ah Fei laughed. "The people you killed posted on the forums and said that the Blade of the Demon God is the same as Lightning Rider Assassin and Exiled One. You are getting famous."

"Is that so?"

I entered Stealth and hid in the trees while I logged into the forums. As expected, there was a red post which was from the person I had just killed—

<Hot>: Designed Boss has appeared again.Coordinates: Evil Demon Forest! Blade of the Demon God is him; he knows Hunter's Edge and his AI is really high! Posted by: Your Liver Emperor


Apart from that, he attached a picture of me killing and using Apprehension. In a short few minutes, there were thousands of replies. All of them said that they would head over to attack me, but not many of them really dared to. Linchen County was one of the dozen opencounties and had hundreds of thousands of players, but there were only a few who came to fight me each time. If not, I would most probably have been drowned.

I glanced and saw a red post. It was from Chicken Pee of Hidden Dragon Mountain. I remembered him; I helped the guy and did not kill him, telling him to scram, instead. Now, when I saw his post, I was infuriated—

<Hot>: My fate with the Boss! Posted by: Chicken Pee

Content: Earlier, Wine and Poems and For Dreams insulted Hidden Dragon Mountain, but the Boss actually helped save me and killed that bunch. He also told me to leave. This is fate. I think that the Boss has a really high AI and he feels so close to me. Maybe this is fate; let's meet again in game, system boss!


This was... too insulting, right?

Below, a bunch of players replied. Some laughed out loud and some dissed him. Anyway, this post was filled with joy and released everyone from the terror of being insta-killed by the Boss,even though this was just temporary.

I left the forums.

I sucked in a deep breath and felt like, if I continued, I would go blind!

At that moment, another bunch of people entered Evil Demon Forest. This was a small guild with a bunch of level 30 players. They were sending free contribution points to me, and since that was the case, I would happily accept!


I sank in the darkness and became the demon that danced in the night sky.

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