Chapter 378- Main force arrives
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Zhan Yue Chapter 378- Main force arrives

 Was someone targeting us?

    Possible but I was not sure.

    Moreover, even if we were targeted, not many people could touch us. After all, we weren't the four men With You in the past, we were now a level 1 guild with 100 people. We had Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi, Light Lantern, Light Lotus etc experts. For someone to touch us, they had to look at how strong they themselves were.

    But for safety reasons, I should just activate Shifang Flame Spiral Eye all the way!



    The scent of the bentos on the table spread in the air and Shen Mingxuan poured a cup of fruit juice for us, "Eat quickly, let's try to get the guild to level 2 within an hour. Then we would be able to recruit 200 people!"

    "En en!"

    Lin Xi nodded, "Let's try to get to level 3 before Winter Sun City is open, get With You to 500 people, then we would be competitive there."


    I nodded my head, "Then eat quickly. Ruyi open your mouth, one drumstick can last you for an hour with your speed!"

    Gu Ruyi's face flushed red, "One drumstick in one mouth? That is so not elegant. My mom told me that girls shouldn't be like that!"

    Lin Xi smiled and then Shen Mingxuan glanced at me, "Lu Li, my steak is too big and I can't finish it, help me deal with half of it."

    "I was waiting for you to say that!"


    For lunch, I ate half a steak and was satisfied. After finishing, I sat on the sofa and drank fruit juice. I looked at the three beauties and enjoyed the sight.

    "En? !"

    Shen Mingxuan who was playing with her phone saw that I was looking at Lin Xi and her. She placed her legs down from the table and smiled angrily, "Stop looking, look and I will poke your eyes!"

    I said, "Again!"

    She smiled. Lin Xi looked at the time and smiled too, "Time to go, let's head online."

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    We took our own helmets.

I returned to the pavilion, the cold breeze blew in. After the rain, the weather wasn't so hot anymore and it started to turn cold. It was yet another autumn day!

    I went online.


    My Paladin account appeared in Fracturing Canyon and right away, Light Lantern shouted, "Lu Li be careful, the meteor rain is right above you!"


    I was stunned and looked up right away. I saw streaks of red shining. My face turned green. I could use Assault to dodge, but... Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi went offline with me here. They should be getting online. If I dodged, they would most probably get killed. Especially Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi, they would get insta killed!

    I gritted my teeth and used Ash Fortress. I smashed my shield onto the ground and used Light Shield Wall. I said loudly, "Priests prepare to heal me!"

    In that moment, Lin Xi slowly appeared behind me and in her eyes were the scenes of three meteors smashing into my Light Shield Wall. Sparks flew. The impact was so big that my legs sunk into the dirt. I was forced back and cracks appeared on the walls.

    "Be careful!"

    She opened her hand and grabbed my armor. She gritted her teeth, "Mingxuan and Ruyi are coming online, protect them!"


    Behind me, two people started to appear. It was Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan. I activated Silver Ocean Sword and used Envoy of Light to heal everyone. At the same time, the few Priest threw their heals over. I used my shield and shouted, "Retreat, get out of the meteor rain range!"


    Lin Xi brought Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi to hide behind me and we just left the zone. After which, my health was down to 30%, it was so dangerous!


    Light Lantern frowned, "Fortunately Lu Li's reaction speed is fast, if not. Apart from Lin Xi, the two of you would have died."


    Lin Xi was terrified, "Lu Li's reaction speed really is quick, thanks to him~~"

    Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth, "This map is so evil, let's end this quickly!"



    At that moment, a With You Paladin laughed, "Hahaha~~ Another level 1 Burning Jade War Horse, what should we do. There are so many of us, who would tame it?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Based on contribution points. Among the heavy armored jobs, apart from the deputy leader and Light Lantern, whoever has the most points will get this."

    "Then that is me!" The Paladin smiled.

    "Okay, tame it!"

    "Yes, thank you boss!"

