Chapter 379- Lin Xi's speed
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Zhan Yue Chapter 379- Lin Xi's speed


    I walked forwards and said confidently, "I believe each one that joined With You has treated With You as family. There aren't any spies. It is obvious that they sent their Assassins to sneak attack us, before that, they definitely sent Assassins to scout us. That Breaking Dawn guy was the one who found out about the Burning Jade War Horse."

    "En, Lu Li is right."

    Lin Xi walked forwards and pushed her fist onto my back, recognising my actions, "Everyone has been training so hard for With You, why will they leak our secrets? Okay, now we have to defend and welcome Breaking Dawn's main force. This will be a tough battle. As long as we can defend Fracturing Canyon, the Burning Jade War Horse will belong to us. But if we can't defend, then... Breaking Dawn will snatch this leveling location!"


    A With You Warrior held his cold sword and said calmly, "They can snatch anything from us, just not our girlfriend and leveling spot!"

    Instantly, the bunch of female players laughed.

    Lin Xi looked into the distance and her eyes were filled with worry. When she saw a pass she smiled, "Okay, let's stop talking. Follow me over to there. It is an area heading towards the depths of Fracturing Canyon and it is only 4-5 meters wide. 3 heavy armored players can block it. Let's use this and grind them down!"


    I nodded, "Lin Xi, declare war towards Breaking Dawn. If not our names will turn red. If we declare war, when we kill them we won't obtain evil value."

    "En, I was about to do that too."

    A bell rang in the sky--


    System Report: Please note, With You has officially declared war on Breaking Dawn!


    War was declared!

    Right at that moment, a dense group of people appeared in the valley ahead. A large number of cavalry players appeared and they were all from Breaking Dawn. Most of their mounts were green and blue, they were all low tier mounts from second rate maps.

Just because of that, which was why orange mounts like Burning Jade War Horse appeared so precious and that was why Breaking Dawn was willing to take the risk.

    After declaring war, their ID turned red in our eyes, same as the names of monsters.

    Battles between guilds were all done by declarations of war so both sides won't increase evil value and they could fight endlessly. That would make things fun. While enjoying a sense of achievement and joy, more potions and equipment durability would be consumed and the final winner would still be Destiny.

    At this point, the hundred men team of With You had retreated and we were at the pass that Lin Xi picked. The pass was really narrow and only three heavy armored cavalries could fit here. Lin Xi glanced and said, "I will be at the center, Light Lantern at the left and Lu Li at the right. The three of us will defend this. Backline, 12 priests, 4 of you heal one of us. Those damage dealers find your position, once they charge, your damage will be our advantage."


    Light Lantern said solemnly, "Backline cavalry players prepare to fill the gap. Once one of us fall, don't panic and use Assault to make up the numbers. We can't let any of them pass through. As long as they can't enter, they will be wiped here!"

    Lin Xi smiled and sent a message to me, "Do you see this, Light Lantern can command too. Once With You becomes huge, he can hold some leadership position."


    I nodded, "Light Family has many people and for them to grow to such a level, Light Lantern himself definitely has the ability."

    "En, prepare to fight, they are coming. The attacks we are about to face will be terrifying, you try to gauge whether to heal or not. Light Lantern and my life is in your hands."

    "Don't worry."


    At that moment, Breaking Dawn was here. On the frontlines were Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash. Breaking Dawn Ash smiled, "Lin Xi I didn't expect us to meet again so quickly."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Last time Feng Canghai stopped me and I promised that as long as you don't provoke us, we won't fight back, but now... Not only did you provoke us, you sent an Assassin squad to sneak attack. Since you are so obvious then don't blame us."


    Breaking Dawn Ash said coldly, "To be honest, we sent 2400+ people, can your 100 men team block us?"

    "We can try?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "If you have the skill then break through our defence line, if not scram!"


    Breaking Dawn Ash sucked in a deep breath and pulled his sword out. He pointed at the canyon, "Brothers, charge! They have fanned out and the landscape is good for them. No cavalry join in, range players attack and keep your control skills. Fan out, focus fire to kill their leaders. I want to see what With You can do!"

    Instantly, With You members sucked in a cold breath.

    Breaking Dawn Ash had been famous for a long time. Although he was barely first rate, but he had numerous tactics. Breaking Dawn wasn't an easy guild to handle and Breaking Dawn Ash wasn't a fool. He definitely wouldn't let his cavalry players charge into a disadvantageous ground. So he was planning to focus fire us.

    "What now?"

    Light Lantern frowned, "If they really focus fire, it would be hard for us."

    "No worries."

    Lin Xi said calmly, "Look at me, Lu Li and you don't have to do anything and just stand here."



    A few minutes later, their ranged players got close. They were all above level 80 and had learned level 80 skills. Breaking Dawn Ash raised his sword and said solemnly, "Prepare to focus fire, listen to my orders. The target is--Light Lantern!"

    "Weng weng weng~~"

    All of a sudden, numerous spells and skills surged from the crowd.

    "Lu Li!"

    Light Lantern shouted, "Self-sacrifice on me!"

    "Calm down!"

    Lin Xi broke his words and said, "Lu Li you judge. You use self-sacrifice on the person being aimed at. Priests just heal Lu Li, don't let him die!"

    In the next moment, it was here!


    The first to attack was an Archer that used Stun Shot. The sound of the arrow breaking through the air shook one's eardrums and flew towards us. I judged that they were still focusing on Lin Xi! The true orders were given by Breaking Dawn Ash in the guild, his words were just to confuse us!

    So cunning! What a Breaking Dawn!

    Light Lantern's lack of experience meant that he fell for it but Lin Xi was smart. At that moment, I was impressed. To say the truth, when Light Lantern shouted that, I had fallen for it. I was just too pure...


    "Shua", a silver light tied Lin Xi and me together. I then activated Ash Fortress to reduce damage. Then I used Envoy of Light to heal!

    At that moment, a loud explosion sounded throughout the sky as meteors descended from above. The flames and stone landed on Lin Xi's body. At the same time, Shockwave Shot, Stun Shot, Armor Breaking Arrow etc stunned Lin Xi such that she couldn't move.

    Instantly, I felt like many firecrackers were exploding in my clothing and my health started to drop. Even if there was damage reduction, it didn't do anything. Within two seconds, my health was about to empty out. Breaking Dawn's ranged players were just terrifying!

    "Shua shua shua~~"

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    Fortunately, our Priests were good too. Moreover, Light Lotus was buffing and reducing the damage we took. Along with me using Saint Light Technique twice on myself, I was able to hold on!

    At that moment, a silver light shone around me and stars descended and covered Lin Xi's body. Her eyes were covered in pure light and she had activated White Star. She charged out and used Bladestorm. She then followed it up with Wind Chasing Stab+ Flame Blade Thrust and Blade of Dawn to insta kill people. She also used her Double Hit skill and her attacks dealt a fan-shaped damage. In that instance, 11 people had died.

    This was Lin Xi, her battle speed and efficiency were like that of a god!

    Lin Xi's hands were really quick and she retreated quickly too. The instance Self-sacrifice ended, she returned with her sword. Her body was covered in blood but that was of others. As for herself, she was protected by me and she was perfectly fine.



    Light Lantern looked at Lin Xi and exclaimed.

    "Brother, do you dare to do that?" Light Frost smiled.


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