Chapter 58- Phenomenon appearing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 58- Phenomenon appearing

Two hours later, the second Soul Refining Furnace was also cleared out.


Along with another fierce spirit falling to the ground, a ray of golden light landed on my body and I leveled up to level 34. I was able to wear the Blood Grievance Necklace from before. A red mark appeared at my neck and a hot sensation surged in me. When I looked at my stats, my Combat strength increased by a large amount—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 34

Attack: 475-632 (+14%)

Defense: 487 (+10%)

Health: 4620

Critical Strike: 5.31%

Lifesteal: 1.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 13

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 80430

Combat strength: 1032


My Combat strength had broken the 1000 mark and my Critical Strike rate had reached 5.31%. It was not low, such that crits would not be rare from here on. These were the benefits of going full-Agility on Assassins. Attack, Defense, and Critical Strike would all increase. Apart from Archers, no other job relied on Agility so much.

Right at that moment, the top right corner of the interface jumped to indicate that the Wind Cloud Platform would begin in three hours.

"Ah Fei, Wind Cloud Platform's trial countdown has begun."

"Just nice. We can go offline for a meal, and when we return, it’ll have begun."


Thus, I opened the side door and with a creak, I jumped out. I left an empty furnace behind after I had cleared it out, too.

Outside, Zhuang Huai Shui looked at the empty furnace and his expression was quite ugly. His disciples also cleared furnaces, but they did not dare to challenge these few. Meanwhile, I cleared two at once. This meant that I was much better than all the disciples combined in the Land of Reincarnation.

"As expected from the Young Master of the Wind Cloud Platform!"

Elder Feng touched his mustache and smiled. "Since your job is done, let's return to Wind Cloud Platform, young master? A while later, the duel areanwill begin once more."


I ignored Zhuang Huai Shui and followed the two elders back. The moment the Wind Cloud Platform was within sight, they floated away, turning into smoke and returning to their respective caves. Their protection mission was over, so it was time for them to cultivate.


In the wind, some smoke turned into Master Ding Heng. He stood there like a celestial in the wind and smiled. "It seems that your training there is quite smooth."

"Yes, master." I smiled. "Thanks to the elders for following; if not, it wouldn't have been so smooth."

"It’s okay.When you go to the Land of Reincarnation again, the two elders will still follow you there. You are my only direct disciple and the only orthodox heir of the Wind Cloud Platform. Your identity is worth them being so careful."

"Thank you, master!"

"Little fellow," he suddenly said seriously, "as the Wind Cloud Platform heir, you can head anywhere in the five locations, but in truth, the battle between us has never stopped. Especially those Land of Reincarnation disciples, all of them want to get rid of you. Don't run randomly.Follow me. I will open a cave with thick spiritual energy for you so that you can cultivate."

"Oh? Thank you, master!"

I laughed out loud. I did not expect that I was about to have my own place in the Wind Cloud Platform.

I followed Ding Heng, heading around the Wind Cloud Platform and coming to the back, where giant trees reached into the clouds and mountains were all around. In the middle was a waterfall and many spiritual trees. Thick spiritual energy filled up every part of this area. Right beneath a giant tree, many caves could be seen. The World Ender Formation blinked; these caves were where the Wind Cloud Platform’s disciples lived.

The cliff was like a blade, which stood at the end of this bountiful path. One particular cave looked conspicuous as it was bigger than the other caves. It was just neighbours with the waterfall and was filled with spiritual energy. This was pretty much an ocean suite!

Ding Heng pointed. "That is your cave."

As he said that, his voice was really solemn. "Wind Cloud Platform disciples, from here onward,July Wildfire is staying here. Fighting is prohibited and everyone must live harmoniously. Don't insult the Wind Cloud Platform's name. Come out and meet one another."

"Yes, elder!"

Many stone doors opened as the top disciples of the Wind Cloud Platform walked out. I had met a few of them, but most were in secluded cultivation for years. Some were in black shirts and were wrapped up in death energy. Some had ancient bloodlines. All of them cupped their fists. "Greetings, Senior Brother July!"

I was stunned. Actually, I entered the Wind Cloud Platform late, but maybe because I was strong, I actually ended up being the senior brother?

