Chapter 566- Demon Killing Decree
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Zhan Yue Chapter 566- Demon Killing Decree

Before 6pm, many more level 120 skillbooks dropped. Truth proved that level 120 books were much easier to get than level 100 books. Lin Xi’s Energy Reflux and Shen Mingxuan’s God Shot dropped too. We were ready so the next was to wait for the maintenance. Many guilds were preparing for the army rank system. Spirit Realm Battlefield, Army Rank, everyone had to multi task.


After dinner, I was on the sofa watching a movie.

I scrolled my phone and studied the rank system. On the list on my phone, the officials had already listed out the ranks--

Corporal Lv-14: Can recruit 5 people, attack/heal stats increased by 5%, required merit points 10 thousand

Lieutenant Lv-13: Can recruit 10 people, attack/heal stats increased by 10%, required merit points 50 thousand

Flagbearer LV-12: Can recruit 50 people, attack/heal stats increased by 15%, required merit points 100 thousand

Feather Officer LV-11: Can recruit 200 people, attack/heal stats increased by 20%, required merit points 300 thousand

Valiant Officer LV-10: Can recruit 500 people, attack/heal stats increased by 25%, required merit points 1 million

Inspired Officer LV-9: Can recruit 1000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 30%, required merit points 3 million

Brigadier LV-8: Can recruit 2000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 35%, required merit points 6 million

Brilliant General LV-7: Can recruit 4000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 45%, required merit points 10 million

Dragonhorse General LV-6: Can recruit 6000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 60%, required merit points 30 million

Side General LV-5: Can recruit 10000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 80%, required merit points 100 million

East Guardian General LV-4: Can recruit 20000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 100%, required merit points 1 billion

Country Protecting General LV-3: Can recruit 50000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 120%, required merit points 3 billion

Country Guardian General LV-2: Can recruit 100000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 140%, required merit points 10 billion

Commander in chief LV-1: Can recruit 500000 people, attack/heal stats increased by 160%, required merit points 50 billion

Marshal Lv-0: No limit, attack/heal stats increased by 200%, first person to reach 100 billion points


“Are you looking at it?”

Lin Xi looked at my phone and said, “The ranks are similar to that of Destiny, I think the designers are the same.”

“Is that so?”

Shen Mingxuan blinked, “Did the author just steal it from Zhan Long?”

Lin Xi rolled her eyes, “Emmm, let’s not say such things or we will get attacked.”

Shen Mingxuan spat out her tongue and didn’t make a sound.

I frowned, “I didn’t play Destiny much so I don’t understand the ranks much. But Illusionary Moon looks related to merit points, Marshal needs 100 billion, how long will that take?”

“I don’t know.”

Lin Xi shook her head, “During Destiny times, Hybrid Demon monsters gave 100-200 points. In the late game the higher level ones would give higher but people who can get 100 billion should all be monsters!”

Gu Ruyi smiled, “Lin Xi if I remember correctly, you were a commander in chief in Destiny--

Her face flushed red, “It was different… It was my first time touching such a game and I was dedicated to it. Apart from going to class, I was online all the time.”


Shen Mingxuan laughed, “The few beautiful girls in our apartment were all busy on dates, only you were grinding for the rank, you even planned during meals when you can get some ranks. You were crazy.”

I looked at her and then Shen Mingxuan, “So she became one of the strongest players, and you… You are still a minion!”

Shen Mingxuan spread her fingers at me, “Do you know what I want to say?”

“Ask me to die?”




Lin Xi looked at her phone and said, “But the difference is that once you get a rank, players can enter the NPC army. Now we can recruit our own troops.”

I said, “Recruiting troops means buying troops, each one needs money to recruit so it is opening a path for RMB players.”

Shen Mingxuan was stunned, “So people like Zhou Datong can have a strong army?”

“In theory that is.”

I nodded, “Do you think Zhou Datong is hardworking? His kidney is not strong enough and at most he can become a Side General. A few thousand NPCs, how much strength would that have? If they face With You’s main force we will charge at him. Those are all money. If he dares to play that way, he can’t afford it. It is just him giving the game company money.”

“Isn’t it just giving your family money?” Shen Mingxuan stared at me.

I was awkward and said, “Why are we talking about this? Once he does I will just treat all of you crayfish.”

“Just crayfish?” Lin Xi smiled.

I said, “Of course not. Let’s wait and see. Once Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi marry, if you are willing, I will send you two something. At least it will be a high class condo, if you want one in Suzhou I can too.”


Shen Mingxuan’s face flushed red and Gu Ruyi’s face was red too, “Who wants to marry? I didn’t think about that at all.”

“Up to you.”

I waved and smiled, “It is just a suggestion, after all since I entered With You, I treated the few of you as my own, I am generous to my own people.”

Lin Xi smiled, “Okay let’s not talk about that. Once we talk about marrying I think we will separate, it is so sad…”

“Get together and separate, get old and die.”

Shen Mingxuan said, “Those are normal in life, but as long as we are close, we might not need to separate.”


Lin Xi nodded and smiled, “Okay, the system is going under maintenance at 8, now is 7 so let’s not waste time. Let’s sleep and wake at 11. After eating then go online. We will train to 5am and at least not be any lower than others.”



Thus, we returned to our own rooms. I went downstairs and took a bathe before sleeping. Maybe because I wasn’t fully energised previously, I started snoring not long after closing my eyes.

Not long later, a bell rang and it was 11.

Although I didn’t feel like I slept much but I was really energised. I jumped up and Blazing Sun energy wrapped around my body. I looked at myself and my eyes were like those of eagles. Just this gaze alone, I could play until 10 in the morning and it would still be okay.

I washed up and went upstairs.

Upstairs, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were in small skirts and stretching on the sofa.

“What about Lin Xi?” I asked.

“She went to get the delivery.”


I turned around and Lin Xi was holding the delivery bags. Since she could walk, she started to do many things herself.

“Lin Xi.”

I walked forwards and took the delivery from her hands.

Lin Xi kissed my cheeks and instantly her scent entered my nose. My face felt a little wet and I was shocked.

She smiled, “Thank you, just now… I finally felt the feeling to stand up and brush up…”

“Just that?”

Shen Mingxuan smiled and asked.

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“En, that is enough!”

“Scoff scoff, eat, I ordered porridge.”


I sat on the sofa and carried a bowl of porridge, “Since entering With You, I became purer. I just eat and play, such a chill life.”

“We are the ones okay?”

She stared, “Before you came we never ate supper but since you came, we feel bad if we don’t eat supper…”

“You all are not afraid of getting fat…”

“Your fault---”

“Okay okay, my fault…”    


I drank half a bowl and time was up. Time to go online.


My eyes lit up and we appeared in a shrine. This was the game interface and it showed three minutes till online.

In a short while, time was up!

White light shone and I appeared on Winter Sun City’s square. It was really squeezy, numerous players were beside the potion store and some were squeezed out of the east gate. There were many people online so late at night, Illusionary Moon’s popularity was so terrifying!

At that moment, a bunch of cavalries dashed across and a bunch of dark red armored Flame Army generals held scrolls and shouted, “His Majesty has published a Demon Killing Decree. Anyone who kills Dimension Legion troops or Blood Dynasty demon cultivators, or evil monsters from the half human clans will obtain points. People who gain a certain amount of points can gain rewards from the empire, you can be below one and above millions. Warriors, go and fight, the future belongs to you!”    

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