Chapter 567- Obtaining Identity
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Zhan Yue Chapter 567- Obtaining Identity

Here, all here!

“Ding dong!”

Along with a bell, the rank soldier appeared on everyone’s head. We all had 0 points and had no stats and no additions. Beside me, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi all had such a green rank but only I didn’t.

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“En? What is going on?”

I touched my head, “Why don’t I have a rank?”


Lin Xi was stunned, “Why didn’t you get one? Is it because of your faction?”


I gritted my teeth, “Lin Xi you lead everyone away, I will get my rank first before meeting all of you.”



I held my daggers and used my strength advantage to squeeze my way out. I came to the soldier with the decree and said, “Sir, why can’t I join in the operation?”


He squinted his eyes and looked at me, “Young man, you are from Black Castle and have the Darkness Shura identity so this decree doesn’t include you. If you have an objection you can head to the City Lord Manor and talk to the Zhenyang Duke.”

“Okay, understood.”

I changed into the Paladin and jumped on my horse. In just five minutes I was in front of the city lord manor. This was a majestic-looking place and there were many guards. It didn’t look like the residence of a marquis but more like an army camp.

“I want to meet Zhenyang Duke.”


The guard looked at me, “I recognise you, you are July Wildfire, Black Castle’s pride, you saved His Majesty and Prime Minister Feng in the Pioneer Forest battle.”

“En, can I see the duke?”

“Of course, follow me!”

“Thank you!”

I followed a small path into the white palace. Within it was a bunch of generals that surrounded a sand board and at the end of it was the white haired Zhenyang Duke. Beside him was a scholar in white and on a close look it was Feng Buwen. So he was here too.

“Sir, July Wildfire requests to meet you!”


Guan Yang was shocked, “Come, please enter.”


I held my daggers and stepped into the hall.

“July Wildfire, why are you here?” Guan Yang asked.

I said solemnly, “Since Winter Sun City has sent out a decree, why am I not included? I want a reason.”


Guan Yang smiled, “You should know that you are from Black Castle. Although we are allies but we are not the same family, your matter… Winter Sun City can’t take charge.”

I frowned, “Sir that is so extreme. Although I am from Black Castle but I am a human.”

“Is that so?”

Feng Buwen smiled, “July Wildfire you are a true genius, do you think we humans don’t want you? But, we are just worried those in Black Castle would say things.”

“I will decide my own matters.”


Feng Buwen nodded and his eyes shone like he was seeing through my soul. He smiled, “You are right, although you have the Darkness Shura body, but your heart has no evil energy at all. You are like a human, since that is the case…”

He turned towards Zhenyang Duke, “Duke, I think we should allow him to join our army, it is like adding wings to the tiger for us.”


Zhenyang Duke smiled, “July Wildfire, I allow you. From now onwards you are a human, I hope you don’t forget your words, to fight for the honor of the humans!”


At that moment, a rank appeared on my head, “First Grade Soldier”, I was in!

I was delighted and I cupped my fists at them, “Thank you, I am going!”

“Go, young man--”

I crushed the City Return Scroll and got back to the East Square. I then teleported to the north wall. When I teleported, I saw Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi there. They had left the map so I used quickness and used Shura Transformation to charge. With Ruyi’s movement speed, I was able to catch up quickly.


A few minutes later, I charged out of White Cloak form and appeared by Lin Xi’s side.

“You are here?”

Lin Xi looked at my rank and smiled, “Not bad… You can actually settle such a thing, if it was others, they could only talk to customer service.”

“I am different.”

I laughed, “Actually the settings are quite humane. Winter Sun City is like a real human society so many things can be solved. Look at my identity, I am the top person in the Black City faction, so the humans really want me to enter the human faction!”

“Is that so?”

Lin Xi smiled, “Zhenyang Duke allowed it?”

“En, strictly speaking White Clock Minister passed it, he is in Winter Sun City.”


She nodded, “No wonder, Feng Buwen is quite strong, if he is there he definitely won’t give up someone like you. If it was Guanyang then it might not be the case. Guan Yang only knows how to follow rules and don’t know how to adapt.”


I looked into the distance, “Lin Xi, where are we going?”

“Pioneer Forest.”

Lin Xi pointed, “Since we want to hunt then let’s hunt a big one. There are many large armies there and if we can wipe out half we would be good. It is much better than hunting those scattered monsters in small maps.”

“You are not afraid of drawing Valen out?” I said.

“Don’t worry, the few shrimps like us can’t draw his attention.”



Close to 20 minutes and we passed through the forest and finally appeared in the Pioneer Forest. Looking at the green trees, I was filled with emotions. The last time I came was during the Yundian Mountain Battle. Millions of humans charged in and although we were forced back but we still dealt a heavy blow to them. At least Valen knew to fear us!

“Oh, monsters are here.”

Lin Xi pointed and we saw many pioneer ghouls ahead. They bent over and looked very cunning like they were elves sucking moonlight. Who knew that such low grade monsters actually had such a scene.


Lin Xi smiled and held the Fallen Frost Sword, “I will draw them, you three damage. Use AOE and smash them. We are here to kill monsters, get points and also experience!”


I nodded, “They are level 120 orange monsters, the experience won’t be low too, don’t look down on them.”

“Understood, let’s attack!”


Lin Xi charged with the Pure Blood Ice Bird and knocked on one of them. The hundreds of Pioneer Ghouls roared out in rage and pounced at her. She used Weapon Protection and then Bladestorm+Heaven Sword Umbrella to deal damage.

“They are here!”

I used Dark Shadow Jump to get behind Lin Xi and then Apprehension+Wooden Dummy+Muddy Waters to deal damage. Gu Ruyi raised her staff, Dragon Flame Whirlpool, Ice Dragon Current, Lightning Dragon Storm, three AOE skills were used. Shen Mingxuan used Storm Arrow+Scattered Shot+Ice Arrow Rain to deal AOE. They didn’t stand a chance and all of them fell!

In the battle notification, words jumped out and we had started to gain points--


Battle Notification: Congratulations, your team has killed Pioneer Ghoul, you have obtained 30 points!


Battle Notification: Congratulations, your team has killed Pioneer Ghoul, you have obtained 30 points!


Battle Notification: Congratulations, your team has killed Pioneer Ghoul, you have obtained 30 points!


There were a bunch of notifications and it felt like I was overkilling. Although each only gave 30 but a group of them was terrifying. There were 100 of them which meant 3000 points. In truth, points like this were like a rocket. Other players didn’t even dare to think about this.

Thus, the moment the Pioneer Ghouls fell, a different sound rang in my ears--


System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached Second Grade Soldier, Attack +1%!


I increased too quickly and in just two minutes, when the bunch of Pioneer Ghouls turned into corpses, I was already a grade 4 soldier. Attack +2%.


Lin Xi smiled, “This feels so comfortable---”

I laughed, “Stop the nonsense, continue to kill!”


Lin Xi pulled the reins and brought the horse into the second group of ghouls. We charged and our late-night monster-killing journey continued.

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