Thus, I cupped my fists and said, "Hello, junior brothers!"

I really was not used to this, but Illusionary Moon was just too real and it made one feel like things were happening in reality. I was immersed in the storyline and did not find it too weird.

Ding Heng smiled. "Okay. All of you, get back to cultivating. The world is changing, and as members of Black Castle, when the calamity comes, we will go all out to defend it!"

"Yes, elder!"


I did not think too much and walked towardthe cave which belonged to me. When I was in front of the World Ender, a consciousness appeared and recognized my identity.


[System notification: Life mark is a match; you can enter the cave!]

So that was the case.It was a safety mechanism!

I laughed out loud and walked forwardwith my daggers. The stone gate turned into a water veil and I passed through it. The moment I entered, I was shocked. It looked like a small cave, but after I entered, it was another land. It had a world of its own. A hall sat beneath below, with one side of it facing the mountain to absorb the spiritual energy that was flowing from above and another facing the calm lake. The water was really clear and lotuses bloomed on it.

This place was great; it was as if I had opened a VIP suite ingame.

I appeared in front of the hall and walked forward. A giant tripod stood in the middle which burned with a refreshing scent. It came from the mist ocean formed from the mountain's spiritual energy, and when I breathed it in, I felt refreshed. I sat cross-legged on the steps and the word ‘cultivation’ appeared on the interface.


The moment I confirmed that I would start cultivating, I felt like I had entered another kind of realm. It was as if my meridians and breathing had appeared in front of me. My dantian's energy ocean started to absorb spiritual energy. All of a sudden, my pores opened up and absorbed spiritual energy from the outside world. The energy ocean was like a giant golden furnace, refining and making the energy purer. They then entered my veins and started flowing through all my meridians.


[System notification: Cultivation success!Experience +16000!]


The amount of experience I gained increased along with my level. Although it could not compare to the speed from when I was killing monsters, it was better than nothing. More importantly, each time the energy was refined in my energy ocean and flowed through my body, I felt really comfortable and warm. It was as if I were getting a massage; the feeling of smoothness could not be explained.

Thus, I just continued cultivating quietly. Anyway, only a bit of time was left before the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial began. Even if I went to train, I would not have enough time. Moreover, Black Castle's training requirements were too sick and one had to have permission to enter the Ancient Battlefield. I definitely did not have it now. If I asked Two Balls, it would be embarrassing, so this was all I could do. Although the experience amassed was low, it was better than nothing!

Just like this, unknowingly, I had cultivated for over an hour.

"Ah Li, it’s time to eat." In the outside world, Ah Fei said.

"Okay, right away."

I woke up from my cultivation, and when I opened my eyes, I saw streaks of energy wrapped around me. My body felt really comfortable, and when I lowered my head, my skin seemed like energy was coursing through it. I clenched my fists and I appeared to have become stronger.

"Little Shu, go offline!"

I summoned the system elf and went offline.


When I took off the helmet and relaxed, I saw that Ah Fei had gone to the toilet, and a clear sound came from there.


Right when I was preparing to stand up, I felt a weird feeling in my hands. My fingers and sofa did not touch directly. I was stunned and retracted my palm. It seemed like there was a bit of energy flowing at the back of it. In the blink of an eye, it sank back into my skin.

"What was that?Was it an illusion?"

I was stunned and totally shocked. I tried it again, like how I cultivated ingame. I sucked in a deep breath, and my pores instantly opened up to absorb the energy from the outside world. As expected, I could sense energy flowing along my veins and entering my stomach. After it was completed, my strength seemed to have increased by a little. I could sense the clear power in my muscles.

All of a sudden, I was frightened.

"Ah Li?"

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Ah Fei had returned and slapped my shoulder. "Aren't we going down?Why are you just sitting there?"

"Eat? Oh, eat!Right.Let's go down and eat."

"D*mn, did the storyline in Black Castle make you dumb?" He smiled.

I smiled, too. "That might be possible. Let's go down to eat. Let's finish this fast. In a while, the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial will start and our plan has to go down."

"What plan?"

"Kill Lin Xi!"

"D*mn! I nearly forgot about that!"He slapped his legs. "Go, let's eat!"

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