    In the blink of an eye, this Paladin changed his mount to the Burning Jade War Horse. His combat strength increased tremendously. One had to say that the Burning Jade War Horse was really strong. It was a top rate mount and it was enough to change the strength of a heavy armored cavalry player.

    At that moment, I glanced and saw many people in the wilderness. There were 30-40 of them that were picked up by my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. They were all high level Assassins and the one at the front was Breaking Dawn Destruction. Beside him were the other first rate Assassins that were well equipped and high leveled. If not for Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I had no way of noticing them!

    But when they stepped past a patch of flaming land, they still left footprints.

    "Lin Xi!"

    I sent a voice message to Lin Xi, "Look, 45 degrees to your right, there are marks on the ground!"


    Lin Xi glanced and with her observatory ability, she definitely noticed. She didn't make a sound, "It seems like... They are here for us, let them get close. I will use Bladestorm. Lu Li use Self-sacrifice on me. I am heading out to burst them!"


    Only Lin Xi and I knew what was going to happen. Shen Mingxuan and Light Lantern were still immersed in joy of members getting the Burning Jade War Horse. They didn't notice anything.


    In an instance, Lin Xi used Assault at a 10 yard distance and smashed a Breaking Dawn Assassin. Sword energy surged and formed a storm around her. Instantly, Bladestorm slashed forwards and 30 Assassins were hit by it. Among them included Breaking Dawn Destruction!

    "Ah? We were noticed!"

    Breaking Dawn Destruction scoffed coldly, "Attack, insta kill Lin Xi!"

    Instantly, the ten over Assassins charged towards Lin Xi and their daggers attacked with Gouge, Backstab, Godslaying Blade, Ice Boomerang Blade etc skills. They didn't hide their intentions to kill Lin Xi.


    A silver shadow split from my body and entered Lin Xi, forming a damage transfer bridge. All the damage Lin Xi suffered was shifted to me and it was greatly reduced. Lin Xi moved about with her sword and stabbed three Assassins. She then used Flame Blade Thrust to try to insta kill most of them!


    Light Lantern held his sword and said, "Breaking Dawn again, do they think With You is easy to bully? Attack, kill these Assassins. A few of you come with me to the back and surround them. Since their Assassins dare to come, then none of them will leave!"

    Light Lantern and the paladin who had just received the Burning Jade War Horse charged out and led dozens from With You to circle them. From their footprints, we were able to judge their movement and we waved out swords. Along with the Archers and Mages using Flame Whirlpool and Arrow Flurry, the 20+ Breaking Dawn Assassins appeared.

    It was impossible for them to try to avoid a conflict anymore.


    I used Assault and after using Judgement to kill one Assassin, I headed forwards once more. I used War Trample to cause a lightning ripple effect on three Assassins. Their movement speed reduced and they started to slow. Shen Mingxuan's Shockwave Shot and Stun Shot killed them one by one and she didn't hold back at all.

    In a blink of an eye, With You's two forces grouped up and on the ground were hundreds of Breaking Dawn corpses. What was impressive was that no one from With You had died. Their damage was all on Lin Xi and Light Lantern and none of them got insta killed. Instead, we killed them easily like slicing vegetables.


    "Be careful!"

    I held Silver Ocean Sword and looked towards the south, Breaking Dawn's main force is about to arrive, they definitely won't stop today!"

    Light Lantern was stunned, "Why are you so sure that their main force is coming?"

    "Simple. "

    Lin Xi replied for me, "With You has fought Breaking Dawn many times and know their strategy. The Assassins are just to scout so as to try to insta kill Mingxuan, Ruyi and I. They will then press down on us."


    Shen Mingxuan smile, "Moreover, if I am right, they are here not just to wipe us out but because of the mounts. Someone must have leaked the news of the Burning Jade War Horse."


    Light Lantern was stunned, "Did... Does With You have a spy that leaked news that we got the Burning Jade War Horse?"

    Everyone was shocked.

    I was certain that we didn't have a spy. Their information was gained through Assassin scouts. That figure I saw that flashed by should be their Assassin.

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