Chapter 59- Inscriber Grade weapon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 59- Inscriber Grade weapon

Downstairs, a business street.

At a fried noodles stall beside the street, Ah Fei and I sat opposite each other and both of us had bowls of fried vegetable beef noodles.

"What happened to our social status rising?'

I looked at the fried noodles and was speechless.

Ah Fei laughed. "What rise? Didn't we agree that we’ll have a quick meal? Is there anything faster than this? Hahaha!Eat quickly. After that, I will go online to train a little. I am nearly level 31; my leveling speed is quick, right?"

"You are about to reach level 31? That was quick!" I was shocked.

"Of course,"Ah Fei said seriously. "With a level 30 blue staff in hand, how could it not be quick?!"


A bearded guy at the side spat his mouthful of soft drinks and looked at Ah Fei. "Brother... youhave a level 30 blue staff?"

"Right, I am amazing, right?" Ah Fei was delighted.

"Yes..."The guy raised a thumb. "I am using a level 20 Strong-grade staff and it doesn't add much Magic Attack. It is so hard to level and I can get to level 25 at most today."

"Slowly, you don't have to rush to level up."

Ah Fei acted like an experienced player and attracted many others who were eating. Only I knew that he was faking it, but I did not expose him.

"Brothers, all of you are in Linchen County, right? Add me as a friend later?" The guy asked.

"Sure! I am August End."


The guy was shocked. "You are... The August End who killed the programmed Boss? M-My god... Sorry for being impolite; you really are amazing..."

Ah Fei was filled with delight.

I kicked him and told him to be lowkey.

He coughed twice before finishing his noodles and drinking his soup.


"I slipped up," Ah Fei said.

I smelled the fragrance of the osmanthus flowers and smiled. "You know that we are cheating the system, yet you dared to be so high-profile. Aren't you afraid of getting in trouble? After all, we are famous in Linchen County. Once people target us, not only will we face troublein game, maybe we will be disturbed in life, too."

Ah Fei was stunned. "Isn't that too serious?"

"Anyways, be more lowkey and don't offend people unnecessarily. Just get rich in silence," I said.

"En, you are right; I missed out!"He cupped his fists. "Your stupid brother is sorry.Brother, don't blame yourself!"

"Blame myself, your head!"



I returned home and went online.


My character still appeared in the cave. As I ate too quickly, there was still an hour before the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial began. Thus, I did not waste any time and continued cultivating. I spat energy and the energy condensing felt like I was going through what the character was going through.

Fifty minutes later, the energy within became really thick, but there was no change to the game stats. I was suspicious.Was this ‘getting stronger’ just my illusion? Rather, there was something mysterious about this game for players to unveil?

Thus, I walked out of the cave and headed towardthe Wind Cloud Platform.

"Hello, Senior Brother July!"

Along the way, an undead youngsterbowed towardme.

I bowed, too, and smiled. "Hello, junior brother."

The two of us crossed paths and he returned to his manor while I headed toward the Wind Cloud Platform. I jumped up and said, "Master, are you there?"


Ding Heng's voice spread from the clouds and he laughed. "Little fellow, you seem troubled; what is bothering you?"


I wanted to say something but stopped. After a few seconds of silence, I said, "When I was condensing energy, I felt like I was becoming stronger, yet not only in this world but also in the other world.

"I feel like my body is changing. What is going on?Is there some connection between both worlds?"

He was stunned, and after a long silence, he said, "Master can't reply to your question."

"Why? Master, you definitely know something, don’t you?"

"Even if I do, I can't tell you." He looked at me gently. "This concerns a prohibited power and is something that cultivators like us can't touch. Once we do, not only will it affect our future, it will connect us to the Dao, and in the end, we will be destroyed by it."


I was silent.

He smiled. "Little fellow, this master of yours wants to ask you:Are such changes good or bad for you?"

I was stunned. "It should be good..."

"Since it is good, why bother about the source? Just let things happen; isn't that better?"

