Chapter 568- So annoying
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Zhan Yue Chapter 568- So annoying

Ten minutes later, after we killed the 3rd batch, a loud bell resounded--


Congratulations: You have become 1st Grade Corporal, attack +5.5%!


“Not bad!”

Shen Mingxuan held her bow and looked at all our ranks. She smiled, “We are all corporals!”

Lin Xi smiled.

Gu Ruyi smiled and asked, “What does this mean?”

“Means you rule five people, like… The class monitor in the army?” I said.


Lin Xi smiled, “So we are four monitors?”

“Of course.”

I said solemnly, “Monitor Lin hello!”

“Monitor Lu hello…”



Nothing good to say, continue. We drew in them in batches of 100 and this place was just too suitable for us. Pioneer Ghouls were good to kill, although they gave 120 points each overall it was quite high. Along with the experience, this place was heaven.

Moreover, the Pioneer Ghouls were all level 120, current players couldn’t kill monsters here so only we were here.

It was easy to raise the low ranks and at 1:30 am, the bell rang once more--


System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached rank 1st Grade Lieutenant, attack +10.5%!



Lin Xi sliced the monsters and each sword would cause a ripple of damage. In truth, the Fallen Frost Sword’s ripple effect was quite strong. The splash damage dealt 50% of her damage and after she killed one of them, she said, “I can sense the increase in attack from the rank.”

“It is obvious!”

I waved and said, “It adds Attack stats and is different from the equipment ratios. The attack is based on all our equipment and buffs and then adds 10.5%. This addition is different from a 10.5% attack increase of equipment.”

“Is there a difference?” Shen Mingxuan who was bad at math asked.

I looked at my stats, “My stats, for example, I have a total of 1200% addition, so if my base attack is 100, then my true attack is 1300. One piece of equipment adds 10.5% which means that this equipment adds 10.5 points. But the rank addition means 1300 multiplied by 10.5%, which means 136.5 points of Attack. One increases base attack while one increases overall attack, that is the diff

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