He smiled and exuded warmth.

My problems were solved. Although he did not say anything, in truth he had told me the answer. Things would be revealed one day, so I just nodded my head. "Master, I understand.Thank you!"

"En, you need to work hard for the Wind Cloud Platform's battle!"



Not long after, more Black Castle disciples came to the Wind Cloud Platform to join the trial. A few minutes later, Two Balls arrived. As one of the Purgatory Lions, he did not know how to hide his aura. Apart from me, he looked at others arrogantly.

Besides that, the Undead Warrior, Little Scum, walked over. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

"Little Scum, your weapon is different." I smiled.

He frowned and his solemness disappeared. "July, didn't you change your dagger, too?"

"Your sword doesn't look simple!" I said.

"Hei..."He smiled with a sense of mystery. "My Master refined it for me; it is a weapon with the power of inscriptions."

"Inscription-grade weapon?"

All of a sudden, the Black Castle disciples were stunned and they looked at him warmly.

I was stunned. "Who is your master? He is so amazing..."

He looked like he wanted to die. "You don't know which faction I belong to?"

"Right, which?"

"I... I come from the Precious Treasure Pavilion,My master is Pang Dalong!"

"Oh, so you are Senior Uncle Pang's disciple..."


"What is up with you, Little Scum?Why is your face so ugly?"


At the side, Purgatory Lion laughed out loud. "Little Scum, since you have switched to such a strong weapon, why don’t the two of us take the first battle? I, too, want to know how strong a weapon with the power of inscriptions is!"

Little Scum's face was expressionless. "Are you dumb?You don't know how to hide your strength. Why do you always want to be first..."

"If you have strength, then why hide?!" Two Balls said seriously.

I was speechless. "Little Scum, just get used to it; he is such a being."


At this point, the skills that I could select descended from above once more. This time, there were only two. One was Apprehension and the other was Godslaying Blade. It seemed like I had gotten most of the skills that the system provided. The only one left was Apprehension. I had no choice, so I selected both of them!

In the next moment, Two Balls charged up and pointed at Little Scum. "Come, let's fight!"


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The Undead Warrior was speechless and jumped up. With a keng, he pulled out his sword and the golden patterns on his sword shone brightly.


Two Balls shouted in rage and spread his palm. Blood energy wrapped around it and formed the Purgatory Lion’s sharp claws. These claws were like white blades. When Two Balls charged forward, Little Scum just scoffed and slashed three times. A series of keng rang out as the sword struck against the other’s claws!


Sword light exploded and forced Two Balls back. Blood started to flow from his fingers. He said with a cold gaze, "Tsk!Inscription weapons sure are strong... Again, no matter what, weapons are nothing compared to my bloodline!"

Bloodline power exploded and a maniacal blood light covered Two Balls. He charged, and once again, his claws clashed against the weapon. In the end, he smacked Little Scum's sword away and tossed it off the Wind Cloud Platform. In terms of pure strength, the Purgatory Lion was still stronger.

After which, the battle became one-sided. Many Black Castle cultivators were teleported up and then tossed down by Two Balls. Only until Lei Ling appeared did he barely win against Two Balls. However, Lei Ling was much weaker than me, and after I destroyed him, I tossed him off. At this point, all the disciples had lost and I won again.


Master Ding Heng appeared in the wind once more and he touched his mustache. "My disciple is still the strongest! Little fellow, congratulations on getting first again. It is time for your trial to begin. I hope that you don't get arrogant and continue fighting for glory for us!"

"Yes, master; I won't disappoint you!"

"I know!"

In the next moment, a golden light descended from above and struck my body. As if an unknown power was eating into me, my body started to give off a golden light. I was being burnedas if I was melting down. A demonic blood was then pumped inmy body and my horns disappeared. What replaced it was a really vicious-looking demon horn. A handsome face, blood red eyes, black patterns appeared across my body. My body size doubled and I was really tall. I wore a blood-red cloak and held two short swords. I was extremely handsome!

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